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In order for you to have a more stress-free experience in getting your driver's license, we have prepared for you an LTO exam reviewer with answers - English Editon!

For those who want to be able to drive in the Philippines, there are several steps you need to take first in order to do so. First is to learn how to operate a vehicle and the second is to acquire a driver’s license.

In getting a driver’s license, there are also steps you have to take. First, it to undergo a practical driving test where you will be assessed by your actual driving ability and the 2nd is a written exam.

For this article, Philkotse.com will offer you, our reader an LTO exam reviewer in English for the written test. This reviewer is based on the one available from the Land Transportation Office itself.

Take note however that on the LTO examination itself, the questions will come in a multiple-choice format and some questions might even be phrased differently.

Regardless, this LTO exam reviewer with answers will still help you sharpen up your knowledge in the necessary dos and don’ts with regards to laws pertaining to driving in the Philippines

Also, take note that this reviewer will include questions from the Professional driver’s exam specifically from the signs identification portion.

I. LTO Exam Reviewer in English: Questions and Answers

1. Traffic jam can be prevented if you:

Answer: Keep opposing lanes open

2. When taking a right turn, you should:

Answer: Stay on the outermost lane, signal your intention to turn right at least 30 meters before you intend to make your turn.

3. When you intend to turn right or left, Signal your intention at least:

Answer: 25 meters before making your turn.

4. At an intersection with a traffic light, you can make a left turn only when:

Answer: The light is green and when there’s a left turn light

5. Signs that are round, inverted triangle or octagonal and with red colored borders are called:

Answer: Regulatory signs

6. Signs that are triangular and with a red colored border are called:

Answer: Caution or warning sign

7. A Solid, double yellow line with a broken white line in-between indicates:

Answer: Absolutely no overtaking

8. On a four-lane road with a single white like you are allowed to:

Answer: Overtake

9. When making a U-turn you should:

Answer: Check for traffic behind you and indicate your intentions to turn with your turn indicators.

10. Graft and corruption in the traffic enforcement system can be eliminated by:

Answer: Self-disciplined drivers who obey traffic rules and regulations.

11. Signs that are round, rectangular with white and blue background colors are called:

Answer: Informative signs

12. A single line with a broken line on a two-lane road is used to indicate that:

Answer: This road has traffic moving in opposite directions

13. What do you do when you approach a pedestrian lane?

Answer: Stop and yield to pedestrians

14. Driving an unregistered motor vehicle is a violation with a fine of:

Answer: Php 10,000

15. How far away should you park from a signalized intersection?

Answer: 5 meters

16. A green light at an intersection means:

Answer: Continue diving and pedestrians are not allowed to cross

17. Steady red light at an intersection means:

Answer: Stop at the designated line

18. Flashing yellow light means:

Answer: Proceed with caution

19. What is the penalty for the first offense of driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol?

Answer: A non-professional driver’s license shall be confiscated and suspended for a period of 12 months upon final conviction by a regular court of law.

20. How much is the fine of a PUV driver who refuses to render his service?

Answer: Php 1,000

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21. What is the punishment of a driver involved in committing a crime?

Answer: Driver’s license is revoked and a fine is incurred

22. How far should your vehicle be from the vehicle you are following?

Answer: 1 car’s length

23. Who do you do when the traffic light turns red?

Answer: Full stop

24. Are we allowed to park within the vicinity of an intersection?

Answer: No

25. Are we allowed to park at the entrance and exit hospitals and fire stations?

Answer: No

26. On a two-lane road, where are you allowed to make a pass/overtake?

Answer: At the left lane

27. In an intersection when the traffic lights and arrow traffic lights are glowing a steady green, what should you do?

Answer: Continue to go straight or continue your turn

28. What is the maximum penalty for driving under the influence?

Answer: Revocation of license

29. If a driver is found to have a fake or counterfeit license, his punishment is?

Answer: Confiscation of fake license and be barred from getting a license for six months and a fine.

30. What must a driver do when driving on wet roads?

Answer: Slow down

31. How should a driver slowdown from traveling at maximum speed?

Answer: Gently apply the brakes with steady pressure

32. When another vehicle is following you too closely, you should:

Answer: Slow down and give him space to pass you

33. How do we avoid rear-end crashes

Answer: By practicing “distancia amigo” or the 3-second rule

34. When parking on a steep incline without a curb you should:

Answer: Turn your wheels towards the edge of the road

35. When parking on a steep incline facing downhill you should:

Answer: Turn your wheels towards the direction of the curb.

36. When parking on a steep incline facing uphill you should:

Answer: Turn your wheels away from the curb

37. Improper braking on a wet and slippery road can cause your vehicle to:

Answer: Skid and you might also lose control

38. Whenever you’re trying to overtake or pass we should avoid doing so while:

Answer: Tailgating

39. Where should we position our field of view while driving on a highway?

Answer: About 12 seconds beyond the front of your vehicle

40. What should a driver do when approaching a blind curve during the daytime?

Answer: Blow your horn

41. What should a driver do with his/her gearbox when driving downhill?

Answer: Shift to a low gear to engage an engine braking action.

