3 things you should know about car's infotainment system

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As car inventors knew that driving is kindly boring, then they featured cars with a beneficial infotainment system. There are 3 things you should understand about this feature inside your car.

Today, life will be very boring without our phones. We can’t go anywhere without our phones simply because it is our main device for communication, entertainment, navigation, and many more. However, mobile phones aren’t allowed to be used while driving: it’s against the law.

The good thing is, modern cars have infotainment systems, thanks to technology. Infotainment systems are like mobile phone and computer installed in your car. To give you a better understanding of what the infotainment system is and its significance in the modern world, Philkotse.com will help you.

1. What is the infotainment system?

Let’s tackle what infotainment system is. It is an integrated system that provides a host of entertainment and information in just a few clicks installed in the dashboard of the car.

The infotainment system is also called by many names. Some car dealers are calling it ICE or In-Car Entertainment or IVI that stands for In-vehicle infotainment system.

infotainment system

The infotainment system provides a host of entertainment and information in just a few clicks installed in the dashboard of the car

Infotainment systems provide entertainment and information in the forms of video and audio content, social networking, games, as well as vehicle diagnostics and navigation making it easier for the driver to navigate and drive safely.

Infotainment systems can also be connected to your personal devices like your beloved smartphones and tablets. Providing you with hands-free use of phone enabling you to connect with your favorite media.

It usually comes with a large screen that will display all the useful information about your car. This includes sensor warnings, safety information and many more.

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2. Features of the infotainment system

There are different infotainment features but we’ll tell you its practical and main features.

Bluetooth connectivity

The Bluetooth connectivity in the infotainment system is a very essential factor when choosing a car. When your mobile phone is connected to your infotainment system via Bluetooth, you don't have to get your phone when it beeps or if you want to contact someone.

This is because its head unit will do this for you. Having Bluetooth connectivity reduces distractions and minimizes the risk of car crash and accidents.

One more thing, if the Bluetooth connectivity of the infotainment system is strong, the connections will be more stable. Which is why it will not be a hassle to pair your gadgets like mobile phones whenever you’re in the car.

The bluetooth in infotainment system

The Bluetooth connectivity in the infotainment system is a very essential factor when choosing a car

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Easy-to-use navigation

When looking for a car with the great infotainment system, check if it has easy-to-use navigation. This feature is a must-have in every car. Just make sure that the Navi as what most car enthusiasts call it, will be able to accurately trace places.

It should also be easy to use and operate. Some navigation feature also contains traffic data which is a huge advantage.

Navigation in the IVI

Some navigation feature also contains traffic data which is a huge advantage

Voice control

Remember that not all in-vehicle infotainment has voice control feature, but if you’re prospected car has one, make sure that this works well. It will be much better if its voice controls will respond with a natural speech rather than demand for a particular language to be said in a certain order. That will be less of a hassle.

Man in the car

Remember that not all in-vehicle infotainment has voice control feature

Touchscreen sensitivity

One more thing when checking a car’s infotainment system, test its touchscreen sensitivity. Check if it immediately responds to haptic inputs. Swipe and tap several times then try different apps. If the IVI is big but laggy, it’s a major no-no. That will be a waste of infotainment system in a brand-new car.

Man pressing the screen

Check if the infotainment system immediately responds to haptic inputs

Large knobs or big virtual buttons

The buttons of an infotainment system should be big enough especially for people with fat fingers. If the IVI has knobs, ensure that it has great feedback and its tactile.

Also, test if you can effortlessly input command at the same time you don't have to keep your eyes away from the road. The fonts and text size are also a major factor.

3. Importance of the infotainment system

With the important features offered by a car’s infotainment system, it became a very essential factor, especially in the modern world. It helps in the different aspects of our daily lives like:


You can now go wherever you want to even if you’re not familiar with the place, thanks to the navigation system and applications from your infotainment system.

Infotainment system in car

The infotainment system can help you get familiar with different places

You will not get lost with the navigation features. All you have to do is input the information on the places or sites you’re looking for, then it will show the information you needed. In addition, you can also check the weather condition so that you’ll figure out the kind of road or road conditions you’ll be driving.

In addition, the navigation aspect also helps you find alternative routes avoiding the build-ups. It will also inform you of the nearest gas station in case you'll need a gas refill.


The entertainment aspect of the IVI system allows you to choose the kinds and genre of music you would want to listen. Additionally, some modern cars have the option to display media like videos or other entertainment forms for passengers.

Hands-free aspect & Voice command

The hands-free aspect of the infotainment system in modern cars reduces distractions on the road caused by using mobile phones for texting, calling and navigating. You can still communicate with other people while driving with just a few clicks and swipe or voice commands.

You don't have to reach for your phone to answer a call or text. This means lesser distraction thus lesser accidents.

Infotainment system

Having efficient infotainment system means less distraction thus fewer accidents

The infotainment systems in most cars today is a great help for us in many aspects. Most especially in providing navigations which makes it easier for drivers to travel wherever they want to go without getting lost. It also provides safety from distractions that can possibly result in accidents.

Another important thing is that it provides advanced media for entertainment that will help you keep lively and alert while driving. It is also helpful, especially when traveling on long trips and journey. Entertainment will keep everyone on the car entertained and prevents boredom while driving.

With the touch of technological advantage in the auto industry, it suffices the needs of the techy people of the modern world, offering a satisfying service while having a great driving experience.

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