List of Top 4 Popular driving schools in Bulacan

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Here comes the list of the most popular and most recommended driving schools in Bulacan providing their respective courses, fees, and more.

1. Smart Driving School - Bulacan

  • Smart Driving San Jose – 28 B5 Pecsonville, Tungkong Manga, SJDM, Bulacan – 782 3249
  • Star Mall Branch – Sto Cristo St., SJDM, Bulacan – 585 7027
  • Robinsons Malolos Branch – Level 4-439 Robinson’s Place Malolos, Sumapang Matanda City of Malolos Bulacan – (044) 931 3609
  • Central Point Plaza-McArthur Highway Brgy Dakila, Malolos, Bulacan – (02) 703 2411


Smart Driving school has been operating since August 2008 and was founded by Francisco and Marites Gavino. While some driving schools in Bulacan have been around for much longer, Smart is actually a well-established entity spanning 76 branches in and around Metro Manila.

At present, their driving school has around 134 training vehicles and they even have training centers that are equipped to provide a safe learning experience away from normal roads.

And lastly, they are well connected as they have partnerships with the likes of the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry, Red Bull, Isuzu, and Philip Morris Philippines. This further drives in the fact that Smart has an overall good reputation as a business in general.

Smart Driving School in Bulacan

One of Smart driving school's training centers

Fee and Courses

Regular Manual Course
Manual Special Course
Manual Smart Course
Sedan Automatic Course
Toyota Innova Automatic Course
Toyota Fortuner/Mitsubishi Montero Automatic Course
Sedan Automatic Course

Aside from the regular driving courses, they also offer corporate consultancy wherein they can provide training for corporations who want to enable their employees on how to drive.

Pros and Cons

While the course selection for Smart Driving School is extensive coupled with very professional and patient instructors, some of their training vehicles have a bit of wear and tear to them due to the sheer amount of people who have gone through them.

And due to their popularity, Smart sees a lot of customers every day so you might experience waiting times for your turn on an available training vehicle. As such, it is very prudent to schedule ahead.

Overall though, Smart Driving School is an excellent choice because of their wide training vehicle choices, their affordability and their almost unparalleled accessibility.

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2. A1C Driving School - 1590 Paso, Bagbaguin. Sta. Maria, Bulacan

Address: 1590 Paso, Bagbaguin. Sta. Maria, Bulacan. 

Tel: 09391258227 and 09222562810


One of the premier driving schools in Bulacan and Cavite, it is A1C’s mission to reduce road incidents through high-quality training to their students. They also give high importance on traffic laws and regulations, concern for other motorists, pedestrians and the proper care and maintenance of a motor vehicle.

Their motto even says: “Do not learn safety by accident” which very succinctly summarizes their priorities as a driving school.

maintenance lesson at A1C driving school in Bulacan

A1C instructor supervising student drivers on how to change a tire

Fee and Courses

Tutorial Course
For students who want to use their own vehicle
 - 03 days (2h/day): P2,999
 - 05 days (2h/day): P4,199
 - 07 days (2h/day): P5,399
 - 10 days (2h/day): P7,599
 - 15 days (2h/day): P10,999
Refresher Course
For students with knowledge in driving
 - 7 days (1h/day): P2,050
 - 9 days (1h/day): P2,799
Beginner’s Course
For students who want to finish their lesson in the span of one to two days
 - 10 days (1h/day): P4,199
 - 15 days (1h/day) : P5,799
Rush Course
For students who want to finish their lesson in the span of one to two days
 - 2 days (2h/day: P1,799
 - 1 day (1h/day): P2,499
Door to door service
From your home or office to the driving range and vice versa. From anywhere in Bulacan, Manila, and Cavite
 - 5 hours – P 3,200
 - 7 hours – P 4,050
 - 10 hours – P5,500
 - 15 hours – P7,900

* Note: A1C also has courses with no daily time limits and the prices for these are instead based on certain age brackets. The older you are the more expensive it is. Also note that in this no time limit course, the instructors will teach you until you will know how to drive.

Also, note that all driving courses listed here entail actual road experience on regular public roads.  

Pros and Cons

While A1C is indeed a well-established driving school, it appears that their training fleet, although sizable, is made up entirely of sedans. Also, they do not have an enclosed, private driving track.

