Tips on safely removing dust from your car

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Here’s how you can dust off your car efficiently and quickly.

Have you ever had an experience where you are washing your car then after two or three days, your car is filled with dust once again? Well, it’s because your car is prone to dust especially if parked outside.

Dust can surprisingly damage your car paint badly. It consists of soil particles, pollen, particles from your car itself, and even insect parts. Incorrect way of removal can scratch your paint and leave unwanted marks on your car.

We know how irritating those scratches can be. For that, has decided to provide four tips on how you can safely remove dust from your car.

1. Remove dust from your car: Keep it indoor

First things first, and probably an obvious one, park your car inside your garage – or at least under a shade. One of the common mistakes people make when washing their car is leaving it under the sun.

This will cause watermarks on their car once dried out with the sun’s heat.

Car with car cover

Preventing dust to stick on your car is better than wiping it off

If you happen to wash your car outside, chances are dust will most likely stick on to your car’s exterior. After your car is all dried up, then the dust will show clearly.

A very efficient way you can do to prevent dust from sticking on to your car is by using car covers, especially if you will store your car for a very long time.

2. Remove dust from your car using dusters

Dusters are your go-to buddy in removing dust from your car. Why? A duster can save your time because it will limit you from using a vacuum cleaner and even soaping your car. Plus, it is very light so dusters aren’t really difficult to use.

Another benefit of using a duster is it will allow you to clean tight spaces like the corners of your car, air vents, and cup holders.

Before wiping off dust using your duster, you might want to remove any dust present on your duster by simply spinning the duster back and forth between the palm of your hands. If you use a disposable duster, then it is best recommended to not use it again the second time.

You might want to choose a durable duster than can brush off dust easily from your car. Plus, choose the duster that is comfortable to use with the right amount of grip.

Lastly, it would be great to have a duster that can you also use at home. For that, here are the different types of dusters you can use to clean your car.

Cool Trick To Removing Dust From a Car!

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Compressed air

The use of this duster type can be very limited, but very efficient at the same time if you use it at its sole purpose. This duster type comes in a can filled with compressed air.

You can use this on tight and small spaces such as air vents, corners, and switches. Obviously, this is the last duster you might want to use when dusting off your car’s exterior.


This is the most recommended type of duster for the right reasons. Micro-fiber dusters are made from a synthetic material that creates a small electrostatic charge.

These charges attract particles such as dust. This type of duster can also reduce the risk of damaging your car because the last thing you obviously don’t want to happen is to scratch your car paint.

remove dust from car using Microfiber

Using microfiber to avoid scratching your car paint

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Similar to a microfiber, it is also an efficient duster. It traps the dust on its surface for easy cleaning of your car.

The only key difference between a cotton duster and microfiber duster is its material. Microfiber is made from synthetic material while cotton is made from natural fiber.


Based on the name of it, yes, this duster is made from the wool of a lamb. This is the least recommended type of duster because it is an expensive and the least inefficient choice.

It also contains natural magnetic static that attracts and traps dust. However, lambswool dusters can really be difficult to wash, unlike the other alternatives.

An Australian Lambswool Duster

An Australian Lambswool Duster

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3. Remove dust from your car using detailing sprays

Besides dusters, you can also use detailing sprays when removing dust from your car. If you decided to try one these, just remember to use a microfiber towel. This type of towel reduces the risk of scratching your car.

You might want to avoid the following towels because they can highly damage your car:

  • Paper Towel
  • T-shirt
  • Sponge
  • Bathing towel

The proper way of dusting off your car is to start from top to bottom. This way, the bottom part of your car won’t be dusted again if you start at the top.

Sprinkle the right amount of detailing spray on your microfiber towel and start rubbing off the dust. Putting an excessive amount of detailing spray is a complete waste of and very unnecessary. This principle should also be used when using dusters.

Car in a car wash

Frequent visit to the car wash can damage your car due to high water pressure

Another tip in dusting off your car with the microfiber towel is to clean in a direction. One of the common mistakes people make is cleaning their car in a swirling motion.

You can clean your car with your microfiber towel in a back and forth manner but never in a swirling manner as it can further damage your car paint.

Remember to not push it too hard, microfiber towels are specifically made to trap dust. It is unnecessary to apply too much pressure while cleaning your car.

4. Remove dust from your car using vacuum

Last but certainly not least, vacuuming your car. Get yourself a mobile car vacuum so you can just plug it on to your car plugs and start vacuuming.

Vacuums can really be efficient as they can remove dust from places that are not visible especially under your seats. If you have a pet that goes with you on your trips, then vacuums are your go-to cleaner because pets leave their furs.

  • You can start by removing your car mats first so you can vacuum what’s underneath it.
  • Just like using a duster and microfiber towels, start from top to bottom. This way, you can easily vacuum dirt on the bottom that fell from the top part of your interior.
  • Vacuum the dust under your seats, cup holders, and tight corners your seats.
  • Smash your car mats against any hard surface to remove the dust on it then put it back once done.

M vacuuming a car door

Vacuuming is a very useful and handy way of cleaning your car

To sum it all up, just remember to not use too much pressure. These cleaning materials are specially made for specific purposes so cleaning for us can be as efficient as possible.

The last thing we want is to see scratches from our cars. Dust is a common cause of scratches on your car so take the proper and right manners in dusting off your car.

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