6 Ways to Maintain Your Car Interior’s Cleanliness

Updated Feb 02, 2021

Read to know how to continue keeping your car clean inside after decluttering it.

Congratulations! Finally, after owning a car for a year, you have decided to clean it up inside, throwing all unnecessary and well-kept trash away, vacuuming all the crumbs, dust and dirt and scrubbing all the clingy stains from the car seat.

Now, when you step inside your car, everything just seems to feel like brand new again – the look, the smell and the feel. You’re now a proud of owner of a spick and span ride, and you’re ready to flaunt it to your friends, family and officemates. You’re now even thinking of taking them out to dinner or perhaps a good, not so long drive out of town on a weekend.

My next question would be this: Yes, it takes a lot of effort to clean and organize your car interior, and you did a good job with it, but, would you be able to keep it that way? How long can it stay clean and tidy?

Maybe you’ll now ponder over it, but don’t fret, because Philkotse.com will be giving you some tips on how to easily maintain your car interior’s cleanliness.

1. Be mindful of the trash you are starting to collect again

You were driving with your fresh smelling, squeaky clean car when you realize that you’re hungry and decided to drop by a drive thru. You don’t have much time to go for a dine in breakfast because it’s rush hour and kind of traffic and the most practical way for you to fill up your stomach is by buying an on the go sandwich and coffee along the way.

Now, you’re happily driving and munching at times and you have reached your office with your stomach full. You’re now ready to start your manic Monday. You went up to your office and forgot all about the paper wraps, paper cups, and dirty tissues that was left early this morning.

a trash in a car

Keep a trash can handy and visible

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This spitfires another year of trash filled car interiors. You have just wasted your efforts of cleaning your car last weekend by starting to dump little wastes again. This may seem so shallow but let me ask you, how does a flood start? By small amounts of water accumulating in the gutter until it gets bigger and bigger and occupies the entire street up to knee length.

Same way goes with your trash. It starts with a few papers and piles up gradually. So when you do something that leaves waste, grab them right away and put them in a plastic bag and take them with you when you get out of the car.

Better yet, make a DIY trash can for your car. You will only need a plastic container that you can buy from your local market or supermarket, put a plastic bag inside and cover it with its lid. Place it near you or somewhere you can easily reach and see. When you finish what you’re eating, drinking or what not, you instead of leaving the trash on the passenger seat or on the cup holders, put them directly to the trash can.

How to keep a used cars interior looking new (Simple)

2. Be on the lookout for those little particles floating in the sunshine

So when you start up your car in the morning, or you pass by a sun lit spot along the highway, you will notice those little pollen looking particles dancing along the sunlight. As majestic as they may seem to be, but those are dust and dust only signals that your car is already dirty and is ready for another vacuuming session.

dust on a car's window

Looks beautiful? Those are actually dust that has formed within your car interior. Better dust off the surfaces

If you don’t have time to do vacuum cleaning, you can simply start by dusting off your rags. It’s just as simple as taking off your floor mats and dusting them off outside your vehicle. You can do this before leaving the house or at night after you get home.

3. Wipe, wipe, wipe

While in traffic or in the parking lot, or just before you drive off from office to home, take time to look in front of you and see if there’s anything you need to clean up. Being proactive will save you from cleaning up the car when the dust has already piled up. Wiping the dashboard and other parts of your car interior every day will help a lot in maintaining its cleanliness.

Cleaning a car's dashboard

Wipe the surfaces clean everytime you have the chance

4. Don’t forget to put things in proper places

You have invested and installed good back seat organizer for your car and yet after one week, you’ve totally forgotten that they exist. The back seat organizer is there for a good reason and it is to keep your car tidy and not to have random things scattered around the back seat. All you have to do is remind yourself to put things in their proper places to avoid unnecessary accumulation of stuff in the car. Utilize storage boxes and laundry baskets in the trunk of your car to put your shopping and grocery bags. This way, they won’t lie scattered on the floor of your back seat and cause possible stains on the floor or worse, on your car seats.

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Organize a car by using boxes and baskets

All you have to do is remind yourself to put things in their proper places 

5. Vacuum your car at least once a week

In the middle of the week, if you really can’t squeeze in a good, professional car wash, take a little time and spend it vacuuming your beloved car. Reward your ride for his good work for the week and bring her some relief by doing some vacuum cleaning. Just run the vacuum cleaner inside the car, through the seats, on the floor and the surfaces. This will keep allergens at bay, and keep your car tidy too.

Suck dust and crumbs away

Just run the vacuum cleaner inside the car, through the seats, on the floor and the surfaces

6. Make time to go to the car wash weekly

Make a schedule for a good car wash every week. This will not only keep your car clean outside and inside, but it will also prevent early, unwanted wear and tear, rust and other deterioration.

If there’s a will, there’s a way. These little car tips and advice from Philkotse.com can easily help you maintain your car’s cleanliness in no time. Just practice and continue to remind yourself of what you need to do and it will become a habit. Your car then will always be squeaky clean and organized.

Washing a car

Give your car a well-deserved shower every week

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