Driving Schools in Cebu: List of popular schools, respective courses & fee

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Here comes a list of the most popular driving schools in Cebu including their courses, fees & contact details.

1.  A&A Driving School - V.Rama Ave, Cebu city

Address: V. Rama Ave, Cebu City, Cebu

Tel no. 09158298717 or 09423724260


Founded by a former instructor from Best Driving School, A & A has been in operation since January 5, 2015, and they are currently one of the most popular driving schools in Cebu due to their commitment to safety and excellent service.

They also offer a lot of useful services like pick up and drop off which is free every driving lesson session, a certificate of completion which is accredited by LTO and by TESDA, and they will even lend you a hand in getting your own driver’s license by letting you use one of their own vehicles and their courses are quite affordable.

Currently, A&A has a wide array of training vehicles on its fleet. These range from sedans to SUVs that either come with a manual transmission or an automatic.

A&A driving school in Cebu

A&A is a very established driving school and their services are very well regarded by past customers

Fee and Courses

Aside from the 10-hour basic courses, you can also opt for combo courses where they teach you to drive both a manual and an automatic car. A&A offers very useful refresher courses for those who still have a little bit of trouble driving and for added know-how and confidence building.

Manual Sedan 10 Hours
Php 4,000
Manual SUV 10 Hours
Php 5,000
Automatic Sedan 10 Hours
Php 5,000
Combo Package A (8 hours manual+2hours AT)
Php 4,200
Combo Package B (10 hours manual+2hours AT)
Php 4,800
Combo Package C (8 hours manual +4hours AT)
Php 5,500
Refresher Manual Sedan (6 hours)
Php 2,400
Refresher Manual SUV (6 hours)
Php 2,800
Refresher Automatic Seda (6 hours)
Php 3,000

Pros and Cons

Despite being really popular and staffed with really competent and patient instructors, A&A only has one branch located in Cebu. In addition to that, they are quite popular, so there are times that you might have to wait to avail of some of their services.  Regardless, A&A is very highly rated on Facebook and Google and many of the comments commend their excellent services.

As such, we recommend that you schedule your session with A&A far ahead of time to ensure a hassle-free experience.

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2. Best Driving School - Dona Esperanza Subd. Katipunan St, Cebu City

Address: Dona Esperanza Subd. Katipunan St, Cebu City, Cebu

Tel no: (032) 266 4542


Best Driving School has been in the business of educating prospective drivers since 2007. Since then, they have trained thousands of student drivers.

Founded by Mr. Remarie Wilbur Legados, the Best Driving School has very competent trainers and Mr. Legados himself is in fact a TESDA certified trainer and assessor thus ensuring a quality learning experience.

Aside from a very reliable pool of instructors, Best Driving also seeks to innovate the driving learning experience and is up-to-date with the latest trends in the operation of motor vehicles.

Best Driving also offers a lot of customizability. Their vehicle choices are quite wide and they will definitely have the kind of training vehicle you want to learn on.

 Best driving school in Cebu

Best Driving School is a noteworthy center that has a sizable training vehicle fleet

Fee and Courses

Basic/ Beginner courses in practical driving
 - 10 hours (1 parking session) – P5,000
 - 12 hours (2 parking sessions) – P6,000
 - 20 hours (with Basic Maintenance & Enhancement Exercises) –  P9,800
 - 10 hours (2 parking sessions) – P6,000
 - 20 hours (with Basic Maintenance & Enhancement Exercises) – P11,800
Combo package
 - 10 hours MT + 2 HRS AT – P6,200
 - 6 hours MT + 6 HRS AT – P6,600
Customized package
(min 2h per session)
 - MT – P550/hour or P1,100/session
 - MT SUV/APV – P650/hour or P1,300/session
 - AT  – P650/hour or P1,300/session
 - AT APV  – P750/hour or P1,500/session
(min 2h per session)
 - Exclusive car Sedan / Subcompact Type  – P50/hour
 - Exclusive SUV/AUV TYPE – P100/hour

Aside from those regular courses listed above, they also have tandem driving courses where you can take a friend to learn how to drive on one training vehicle, and of course, a discount is offered.

Best Driving School also offers refresher courses which are set at lower prices and at lower session lengths. They also have long drive sessions but these are recommended only for those who have driving experience.

And lastly, they also offer seminars that come with a certificate and other services like car rentals for the LTO practical exam, driving proficiency assessment and many others.

