Ford Mustang Bullitt 2019 showcased in Detroit

Updated Oct 07, 2020 | Same topic: Most Updated Car Concept

This new pony can crank out up to 475 hp.

The 2018 Detroit Auto Show has been setting the stage for by the Ford Mustang Bullitt 2019. Based on the Mustang GT 2018, the 2019 Bullitt wears the same green coat with minor exterior details and badges as its brother, but for the crosshair Bullitt logo at the rear.

2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt video debut

Speaking of the powertrain, the new Bullitt uses the 5.0L V8 engine that is tuned up from in the Mustang GT in order to generate at least 475 hp. Beyond that, 87-mm throttle bodies and a new open-air induction system are new features borrowed from the Shelby GT350 in addition to a performance calibration to the PCM.

Ford Mustang Bullitt 2019 angular front

The 2018 Detroit Auto Show has been setting the stage for by the Ford Mustang Bullitt 2019

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Also available in the Bullitt is a standard-issue active exhaust with black exhaust tips to make the car outstanding on crowded roads. Besides, the front grille and windows are also beautified with subtle chrome accents while a set of 19-inch aluminum wheels are also worth your gaze. With regards to exterior colors, the new Shadow Black will join the palette besides the existing Dark Highland Green.

Ford Mustang Bullitt 2019 angular rear

The 2019 Bullitt wears a green coat with minor exterior details and badges

Ford Mustang Bullitt 2019 rear view

It features a crosshair Bullitt logo at the rear​

Interior-wise, the coupe is offered in 3 factory fitted interior options, in which the Bullitt Electronics Package is the most noticeable with navigation, updated sound system, memory seats, assorted driver assists. Plus, Recaro black leather seats with green stitching and a MagneRide semi-active suspension system are also at your fingertips. Specially, whenever you touch the steering wheel, the Bullitt logo will refresh your mind that you’re driving a Bullitt, not a normal Mustang. Other than that, this pony will be manually shifted by the old-school Q-ball shift knob.

Ford Mustang Bullitt 2019 interior

The interior comes loaded with Bullitt Electronics Package

According to latest car news from the Blue Oval, the Ford Mustang Bullitt 2018 will go on sale this summer.

Take a look at the up-to-date Ford Mustang 2018 price in the Philippines:

Ford Mustang 2018 Price in the Philippines
 Model Price
2018 Ford Mustang 5.0 V8 GT Premium AT ₱3,195,000
2018 Ford Mustang 2.3 EcoBoost Premium AT ₱2,585,000

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Ford Mustang

<p>Ford&#39;s famous pony car is now in its sixth-generation model and is available in the Philippines in four variants. This includes the&nbsp;Mustang EcoBoost 2.3-liter Premium AT,&nbsp;&nbsp;Mustang GT 5.0 Premium Fastback AT,&nbsp;Mustang GT 5.0 Premium Convertible MT, and the&nbsp;Mustang GT 5.0 Premium Convertible AT. All of these Mustang variants are rear-wheel-drive, and either uses a six-speed manual transmission, or a ten-speed automatic transmission. There are two avialable engine options for the Philippine-spec Mustang. The first is a 2.3-liter EcoBoost inline-4 gasoline engine capable of producing up to 310 horsepower and 475 Nm of torque. The second, more powerful engine is a 5.0-liter V8, which can churn out 460 horsepower and 569 Nm of torque.&nbsp;</p>

From ₱2,858,000