Must-know tips for every Filipino driver to do a proper car aircon cleaning

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A proper car aircon cleaning not only helps to improve the cooling performance on cars but also limits the damages such as gas, gas leaks, etc.

It is undeniable that air conditioner is an extremely important device in creating fresh, clean and cool air for drivers and passengers during the trip. However, after long use, the increase in dirt and moisture can reduce the capacity of the cooling rig.

This is also a favorable condition for harmful mold and bacteria. In addition to creating an unpleasant atmosphere inside the cabin, if exposed regularly, driver’s health will be affected and susceptible to respiratory diseases.

Therefore, it is recommended by the car expert that you need to clean the air conditioner once a year or after 20,000km to 30,000km to maintain the fresh air in the car. A proper car aircon cleaning not only helps to improve the cooling performance on cars but also limits the damages such as gas, gas leaks, etc.

The current car maintenance services sometimes make car owners dizzy and embarrassed. In this article, has prepared a step-by-step guideline on how to clean car aircon to help you be able to do effective DIY car care or choose the best service for your car.

1. Why need a regular car aircon cleaning?

For a car air conditioner that has been used for a long period, it is unsanitary and will be stuck with dirt and steam accumulates. As a result, the circulation of wind and cooling effect will be reduced; bacteria and mold will be spawning, causing huge impacts on the respiratory health of the occupants, especially in the tropical country like the Philippines where the air humidity at times is very high, creating favorable conditions for the bacteria to give birth.

Save money and fuel consumption

In case the car's filter is dirty, the air conditioner needs to make more efforts in working, thus wasting energy and fuel to run and function properly. Therefore, it increases the amount of cash you will have to pay in the long run. And like other technical parts s, they can have chances to be worn and tear. 

Protect the car from breaking down

Car aircon cleaning process requires all the "gunk" to be taken out of the car system, in order to remove all the toxin inside the cabin. In short, regular cleaning and maintenance protect it from eventually breaking down. If your car air conditioning system isn't cleaned properly, you'll have sort of problems with the part such as car air compressor, car air condenser, or fan. In fact, the car air compressor price Philippines is not low, thus the AC problem also increases your car bill. 

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Automobile air conditioning system filter

Leaving the AC uncleaned can reduce its effectiveness

There are two common ways to clean car air conditioners, which are using steam and specialized chemicals for cases where the only mild and dirty odor is handled. In case your vehicle cannot conduct normal cleaning, then it is necessary to proceed to remove all the indoor units and many other details with the help of professional mechanics.

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2. Step-by-step of car aircon cleaning process

Air-conditioning and cleaning process on the vehicle includes cleaning fan system, cooling system, heating system, and air filter system.

#Step 1: Clean the air filter

The air filter is a fairly simple part but plays an important role in the air conditioning system. This unit retains dirt before the air passes through and radiates into the cabin. In addition, another essential function of air filtration is deodorizing.

Wind cleaning is quite simple. First, remove the trunk in front of the side, then filter the air conditioner. The next thing to do is use an air gun, spray it in the middle of the stain of the filter plate to remove dirt. Besides, it is possible to use a deodorizing solution to filter cleaner wind.

In addition, if the air filter is too dirty due to long-term use, the owner should replace it with a new air filter that will handle it more thoroughly. This is also quite simple, after taking out the old wind filter, install a new wind filter into the old position and close the front trunk.

Air conditioner cleaning / Eliminate the bacteria and nasty smell

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#Step 2: Clean the evaporator

This is a component of the AC unit with the effect of cooling the air. The cold gas will evaporate strongly when enter the cooler, then absorb the heat of the unit and cools the air that blows through the wind doors. Since then, the cold air was released to cool the cabin.

Cleaning the evaporator is not too complicated but it requires the performers to have good skills.

In the past, you have to open the vehicle batch and then remove the evaporator before proceeding to the cleaning. This leads to longer construction, accompanied by high costs due to more time and effort. Now, thanks to the endoscopic method with a camera connected to smartphones, it is easier to observe the evaporator. In combination with specialized cleaning solutions, technicians can spray and wash the cooler without much difficulty.

car aircon cleaning_cleaning solutions

Specialized cleaning solutions for car aircon evaporator 

#Step 3: Clean the condenser and fan

Usually, after a long time of use, the condenser unit often gets dirt attached, that limits the heat emission and reduces the cooling effect of the system.

That, to ensure that the condenser is always clear, it is necessary to use compressed air to clean or use clean water for the system. In addition, the fan is also a part that must be regularly inspected to avoid abnormal damaged signs.

In case, the air conditioner still operates normally but with poor and unsatisfactory performance. Then, the condenser is likely to be dirty and accumulate for a long time, causing less heat to reduce the cooling effect.

car aicon cleaning_condenser

A dirty clean condenser can cause less heat to reduce the cooling effect

However, if in a simple case, the driver can handle it by removing and cleaning with the filter system easily. However, there are some modern models, air-conditioned outdoor units designed in front of the engine compartment, so it is easily removable and hygienic.

#Step 4: Refuel gas

Gas conditioning is an indispensable component of car air conditioning system. Air conditioning is the medium used in the system to absorb heat, which is responsible for bringing heat from a place where low temperature is released to a higher temperature. Depending on the use of each machine, use a suitable type of gas to ensure proper and efficient operation of the air conditioner.

If there is a lack of gas conditioning, you need to bring to professional facilities and refuel gas. The air conditioning unit consists of two steps of vacuum evacuation in the system and then filling the system.

Car aircon cleaning_refuel gas

Refuel gas to ensure proper and efficient operation of the air conditioner

3. Car aircon cleaning service in the Philippines

Today, air conditioning maintenance is a booming service in the Philippines, that you can easily find a specialized address or cleaning store to wash your travel partner with many different prices from medium to high-end.

Car aircon cleaning_cleaning store

You can easily find a store with car air-conditioning cleaning service in the Philippines

The cleaning of the entire evaporator takes quite a long time and sometimes it requires the coordination of many people. This job is not simple, leading to a high car aircon cleaning price. It is recommended that you should have careful research about the technical requirements and different cleaning services so to be assured and reduce unnecessary risks. You can easily search on the Internet in order to find a genuine and suitable service center for your car.

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