Driving Schools in Valenzuela: List of popular schools, respective courses & fee

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In order to aid our readers, we have compiled a list of the most popular driving schools in Valenzuela, including are courses as well as details on pricing.

1. QuickDrive Driving School - No. 7 JLB Apt. KM12 Mc Arthur Hiway Marulas, Valenzuela

Address: No. 7 JLB Apt. KM12 Mc Arthur Hiway Marulas, Valenzuela

Tel: 09178608981


Founded in 2006, QuickDrive driving School’s mission is to educate student drivers on becoming efficient, responsible and safe on the road. The school also aims to provide information to the public with regards to safety, traffic laws and defensive driving which is evident in their very comprehensive lectures.

With regards to their courses themselves, they seek to provide high-quality instruction and very comprehensive driver education at the lowest cost possible.

A picture of a Quickdrive Driving School instructor

QuickDrive Driving School has enthusiastic and professional instructors

Courses and Fees

Refresher Courses
Recommended for students who have prior knowledge in driving but still needs more experience especially with city driving
  • Regular Course (Manual car at 1h/day): P2,050 (5h)
  • Special Course (Manual car at 2-3h/day): P 2,350 (5h)
  • Adventure Course (Manual car 2-3h/day): Php 3,200 (5h)
  • Automatic Course (2-3h/day): P,500 (5h)
Beginner’s Courses
Recommended for students without driving knowledge.
  • Regular Course (Manual car at 1h/day): P3,850 (10h)
  • Special Course (Manual car at 2-3h/day): P4,500 (10h)
  • Adventure Course (Manual car at 2-3h/day): P6,200 (10h)
  • Automatic Course (2-3h/day): P 6,800 (10h)
Combi Course
A combination of both manual and automatic training vehicles
  • 8h manual + 2h automatic: P5,000
Executive course
With pick-up and drop-off to your place of work, school or home.
  • Manual Cars: P3,350 (5h) - P5,700(10h)
  • Adventure: P4,200 (5h) - P7,400 (10h)
  • Automatic Car: P8,000 (5h)
  • AT Ford Escape: P6,000 (5h) - P11,200 (10h)
Rush Course 
For those who want continues driving sessions
  • Manual Cars: P2,650 (5h)
  • Adventure Course: P3,950 (5h)
Tutorial Course
For students who have their own vehicle
  • Tutorial Course (Min of 3h/day): P250/h

Note: We have listed only the shortest time durations and their respective prices for this article. Like any driving school, the longer the session the higher the prices. Also note that QuickDrive also has the lectures on car troubleshooting, defensive driving and road rules and laws which costs Php 650 per head.

Pros and Cons

While QuickDrive Driving School is smaller than other major driving schools in Valenzuela, it is quite evident that their businesses are growing larger. This can be seen in their recent expansion to Bulacan and the current improvements they have made to their current training vehicle line-up.

Note also that they are quite popular on social media as is evident by their Netizen’s Choice Award which they had won in May of this year.

The one downside to the QuickDrive driving school is that while information on their courses and prices are readily available, their website is really not up to par.

While some might say that that might be somewhat unrelated to their performance as a driving school, having a nice website nowadays is one big factor in making or breaking a business.

Their instructors are very professional and their courses sufficiently cover both the theoretical and practical aspects of driving.

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2. A-1 Driving School - SM Supercenter Valenzuela, Ground Floor, Service Lane

Address: SM Supercenter Valenzuela, Ground Floor, Service Lane (near BDO Entrance)

Tel: +6322931877


Started in 1977 with only two training vehicles, A-1 Driving School is now one of the most dominant driving schools in the Philippines with more than 80 branches nationwide and a massive fleet of around 150 training vehicles.

Here in Metro Manila, A-1 also has three training centers which can provide a safe space for people who’re just starting out their driving experience.

In Valenzuela, A-1 currently has one branch. Despite that, the said branch is within the vicinity of the aforementioned training centers and to the vast choices of training vehicles, they have available.

A-1 driving school in Valenzuela

The Valenzuela City branch of A-1 Driving School 

Courses and Fees

Course Name
Starting Price
Premium Course
Php 3,200
Executive Course
Php 6,400
Rush Course
Php 4,200
Training Center Course
Php 2,500
Car Maintenance 101
Php 800

Note: For this article, we only included the base price for the shortest course length. If you want to learn more about A-1’s driving courses, please check out our A-1 Driving School Review.

Pros and Cons

While A-1 is really established and have undoubtedly professional and competent instructors, the quality of service will indeed vary from branch to branch. But as far as we have heard and read online, the one in Valenzuela is up to par with the rest of A-1’s branches.

Also, it helps that their branch office in this particular location is comfortably located within a mall.

Due to their popularity though, you might want to contact ahead to schedule you driving sessions.

3. Express Driving School - 4014 Gen. T. de Leon, Valenzuela, 1442 Metro Manila

Address: 4014 Gen. T. de Leon, Valenzuela, 1442 Metro Manila

Tel: (02) 410 7848


While this driving school is smaller than the two driving schools in Valenzuela listed above, Express Driving School is currently experiencing a rise in popularity due to their very professional quality of service.

Also, according to reviews online, their instructors are very calm and patient especially when it comes to nervous beginners.

Like the previous driving schools we have covered before, Express Driving Schools aims to produce responsible and well-educated drivers through training them on defensive driving, traffic rules, and laws, and of course, being courteous on the road.

Express Driving School in Valenzuela City

An Express Driving School instructor showing students how to change a tire

Courses and Fees

Manual Course Refresher
Php 2,300 (5 hours)
Manual Beginner’s Course
Php 4,600 (10 hours)
Automatic Refresher
Php 4250 ( 5 hours)
Automatic Beginner’s Course
Php 7,500 (10 hours)

Note: For the purpose of this article, we only listed the base cost of each type of course. Also included in Express Driving School’s courses is a free four-hour lecture/seminar on traffic laws, automotive safety, and defensive driving.

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Pros and Cons

While we acknowledge Express Driving School’s high quality of service and very calm and professional driving instructors, their training vehicle selection is still quite limited. Regardless though, their popularity is on the rise so we highly recommend you to schedule ahead if you want to avail of their services.

LTO Renewal centers in Valenzuela

LTO Office
Contact No.
LTO Valenzuela District Office
Valenzuela City Hall, MacArthur Highway, Karuhatan, Valenzuela City 1441
(02) 352 1000

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A picture of the LTO District office in Valenzuela City.

The LTO District Office in Valenzuela is a very new and fresh facility that offers comfort for their customers

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