4 simple steps to do a proper car interior detailing

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Seeking for the handy guide in thoroughly detailing car interiors? This is the right moment for you to have a more comfortable and cozy ride.

The very first thing that people look for in a car is its shiny paint and luxurious style and look. This will surely lure car buyers and car enthusiast to get to know the car more. However, more than its outside appearance, the interior is what matters most because this is where the drivers and passengers stay during the whole ride.

This is where they will have a nice and comfortable experience. Which is why, as a car owner, you shouldn’t just focus on the exterior of your car. The interior also requires detailing, and Philkotse.com will help you with that. We gather a short list of how to take good care of your vehicle's interior.

1. Vacuuming dirt

Dirt can easily accumulate inside the car even if it’s not driven frequently. The very first step in interior detailing is vacuuming any presence of loose dirt. In order for you to effectively carry up this procedure, you need some tools to help you. Prepare a vacuum cleaner, a bristle-free upholstery attachment, and a crevice tool.

The first thing you have to do is to remove and clean car floor mats. Make sure to lift them properly so that the dirt and dust will not fall to the car’s floor. Then dump off the grit and dust outside, far enough from the car to prevent the dirt and grit from settling in the car’s paint. And then beat the floor mats against the wall.

The very first step in interior detailing is vacuuming any presence of loose dirt

Now, start to vacuum. Prepare your vacuum by attaching the bristle-free upholstery attachment to the hose of the vacuum. To get rid of the loose dirt completely, run the equipment on the entire carpeted surface and on the mats as well.

Continue to vacuum the carpeted area back and forth. This will further loosen the dirt up and it will remove any debris which sets deeper inside the surface of the carpet.

Man vacuuming the car interior

Start vacuuming all the sides and edges of the car

Of course, you should also vacuum the seat covers and cushions. Don’t forget to run the vacuum under the seats, around the drivers’ pedal and all the places where dirt and dust might collect.

When you’re done vacuuming the fabrics and carpet, replace the bristle-free upholstery attachment by the crevice tool on the vacuum hose. Then start vacuuming all the sides and edges of the car.

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2. Cleaning vinyl and plastic

Cleaning the vinyl surface of the car is as essential as cleaning the car’s floor. It makes the greatest restorative difference in detailing the interior of a vehicle. In this procedure, you’ll need to use a microfiber cloth together with a good but mild vinyl cleaner.

Before starting, you first need to thoroughly wipe all the plastic and vinyl surfaces using a separate piece of clean cloth to remove any dust and dirt buildup. When done, you can now spray a few squirts of vinyl cleaner in the microfiber cloth then wipe the vinyl and plastic surfaces for any presence of spots and stains.

Cleaning car dashboard

Cleaning the vinyl surface of the car is as essential as cleaning the car’s floor

Then rub the door panels, dash panels, glove box, central console and the cover of the steering wheel. Continue wiping the vinyl and plastic surfaces until all the plastic and vinyl surfaces are streak-free.

Just a reminder, don’t directly apply the vinyl cleaner on the steering wheel. It might cause the steering wheel to be slippery and might lead to driving problems during operation.

3. Cleaning the leather

Almost every passenger vehicle is designed with leather seats. And it requires different methods to clean the car seats. Make sure you clean this type of surface properly.

Leather needs to be conditioned every 6 months. This will keep them supple and moisturized which prevents it from tears and cracks. When cleaning leather, you’ll need the following materials; microfiber cloth, leather conditioner, and leather cleaner.

Cleaning leather in car

Leather needs to be conditioned every 6 months

Dampen a piece of clean cloth with some leather cleaner then rub the cloth on all leather surfaces and seats. Let it dry. Just make sure you have all the crevices and edges of the car seats and surfaces covered during the wiping process.

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Apply a decent amount of leather conditioner in a different piece of clean cloth. Wipe the whole surface in a circular motion. Then leave for a while to let it be absorbed and allow it to dry completely. Dap or sponge any excess conditioner from the leather seats.

Man wiping the leather seat

Cleaning leather frequently will keep them supple and moisturized which prevents it from tears and cracks

4. Cleaning the windows

When cleaning the interior, the glass or the windows are the last steps. It will allow you to clean away dust that has settled on the glass or windows during the whole interior detailing process. For most car owners, cleaning the windows is the easiest part when it comes to interior detailing.

To accomplish this task effectively, you'll need the right materials for window cleaning. It includes a microfiber towel, glass cleaner, and additional clean cloth or towel. When everything is prepared, then you can process to the first step. 

Cleaning car window

When cleaning the interior, the glass or the windows are the last steps

On a clean towel or cloth, spray a decent amount of glass cleaner. But, make sure you do not directly spray it on the surface of the window. It might remove spots on the vinyl surfaces. Rub the cloth onto the surface of the glass or window in a side to side and up-down motion.

To thoroughly clean the windows, don’t forget its sides. Wipe the cloth inside the then roll the window down for 5 to 6 inches. You also need to clean the edges of the window.

Roll down the windows for a few inches then wipe its edges well using the cloth sprayed with the glass cleaner. Then follow the same procedure for all the glass and windows.

Man cleaning the car windows

To thoroughly clean the windows, don’t forget its sides

When you finally finished cleaning the car’s interior, you can now put back the floor mats you set aside when vacuuming. You can all put back all the belongings you remove before cleaning the interior.

Maintaining a clean car interior is important because it will provide a clean, fresh and enjoyable ride that you and your passengers will enjoy. It will also make sure your car is organized and free from unwanted odors and stains that will ruin the whole driving experience.

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