Car care: Must-know tips to maintain your car infotainment touch screen

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Check out this handy guide on how to maintain the Infotainment touch screens in your car.

Car upgrading is becoming more and more popular, and more advanced than ever. From the looks of it, it will continue to head to that direction where the make and model of the car are enough to satisfy one’s taste. Exterior, interior, and the features of the car equally take weight now when it comes to vehicle owner preferences.

One of the basis of advanced car upgrades is its integrated infotainment systems. Back then, it’s just a battle between the AM and the FM radio, what cassette or CD to play, but now, with an entertainment and information system in a friendly user and accessible interface, the ballgame has definitely changed.

Infotainment systems are not just limited to the GPS navigation, USB connectivity, and voice recognition and having this powerful system within easy reach is such a convenience so it is important also to pay attention and provide it with proper care so you can enjoy its features longer.

As a start, always make sure that you go through your car’s manual for any specific instruction for your car’s infotainment system. In addition, here are some tips and tricks, from to make sure that our touch screens are protected and well maintained.

Tip #1: Don't press with too much pressure

When using your car’s infotainment system, make sure that you don’t too much pressure when pressing the options presented. A light and gentle tap should be enough. The screens are responsive, so there’s no need to be using your fingernail and pressing heavily with your fingers.

Man pressing the infotainment screen

When using your car’s infotainment system, make sure that you don’t too much pressure when pressing the options presented

Tip #2: Wash or wipe your hand before using

Always wash your hands or at least wipe them before using your infotainment system. We are all guilty of having a snack and then the need to crank up the volume. Clean and dry hands should only touch the touch screen of your system.

Tip #3: Using a microfiber to clean it

The best way to clean your screen is by using a microfiber. This soft and dry cloth is non-abrasive, so you are assured that they’re perfect for your LCD screens. This type of material works efficiently when it is dry at it can wipe off almost all screen dirt or dust.

Man cleaning the infotainment touchscreen

The best way to clean your screen is by using a microfiber towel

Tip #4: Use distilled water

If you must use liquid, use only distilled water. Tap water tends to leave some residue due to the minerals in it. Do not directly apply or spray the water onto the screen. What you must do is to spray the distilled water on the microfiber cloth and then gently wipe your screen.

Do not wet it too much. Simply spray enough water to make it damp. Do not press too hard as well while cleaning. You don’t need to scrub it. You can clean it gently from top to bottom in a circular pattern.

Tip #5: Never use paper towels or facial tissues    

It may be convenient, but never use paper towels or even facial tissues to wipe clean the screens of your infotainment system. Old rags and recycled materials are also a no-no. These materials can be pretty abrasive and can cause some light to serious scratching. It also doesn’t clean the surface effectively and will be left with more lint than ever.

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Tip #6: Clean your touchscreen regularly   

Regularly clean your car’s touchscreen. Don’t wait until it’s all disgusting and full of fingerprints before you start the cleaning routine. Touchscreens get dirtier faster, and an unclean screen interferes with the touch sensitivity and overall visual experience.

Clean touchscreen regularly

Regularly clean your car's touchscreen

Tip #7: Clean while it is off  

Clean the screen while it is off. If it is currently on, there is a bigger chance of interference with the pixels. You won’t be able to see how much dirt, oil, or grime you have to clean unless you work on a dark or black surface.

Tip #8: Use non-alcohol based cleaners

In case that your distilled water and microfiber tandem needs more power, then you can use non-alcohol based cleaners to clean your screens. You can also do this simple concoction at home which is composed of a small amount of vinegar added to water. You can follow a one is to one ratio for this. You can spray this to your microfiber and as mentioned, gently wipe your screen.

Never use alcohol-based cleaners, solvents, gasoline, kerosene, acidic, or alkaline solutions. These chemical are not just harmful to your screen, but it can also cause some staining or discoloration. Yes, these might be suitable cleaning agents but never for the display of your car.

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Tip #9: Avoid getting moisture into your dashboard

Try to avoid getting moisture in any of the ports of your car’s dashboard and do not leave the cleaning solutions you are using to sit long on the multimedia or satellite navigation screen.

Tip #10: Use the right cables

Make sure that you only use the right cables and compatible devices on your system’s ports. Do not use any cable just because it fits. Your screen might have some challenges displaying or playing unsupported formats if transferred or played via cable.

phone connected to the infotainment system

   Make sure that you only use the right cables and compatible devices on your system’s ports.

Tip #11: Don't load too many applications

Do not load your infotainment with too many car applications. There are applications for specific purposes like the approved Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. These apps should help your overall driving experience and in no way should distract you especially in phone calls and text messages. You can have multiple applications running simultaneously which makes it more convenient.

infotainment touchscreen

Do not load your infotainment with too many applications.

Tip #12: Use protective screen

There are also protective screens available in the market similar to those we use for cellphones and tablets. It’s a bit pricey, and it might reduce your screen’s sensitivity, but overall, it will maintain the original state of your car’s display.

Usually, the screen is best applied in a room without too much circulation. After cleaning the screen, you can slowly roll the protective film over your screen and smoothen out any bubbles.

Protective screen for infotainment touchscreen

There are also protective screens available in the market similar to those we use for cellphones and tablets.

Tip #13: Go to a trusted mechanic if it need fix

In case the dirt and smudges on your screen are too much to handle at home using the recommended cleaners, then go to your trusted car mechanic or cleaners and get some professional help. They might clean the car screen for you and provide you with recommendations so moving forward; you can do it at the comforts of your home.

Tip #14: Turn on when it is dry

Make sure that the screen is completely dry before turning it back on.

With these easy dos and don’ts, maintaining your car’s infotainment touch screens should be no hassle at all.

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