3 key tips for better car exterior maintenance during wet season in the Philippines

Updated Feb 24, 2021

Protective coating is never enough in rainy season. Read through 3 key tips below to protect your car exterior.

1. Exterior coating first!

To protect your car exterior from countless threats like mud, dirt or abrasive materials which often come with the rain, applying protective coats is definitely the first tip to mention. Among various kinds such as paint or silk coating, a ceramic coat proves much more effective for its shielding ability. Make sure all parts of exterior are fully covered to make the best use of it. Also, you are highly recommended to apply car wax for better surface protection.

ceramic coating for cars

Ceramic coat has proved its shielding ability

How To Apply A Ceramic Coating To Your Car !!

2. Then comes a thorough wash after rains!

Despite being covered with protective coats, your car exterior is still likely to have water or dirt trapped inside, which may cause serious damages to inner gadgets. That’s why an immediate clean after is crucial to keep the car gloss and operation efficiency. You can think of some cleaning products like deep-cleaning foam which removes stubborn grits stuck in the paint or hard-to-reach areas. Places that shouldn’t be overlooked are wheels, wheel wells and undercarriage.

a man washing his car exterior

A deep clean helps to remove grits.

3. Wheels and tires once again!

Special parts need different protective measures. For wheels and tires, a quality tire dressing kit is a must. Besides, to insure rubber tires against harmful elements during rainy weather, you should choose tire sheen-included products. This invention can help prolong the tire lifespan and save your pocket in the long run.

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spraying tire sheen

Quality tire dressing kit plus tire sheen is necessary.

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