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Pros and Cons

One big advantage of learning how to drive with Best Driving is their sheer amount of choices when it comes to courses. Particularly interesting is their long drive option which is useful for those used to drive around the city but has less confidence in the high-way.

The company itself is quite established and their training vehicle fleet is quite extensive. Best Driving also has a lot of really good ratings both on Facebook and Google.

One con of this driving schools in Cebu is that their reach is confined within the locale of Cebu and that they only have one branch. So in connection to that, it is of no doubt that they see and train a lot of people every day so we recommend scheduling ahead of time. Regardless of the cons listed above, their instructors are polite, professional and very patient even with slow learners.

3. Allright Driving School - Ybanez Compound Road, Cebu City

Address: Ybanez Compound Road, Cebu City, Cebu

Tel No.: 09231615200


Allright Driving School is a Cebu based driving school whose mission is to provide its customers with an enjoyable, comprehensive and safe learning experience. The said school is also very focused on defensive driving.

It is also of note that Allright Driving School recognizes that learning how to drive is one important life skill and is not limited for the sake of getting a driver’s license.

Allright Driving School Cebu's training unit

One of Allright Driving's Schools training vehicles with the student driver sign.

Fees and Courses

Course Fee
Manual P4,200
Automatic P5,200
COMBO 1 (6hrs MT/4hrs AT) P4,500
COMBO 2 (4hrs MT/6hrs AT) P5,000
Per Session Manual (Minimum 2Hrs @500/Hr) P1,000
Per Session Automatic (Minimum 2Hrs @600/Hr P1,200
2hrs per session/day N/A

Pros and Cons

While not as large as the previous two driving schools, Allright has excellent instructors and their service is on point. They also come highly rated by past customers and they are also highly recommended both on Facebook and Google.

One disadvantage of Allright is that their course choices are a little slim compared to the previous two and their training vehicle fleet is also a bit limited. Otherwise, it is still a popular driving school in Cebu due to their affordable rates and excellent instructors whose patient yet cordial attitudes provide for fun yet very comprehensive learning experience.

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4. Elite Driving School - 179 Hipodromo Oval Road, Cebu City

Address: 179 Hipodromo Oval Road, Cebu City, Cebu

Tel No: 09776029801


Elite Driving school is a Cebu based driving school which is known to have passionate instructors who are trained to provide a really in-depth lesson for their student drivers. Elite also focuses a lot on safety, basic traffic rules and of course, defensive driving.

Training vehicle owned by Elite Driving School in Cebu

Elite Driving School's training vehicles are quite new.

Fee and Courses

Course Fee
Automatic Transmission Course P4,800
Manual Transmission Course P4,000
Combo Package A (6 hours MT, 4 hours AT) P4,400
Combo Package B (8 hours MT and 2 hours AT) P4,200

Pros and Cons

While Elite Driving School is possibly the smallest among the driving schools listed here on this article, they are really highly rated on Facebook and Google due to their very patient, very comprehensive and more importantly, very calm driving instructors. And regardless of their limited training vehicle fleet, their present cars are quite new and fresh. The location of the office is really prime; it is easy to reach and find.

Take note though that Elite Driving School is growing in popularity. As such, they have a lot of customers so scheduling ahead is highly recommended.

Also as a side note, their website looks really good and easy to understand.

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List of LTO Licensing offices in Cebu

While going to a driving school is indeed an important step, one final process to make you a bona fide driver is getting an LTO driver’s license. To aid you in your quest, we also listed LTO renewal centers located in Cebu

LTO Office
Contact No
LTO Mandaue City, Cebu
J Center Mall, A.S. Fortuna Street, Cebu City
(032) 594 7308
LTO Driver’s License Renewal Center
L2, Northwing, SM Cebu City, Juan Luan Avenue Extension, 6000 Cebu City
(032) 232 3022
Land Transportation Office Region VII
Natalio B. Bacalso Ave, Cebu City
(032) 254 7506
LTO Mandaue Branch Office
M. Logarte Avenue, Subangdaku, 6014 Mandaue City, Cebu
(032) 420 2991
LTO Mandaue Inspection Area
Mandaue City, Cebu
LTO SM Seaside City Cebu
Juan Osmena St.
6000 Cebu City
or 256-2745

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A picture of the front of the LTO renewal center located in SM Seaside Cebu

The LTO Renewal center at SM Seaside is one of the more popular places to apply or renew your driver's license in Cebu

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