3 DIY tips to remove oxidation signs from your car paint

Updated Oct 23, 2020 | Same topic: Handy Maintenance Tips

When there appear signs of oxidation on the car paint after some time of usage, car owners are often interested in polishing the paint in order to protect the existing paint and to prevent further oxidation.

Fortunately, owners can do this at home and avoid the high costs of bringing their cars to the repair shop. Philkotse.com will guide you on removing oxidation spots on your car paint to renew your car.

Oxidation causes blistering or pitting spots on the car paint. Although scrubbing could help to blur these spots temporarily, but after a while the marks will appear again. Car maintenance services and many experienced drivers are using, instead, specialized polishing compounds together with wax polisher pads. This method not only clears the oxidation marks more effectively but also adds a glossy finish.

The following are guidelines for 3 polishing methods, which are applicable for using at your home’s garage. Before applying any of these methods, keep in mind that the car must be thoroughly cleaned and dried.

1. Remove oxidation spots by hand polishing

Depending on the degree of oxidation, the car owner can polish and remove the oxidation by hand. This is often the best solution if the condition of your car paint is not too terrible, because it allows you to control the work progress and to protect your car’s paint most effectively.

Cleaning car paint

Depending on the degree of oxidation, the car owner can polish and remove the oxidation by hand

Pour a good quantity of polish on a clean piece of lint-free cloth, which doesn’t catch dust or ruffle. Use the strength of your elbow to wipe out the white scratches on the paint, then scrub until it becomes shiny.

2. Use the orbital polisher to wipe out oxidation

For this device, it is necessary to use polishing pads such as microfiber pads, or sponge pads or lavender polishing pads to wipe out oxidation on the body of the vehicle. This device works like a grinding machine, yet it only creates a circular motion and does not generate heat. Therefore you don’t need to worry that the heat will damage your car’s paint.

A red car before and after getting cleaned with an orbital polisher

Use a professional polisher to make your car shine as new

In order to successfully make your car shine as new again, you must polish it at least 2 times (cars at very bad conditions would require 4 times).

First you use a light polishing agent on a new polishing pad (it must be new because residual particles on a used pad could scratch the paint), attach to the polisher and wax the paint surface to remove the oxidized stains. Then you do it again, this time you could use a stronger polishing chemical for a shiny finish. Note that different polishing machines have different speeds that are suitable for different steps of a polishing job, so make sure you read the polisher manufacturer’s manual carefully.

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3. Renew your car paint with a circular polisher

The circular polisher, or more commonly known as the rotary polisher, helps to polish the car paint in a straight-line motion at very fast speed. Same as if you use an Orbital polisher, you will need to buy compatible polishing pads suitable for each step of the waxing and polishing process.

using circular polisher on a car

The circular polisher helps to polish the car paint in a straight-line motion at very fast speed

When using this powerful device, do it as carefully as you can and pay close attention to avoid creating new scratches. Remember to move the machine vertically or horizontally on a small area of about 160 cm2 so that the polishing agent does not dry. Always keep the polisher moving steadily because if it is left in a position for too long, the machine will generate a lot of heat the could damage the paint.

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