Driving Schools in Davao: Overview, list of courses, fees & more

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To guide you further, we have here a list of the most popular driving schools in Davao City, providing respective courses, fees and more.

1. A1 Driving - Ground Floor, 52 JM Building

Address: Ground Floor, 52 JM Building - KM 5, Buhangin Road, Davao City

Tel: (082) 225 4284


A1 Driving School is one of the oldest driving schools in Davao. With more than 80 branches nationwide, it also has a widespread reach.

With years and years of business and training experience under their belt, A1 has several specialized programs designed to train total beginners as well as experienced drivers to become safer and more responsible on the road.

They also have some programs that are quite unique like their industrial bus and truck driving, Advanced handling skills, off-road training, etc.

Moreover,  A1 has a close relationship with several corporate partners as well as being a member of both the Safety Organization of the Philippines and the National Safety Council.

A picture of the A-1 branch in Davao City

The A-1 Driving school branch in Davao City

Courses and Fees

Course Name
Starting Price
Premium Course
Executive Course
Rush Course
Training Center Course
Car Maintenance 101

Take note that the prices of these courses listed above can increase especially if you opt for a longer training period. Also, the choice of training vehicle will affect the pricing. For further details on A1’s pricing, please take a look at our A-1 Driving School review.

Pros and Cons

A-1 Driving as a business entity nowadays is quite huge, and like other large businesses with many branches, the kind of service you will experience from branch to branch will differ to some degree.

Regardless of the aforementioned, A-1 Driving has a lot of experience in teaching student drivers. Also, their wide variety of training vehicles and their very systematic and standardized training methods is well worth your attention.

2. TeamAces Driving Academy - Aldor Dormitel, Veloso Street, Obrero, Davao City

Address: Aldor Dormitel, Veloso Street, Obrero, Davao City

Tel No: 09071079970


TeamAces Driving Academy is a large and well-known driving school founded by Mark Rhein Lester Pulido. While it started out in Batangas City, it is a very popular driving school in Davao.

While TeamAces has grown exponentially since its founding, their main draw is that their training methods are really up to date and they are continually updating and innovating in order to give the best to their students.

One such innovation that they are known for is their fully digital platform wherein reservations and scheduling are seamlessly done online. Also, they are one of the first driving schools to offer online lectures.

TeamAces driving academy branch in Davao City

The TeamAces Driving Academy Branch located in Davao City

Courses and Fees

Course Type
Regular Course (1 hour per session)
Special Course
TeamAces Course (Choose your instructor)
Executive Course (pick-up and drop off)
Rush Course (1-2 days straight driving)
Mix and Match (Manual + Automatic)

Aside from these driving courses, TeamAces can also assist their students in acquiring an LTO driver’s license.

Pros and cons

TeamAces driving school is noteworthy due to their innovative teaching techniques and of course. And based on their ratings on social media, past student drivers consistently give them very high ratings for their very patient yet very cordial instructors.

Popularity does come at a price sometimes. Being very popular, TeamAces sees hundreds of customers, especially in Davao City. So scheduling ahead is highly suggested.

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3. Maneuver Driving Academy - 104 McArthur Highway, Bangkal, Davao City

  • 104 McArthur Highway, Bangkal, Davao City - 09355543132
  • No.40 Del Pilar Building, Buhangin, Davao City (Main Office) - 09060183458


While Maneuver Driving School is a smaller business in comparison to the first two mentioned in this article, a lot of student drivers due to their professional instructors and overall high quality of service.

In Davao, Maneuver Driving has two branches. One in Buhangin and one in Bangkal.

A picture of a branch office of the Maneuver Driving Academy

The Buhangin Branch of the Maneuver Driving Academy is a cozy little office

Courses and Fees

  •  5-7 hours actual driving for the refresher
  • 10-20 hours actual driving for the beginner
Duration of Course
5 hours
7 hours
10 hours
15 hours
20 hours

Pros and Cons

While Maneuver Driving has good instructors and is quite popular, they do have a weakness.

As you can see on the list above, their course selection is quite slim. This extends to their limited choice of training vehicles which are mostly sedans.

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4. Good Sign Tutorial Driving Academy - Davao City

  • Ground Flood, 52 JM Building, KM 5 Buhangin Road, Davao City - 286-8221 or 09399069670
  • Ground Floor Line Q Building, Corner Kawayan Drive, Matina, Davao City - 296-0335
  • 63 R. Castillo Street, Agdao, Davao City - 224-5761


While being smaller in comparison to the first two, the Good Sign Tutorial Driving Academy in Davao is well noted for being able to help student drivers become confident in making safe decisions on the road.

As such, they are quite adept at taking on younger student drivers because they recognize the difference in learning abilities between youth and adults.

Also, their curriculum is quite focused on safety and defensive driving which is always a plus.

Students at Good Sign Tutorial Driving Academy

Students undergoing a written exam in Good Sign Tutorial Driving Academy

Courses and Fees

  • 5 days (2h/day): P5,000
  • 7 days (2h/day): P5,900
  • 10 days (2h/day): P9,600
  • 15 days (2h/day): P14,500 
  • 2 days (5h): Php 5,000
  • 3 days (7h): Php 7,000
  • 4 days (10h): Php 10,000
  • 6 days (15h): Php 14,500
  • 8 days (20h): Php 19,500

Pros and Cons

While we are sure that their instructors are really competent and excellent at their respective jobs, it seems that their vehicle lineup is somewhat a little slim. If their Facebook page is anything to go by, their training vehicles are mostly comprised of sedans.

It is important to note that their official page does not list prices for their courses at all as such information on said courses is limited. While we are quite sure that they have automatic courses their information for their courses are not readily available online.  

List of  LTO Licensing offices in Davao

LTO Office
Contact No.
SM City Davao
Sm City Davao Building, Quimpo Blvd, Ecoland, Davao City, 8000 Davao del Sur
(082) 297 5265
LTO Lanang
Lanang, Davao City, Davao del Sur
LTO Regional Office
Quezon Blvd, Poblacion District, Davao City, 8000 Davao del Sur
(082) 226 4141

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A picture of an LTO renewal center in Davao City

A comfortable and modern looking LTO Renewal center in Davao City

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