Automobile air conditioning system: Basic cleaning tips for Pinoy drivers

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4 basic cleaning tips for Filipino drivers to take care of the automobile air conditioning system.

1. The importance of cleaning automobile air conditioning system regularly

Automobile air conditioning system is one of the key factors when it comes to in-car experiences. Air conditioning (AC) system undoubtedly plays a crucial role in maintaining comfortable temperature inside the car and more importantly, filtering polluted air coming in from the outside. Especially, this feature is undeniably a life-saver to fight the hot and humid weather in the Philippines.

In order to guide you on how to keep the AC always in good state, has put together 4 basic maintenance tips for Filipino car owners. Particularly, the post includes 4 simple steps that can be easily done at home by youself to have the AC thoroughly cleaned.

Automobile air conditioning system

AC system plays a crucial role in maintaining comfortable temperature inside the car

It goes without saying that no mechanic components can properly function without being cleaned up regularly. While cleaning automobile air conditioning system is just a simple practice, it is one of the most essential things you can do to keep the AC work well.

As mentioned above, not only cooling down the heat, the AC also helps purify bad elements contained in the air, which is made possible thanks to the AC filter. If dust and dirt clogged onto the filter is not properly cleaned, the AC filter will be forced to work harder. As a result, it will take more fuel and energy to finish the job which is a burden to your wallet in the long run. More seriously, if the AC system is not taken care of properly, it might unexpectedly be broken down one day and you will need to replace by a brand new one. Not to mention, leaving the AC uncleaned also reduces it effectiveness.

Automobile air conditioning system filter

Leaving the AC uncleaned also reduces it effectiveness

In brief, regularly cleaning the automobile air conditioning system will benefit you in terms of:

  • Lessening the load of work the AC filter need to do;
  • Reducing the fuel consumption;
  • Lengthening the lifetime of the system;
  • Keeping the monthly car billing reasonable.

Albeit doing regular cleaning, you might still find AC troubles happening time and again. A possible reason might be that AC cleaning is not included in the standard package of many service centres. Having it cleaned by yourself is not a bad idea.

Simple fixes that might get the car's AC system working

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2. Cleaning the automobile air conditioning system with 4 steps

2.1. Disengage all the AC components

The AC needs to be disengaged in order to be thoroughly cleaned up. Before you roll up your sleeves, let’s brief through the AC architecture.

Basically, the automobile air conditioning system consists of 5 key components:

  • The compressor: Its job is to compress the coolant gas to make the air cooler. The compressor is adjustable according to your preference. This is also the most important part of the AC.
  • The expansion valve: Help to change from hot to cold or reversely and adjust the pressure.
  • The accumulator: Prevent the liquid from leaking, therefore protect the compressor.
  • The evaporator: Consist of many tubes through which hot air from the inside of the car and the coolant goes. The refrigerant absorbs the hot air in these tubes. The humidity is condensed on a cool plate and drip out of the tube. Finally, the refrigerant goes to the condenser.
  • The condenser: Positioned at the front of the car, next to the radiator. When the hot air goes into the condenser in form of high-pressure steam, it will then be absorbed and transformed into high-pressure liquid.

typical architecture of Automobile air conditioning system

Before dissembling the AC, you should study briefly about its key components

2. Flush the AC

After dissembling the AC, you can now flush the AC to get rid of all dust and dirt accumulated on those parts. These contaminants are usually the mixture of dust, dirt and machine oil. They can be really stubborn to remove. The right way to flush them out is to use an aerosol flushing every single part of the AC until the contaminants start to come out. Finally, use cloth to wipe them down.

3. Pay attention to the ducts

You can see the ducts in form of large tubes which are attached from the evaporator tubes. You should look for any signs of leaking on those tubes. If you detect any holes, cover them using duct tape.

4. Examine the accumulator

Preventing all the debris from getting inside the car is the main job of the accumulator. Look for the part that looks like a coffee can and make sure it is cleaned. If there are too much contaminants clogged on it, it would be the best that you replace the accumulator with the new one.

Purchasing a new accumulator is considered better option than cleaning it. Accomulators can be found at any mechanic shops at reasonable price. Make sure you purchase the one that match the car model. Installing it will not require much effort. Simply fastening it like what you did with the old one and re-engage all the hoses and components.

accumulator of Automobile air conditioning system

The accumulator looks like a coffee can

3. Automobile air conditioning system cleaning: Conclusion

While manually cleaning the automobile air conditioning system by yourself is a good practice, it is still advised that you should have it checked by professional mechanics in purpose of early detecting any deeper and more serious problems. Besides AC cleaning, there are a lot more things you could do on your own to take care of your beloved vehicle. Read our DIY tips for 5 simple car fixes to save money.

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