Top 5 causes of road accidents in the Philippines

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Read to know main causes leading to road accidents and how can we possible avoid them!

Accident here, accident there, accident everywhere! Sad to admit but it's true. It is the everyday scenario that every employee, whether a commuter or not, have to brave on the road. This is probably the reason why drivers tend to get very impatient and decisive in front of the steering wheel, undeniably and uncontrollably positions your fellow drivers at risk.

According to the statistics released by the Philippine National Police in 2016, road accidents tallied at about 25,000 in 2015 following the almost 16,000 vehicular mishaps of 2014. These numbers were taken from the scene of the road accidents and each death costs about P2.5 million.

On the other hand, according to the report studied and submitted by the Metro Manila Accident Recording and Analysis System (MMARAS), there were around 300 road mishaps that happen every day in the Metro.

Basing on their report, human error became the leading cause of road accidents since 2010. Most of the fatal and non-fatal damages were to be blamed on the driver error.

a road accident

Road accidents tallied at about 25,000 in 2015 following the almost 16,000 vehicular mishaps of 2014

I. What are the top five causes of road mishaps in Metro?

You are most likely pondering what these dangers are and how to best stay away from them when you are on the road. No stresses, as we've recorded 5 of them, random and not in order. So what are the top five causes of car accidents in the Philippines? Let show you! 

1. Impaired driving

Driving under the influence of narcotics and alcohol is the most common and leading cause of vehicular accidents in the Metro hence the cliché “don’t drink and drive”. Alcohol consumption has a downing effect on our body, especially on our nervous system: the one that controls our reflexes, reasoning and motor skills.

If you are driving under the influence of alcohol, you will feel limp with slow reflexes, and irrational reasoning – in short, incapable of driving but fit to sleep.

In all fairness, our government warns and mandates on the issue of drunk driving. But despite all the efforts and the increasing rate of vehicular accidents, drunk driving is still rampant. Following a night of celebrating, one should choose to consider it a night and commute home (you may even request that companions help drop you off at home, instead). Doing as such would guarantee that you don't make hurt different drivers and pedestrians.

impaired driving

Driving under the influence of narcotics and alcohol is the most common and leading cause of vehicular accidents in the Metro

2. Sudden turns without signaling

More often than not, sudden turns are caused by dodging other autos. In view of the risk of potentially hitting different vehicles or passerby, the driver does abruptly move. Continuously put your full consideration on the road and make sure to check through your mirrors from time to time before doing abrupt movements.

sudden turns without signaling

Snappy reflexes and alertness ought to be on a driver's skill

Continuously make a point to shift your signal lights on when making a turn. This would not just advise different drivers of your next course of action, it would likewise give them abundant time to alter their speed and course, just enough to maintain a strategic distance from any mishaps out on the streets.

3. Overspeeding

There are drivers who think that a street or a highway or simply any road is a race track and enjoy over speeding without caring about speed limit law in the Philippines. Be it the adrenaline rush or just a die-hard fan of Paul Walker or both, one must realize how fatal it is to other innocent people or even the one who is in control of the vehicle.


Every driver must take the accountability to follow the rules while on the road or better be prepared on the consequences after

For the drivers of heavy trucks and bus, please do avoid over speeding. Because of the weight you are carrying, it is not impossible that you lose your breaks in between when your speed reaches the limit and end up savaging the road with all the innocent drivers and pedestrians in front of you. A friendly advice to keep you safe, always mind the speed and drive within the limit.

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4. Overtaking

Overtaking is the point at which a driver ventures out in front of another vehicle or vehicles before him. There are two major things that trigger a driver to overtake, one is really a road mishap and, second is the wrath of his kindred drivers.

Everybody is by all accounts in a rush these days, so much that movement rules are frequently broken, with this as the normal wrongdoing. Keep in mind, being protected is superior to being quick. Stay away from the crash by keeping up your speed in case that you think the auto behind you is attempting to surpass – simply let him get past you.


Mishaps happen when the drivers err the moves of up and coming vehicles from different paths

5. Mechanical defects

Sometimes, things happen and it is not your fault. In the case that your ride isn't looked after well, your tires, your breaks, and even your motor may run out, causing an extremely hazardous event out on the way.

Have your vehicle routinely checked to keep up its great working condition, especially the brakes. It is a lame excuse anyway to blame your brakes because first and foremost, they must be checked and maintained on a regular basis.

mechanical defects

Have your vehicle routinely checked to keep up its great working condition, especially the brakes

If you are planning to go on a long ride, one of the preparations that you need to perform is to have your car checked completely, from headlights to engine to tire suspension – everything! You should also draw up a car care checklist before a long-distance drive to ensure your trip is smooth and safe. 

Despite the fact that a vast level of mischances is caused by driver error, for example, reckless driving, driving impaired or interrupted driving, a significant number of vehicular accidents are caused by mechanical problems.

II. Avoid the financial hassle, have your car insured

Obviously, when you are off the street, you are more inclined to any mishap. In view of these, you would need to protect your own vehicle, just to stay away from the huge costs caused by unexpected street mischances. There are a lot of companies in the Philippines offering good services in car insurance.

Simply do your research, set appointment and meeting to properly set your expectations until you find the right one for the kind of lifestyle and car you have.

car insurance

Accidents on the road are not entirely avoidable, but having your car insured will be a big help in case it happens

Sometimes, no matter how careful you are when driving, your safety may still be compromised if other drivers around you are reckless. So aside from watching your own actions, it will also help if you are going to be aware of your surroundings. 

Always observe the road, your fellow drivers and even the weather condition when you are out on a drive and don't forget to equip yourself with essential safe driving tips. Always remember that our loved ones are waiting for us to come home everyday, safe and sound.

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