42. On the highway, when you indent to drive on a slow speed. Which lane should you use?

Answer: The outermost lane

43. How do you prevent drowsiness while driving?

Answer: Stop periodically for rest.

44. What documents do you always need to have with you when driving your car?

Answer: Your driver’s license, your vehicle’s certificate of registration and the official receipt.

45. If another vehicle enters the intersection at the same time as you do from the right, what do you do?

Answer: Yield

46. From which direction should you look when backing up in a straight line?

Answer: From the right

47. If you are planning to turn left you must:

Answer: Yield to approaching vehicle before doing your turn

48. Why is it dangerous to overtake another vehicle when approaching a bridge?

Answer: Vehicles passing on the other lane might not see you.

49. When coming across an Accident-Prone Area sign, what should you do?

Answer: Slow down and be more alert than usual.

50. It refers to standardized tests to initially assess and determine intoxication:

Answer: Field Sobriety Test

51. It refers to the measurement of alcohol in a person’s bloodstream:

Answer: Blood Alcohol Concentration or BAC

52. How much BAC is allowed for a driver of a motor vehicle?

Answer: 0%

53. It refers to any land transportation vehicles propelled by any power other than muscle power:

Answer: Motor Vehicle

54. If a driver is under medication, he should:

Answer: Consult first with a doctor about possible side effects before driving

55. When doing group rides with other motorcycles, a group must assume what formation?

Answer: Staggered formation

56. How far should a parked vehicle be from a fire hydrant?

Answer: 5 meters

57. Before moving you another lane, a driver must first use his:

Answer: Turn signals

58. What do diamond-shaped signs intend to convey?

Answer: Harazrds

59. A single solid yellow line on the road means:

Answer: Overtaking or passing is prohibited

60. How much time does a temporary operator’s permit give to an apprehended motor vehicle driver?

Answer: 72 hours

61. When are we allowed to do double parking?

Answer: Never

62. When involved in an accident, what should a driver do?

Answer: Immediately inform the nearest police station and call the nearest emergency service if injuries were incurred.

63. What does it mean if a driver’s arm is outside a vehicle’s window and outstretched?

Answer: The driver intends to do a left turn.

64. What does it mean if a driver’s arm is outside and bend pointing upwards?

Answer: The driver intends to do a right turn

65. What does it mean if a driver’s arm is outside and pointing down?

Answer: The driver intends to stop.

66. When are we allowed to overtake on the right side of your vehicle?

Answer: If the road has two or more lanes going in one direction

67. Before leaving your parking spot we should:

Answer: Look around first

68. A non-professional driver’s license is suited for:

Answer: Private vehicles

69. How long should we take a look at our side and rear view mirrors?

Answer: Quickly

70. After overtaking another vehicle, a driver going back to his original lane should:

Answer: Use the rear view mirror to check the vehicle you have overtaken.

71. What is the minimum age to be allowed to apply for a non-professional driver’s license?

Answer: 17 years old

72. At an intersection without a stop sign, a driver should:

Answer: Stop and then proceed if there is no danger

73. Being able to obtain a driver’s license is a:

Answer: Privilege

74. You are allowed to overtake on a highway with two lanes and if:

Answer: It has a broken yellow line

75. It is more dangerous to turn left than to turn right because:

Answer: You have to be aware and cautious from vehicles coming from left or right sides of the road.

>>> Click here for the Tagalog version of this LTO Exam Reviewer.

II. LTO Traffic Signs & Their Meanings

Traffic signs Meaning
traffic sign- stop Drivers must stop at the designated stop line also no parking within 6 meters
traffic sign - give way Give way and yield to vehicles on the right side of the intersection
traffic sign Philippines - left turner Those with the intention to get left must give way to other vehicles first
traffic sign No parking, designated bus stop
traffic sign parking No parking, designated Jeepney stop
traffic sign Keep the intersection clear and no stopping or parking at anytime
No entry sign No Entry for all types of vehicles
These signs indicate directions motorists have to follow
Speed Limit sign Speed Limits (Maximum Speed)
End limit  sign End of Speed limit
Minimum speed limit sign Speed Limit (Minimum Speed)

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III. Final words and additional tips

This reviewer that Philkotse.com is based on the supplied LTO driving exam reviewer available from their website. Remember however that the questions and answer choices on the actual exam may be different.

Regardless, this reviewer covers General driving knowledge, road positioning, parking, road signs and lane markers and of course what to do in emergencies.

Tips for the LTO Exam

Choose Your Preferred Language

The exam will be available in Filipino or English, so you should pick the one that you can easily understand. To figure out which is the right language for you, we would recommend taking a look at the exam’s English and Tagalog questionnaires beforehand.

Listen to the Guidelines carefully

On both practical or written exams, the examiner will share several guidelines and tips, so pay attention to those.

Go through the Questions Carefully

Many questions in the test will be around different situations and scenarios on the road. Therefore, you should read carefully to fully understand those questions to give appropriate responses. 

Stay Calm

Whether you are in a written or practical test, it is important for you to remain calm. Panic might make you forget very basic things like turn signals or wearing seat belts

Read more helpful driving tips at Philkoste.com

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