A1C however still comes highly recommended on social media and on google due to the fact that their instructors are very professional and their courses offer immediate and real driving experience on public roads. Something that some other driving schools do not do.

And lastly, it seems that they’re the only driving school that we’ve heard of so far that offers “no time limit” courses and that’s also something some people will prefer.

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3. A-1 Driving School - SM City Marilao, Ground Floor

SM City Marilao

SM City Marilao, Ground Floor (inside Foodcourt, beside LBC)

Phone: +6344.238.8063

SM City San Jose

Basement 1

Phone: +63444637886


The A-1 Driving School or A-1 Driving Company, Inc. began its business in 1977 under the name A-1 Driving Academy. Back then they only had a Volkswagen beetle and an owner-type Jeep. Nowadays, they have more than 150 vehicles, around 80 branches nationwide, and three training centers located in Metro Manila.

Also, they are a multi-awarded business with awards such as the 2013 Golden Globe Annual Business award, the 2014 Global Excellence Award, and the 2011 Diamond Top Brand Award.

So overall, A-1 is one of the oldest driving schools in Bulacan and they have several decades of expertise and decade’s worth of experience to impart to their student drivers. As such, A-1 is one of the largest and most popular driving school in the country who sees to the needs of hundreds of trainees each day.

Aside from LTO and TESDA accreditations, they are also a member of the Safety Organization of the Philippines Inc. and the National Safety Council. They are also partnered with Shell in terms of active road safety.

In Bulacan alone, A-1 Driving School has two branches, both of which are located in comfortable offices in SM City malls.

A picture of the A-1 branch at SM Marilao

A-1 Driving School branch is located inside SM Marilao

Fees and Courses

Course Name
Starting Price
Premium Course
Executive Course
Rush Course
Training Center Course
Car Maintenance 101

Take note that these courses are very customizable to your needs and that the length of time for each course and the choice of vehicle you want to learn on dictates its price.

For more details on A-1’s course pricing, please refer to our article: A-1 Driving School Review 2019: Rates, Branches, Lessons, Pros & Cons.

Pros and Cons

Due to their size and many branches, the quality of their services will undoubtedly be varied. For the Bulacan branches, their services are up to par and their instructors are very professional and patient.

Take note though that A-1 is one of the largest driving schools in the country so they have a lot of student drivers so some wait times can happen. As such, it is advised to schedule ahead of time if you want to avail of their excellent services.

4. RevUp Driving School - McArthur Highway, Borol 1st, Balagtas, Bulacan

Address: McArthur Highway, Borol 1st, Balagtas, Bulacan

Tel: 09239220911


Quite possibly the smallest Driving School in this list, RevUp otherwise can still provide you an excellent learning experience as reported by many of their past student drivers on their social media pages.

Like most driving schools here, they are focused on defensive driving techniques as well as imparting knowledge on road safety laws and regulations. And among others on this list, they are also quite affordable.

A picture of the Revup driving school office

While their office is small and simple, their services are top-notch and you will be impressed

Fee and Courses

Starting Price
Regular Course – 1 hour per day
Php 2,400
Special Course – 2 hours per day
Php 3,000
Rush Course – 3 to 5 hours per day
Php 3,900
Regular Course – 1 hour per day
Php 4,000
Special Course – 2 hours per day
Php 4,400
Rush Course – 3 to 5 hours per day
Php 4,900

Pros and Cons

Despite being smaller than those listed above, RevUp driving school is proven to be quite popular, as such they have a lot of student drivers. So it would be prudent to schedule ahead of time unless you want to wait. Another con for this particular school is that their training vehicles are mainly sedans.

RevUp is popular for a reason; their instructors are very friendly and calm and their courses themselves are really comprehensive. So it wouldn’t be far a stretch to say that the quality of their services overall can match up to that of larger driving schools.

List of LTO Licensing offices in Bulacan

LTO Office
Contact No.
SM City Marilao Renewal Center
SM City Marilao, Ibayo, 3019 Marilao, Bulacan
LTO Bulacan
Guiguinto, Bulacan
(044) 794 0345
LTO Meycauayan
Meycauayan, Bulacan

A picture of SM City Marilao

The LTO renewal center within SM Marilao is large and comfortable

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