A short guide to towing services in Metro Manila

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Stalled? Ran out of gas? Are all of your tires flat? Then call these guys for towing services in Metro Manila!

I. Towing services in Metro Manila

On the less busy, sometimes even lonely roads located in the provinces, getting a flat or outright breaking down due to an engine failure and then subsequently pushing your car towards the side of a road isn’t much of an ordeal.

You can take your time to carefully deploy your early warning device and change your tire. In some cases, you can call someone for help and wait for them whilst enjoying the scenery and fresh air or whatever it is you do to stave off boredom.

A picture of a Civic being transported

A flat-bed truck/towing service is necessary for transporting track cars

On the more hectic and terribly congested streets and roads of major cities especially Metro Manila however, space is at a premium. As such, you can’t just push your car towards the side as it will most certainly cause a jam.

Have you ever thought of what you would do if even your car stalled in the middle of EDSA? Say in the middle of the EDSA-Shaw intersection? Well, you’d be annoyed and inconvenienced while also annoying and inconveniencing everyone around you right? Alas, you’ll have no choice except to get your car towed.

As such, Philkotse.com will list down the most highly rated and most trusted towing services in Manila.

Note: These aren’t the kind of towing companies who’re tasked with enforcing illegal parking and that kind of stuff.

II. List of towing services in Metro Manila

1. Viray Towing Services, Inc.

  • Address: 332 Barangka Drive, Mandaluyong, 1550, Metro Manila
  • Contact Numbers: 09175313459 (Globe), 09999928003 (Smart), 09228313459 (Sun), Landline: 532-4444,531-3468,531-2822,531-3459
  • Open hour: 24/7

Viray Towing Services, Inc. is one of the O.G. on-call towing services in Manila. They’ve been around since 1984, and there’s no doubt that they’ve honed their craft after over 30 years of experience.

As such, Viray Towing Services is THE trusted towing service if you want to transport your beloved classic car, rare JDM beauty, or even your race car.

A picture of a GTR aboard a Viray Tow truck

Here's a GT-R being transported on a flatbed Viray Towing Services, Inc.

Aside from transporting vehicles, Viray Towing Services can also transport heavy machinery and container vans. And aside from multiple flatbed trucks (which they use for car transport), telescopic boom trucks, and wreckers (light and heavy).

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2. Protech Towing Service – Protech Motorworks

  • Address: 12 Tusayan St. cor. Agno Extension, Brgy. Tatalon, Quezon City, Philippines
  • Contact Numbers: 09175393815 (Globe), 09258345858 (Sun), 09193850589 (Smart), 02-2435799/02-6925362 (Landline)
  • Opening hours: 24/7. The Protech Motor Works office and shop are open Mon-Fri 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM and Saturdays from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM

While Pro-tech isn’t as old as the aforementioned towing company, they do have the advantage of being able to provide auto paint and body repair services, car insurance (Alpha Car Insurance), repair and tune-up services.

That’s on top of their already noteworthy towing service/emergency roadside service.

A sportscar being loaded onto a Protech flatbed truck

A sportscar being loaded onto a Protech flatbed truck

Apart from the typical flatbeds, Protech Towing also has a boom truck available for rent.

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3. Lard Towing Services

  • Address: Ortigas Ave. Ext., Rosario, Pasig
  • Contact Numbers: 09175740427

Established in 1995, Lard Towing Services is one of the pioneers of the trade here in the Philippines. They’ve got over 20 years of experience with towing cars so we’re pretty sure that they know what they’re doing.

Also, Lard Towing can provide its services to and from any point of Luzon.

4. Motor Trust Towing Services

Metro Manila

  • Address: 791 Aurora Blvd. Cor. Monte De Piedad St. Quezon City
  • Contact Number: 785-17-05

Pampanga / Bulacan / Laguna / Cavite

  • Contact Number: 09178252172 / 09338555833 / 09479955707

Another highly popular car towing service is Motor Trust Towing Services. Currently, their FB page has more than nineteen thousand followers and has a 3.9 out 5 ratings. Like Protech, Motor Trust also has other services related to car care like auto repair, insurance claim assistance, and they can also provide comprehensive auto insurance.

A picture of a Motor Trust truck carry a tractor head

A huge truck carrying an equally huge tractor head

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5. AAP Roadside Assist

Quezon City Office

  • Address: AAP Tower, 683 Aurora Boulevard, Quezon City 1112
  • Contact number: 8-705-3333

Cebu Office 

  • Address: 15 CRM Bldg., Escario cor. Molave Sts., Cebu City
  • Contact number: (63 32) 268-2400

Davao Office

  • Address: Room 314, 3rd Floor, SM City Davao
  • Contact number: (6382) 299-49-61/09985847674

While not exactly a towing service per se, the Automobile Association Philippines or AAP is actually an auto club. In fact, it is the biggest and oldest auto club in the country.

A picture of the AAP on one of their buildings

The PMA, now AAP, was established by a group of cool, gentlemanly dudes way back in the 30's. 

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Founded in 1931 and was known back then as the Philippine Motor Association, the AAP is a non-profit, non-stock organization that is primarily concerned with the welfare and safety of Filipino motorists. That being said, being a member of AAP will have several benefits and interests. Here are some of those;

  • 24/7 Emergency Roadside Service (Includes Towing)
  • Free Personal Accident Insurance
  • 24/7 Ambulance Service (Through Aeromed)
  • MyCASA Car Maintenance Exclusive Discounts
  • 24/7 Road Safety Call Center
  • Etc.

While it has a lot of strengths that will be very attractive to avid motorists, one needs to apply to the AAP to become a member. Here’s a price chart from their official website with pricing details;

Membership Category
New / Renewal
12% VAT
Regular Individual (1-year)
Regular Individual (3-year)
Regular PIDP (1-year)
Regular PIDP (3-year)
Associate Individual (1-year)
Associate Individual (3-year)
Motorsports (National) 1-year
Motorsports (International) 1-year
Motorcycle Membership Plus
 VAT Inclusive
Membership Plus (Membership through Car Dealership)
Membership Plus (Free membership from Bank Partners/Auto Loans)
Commercial Membership (four-wheeled class 1 delivery vehicles)
 VAT Inclusive
Corporate Plus (Personal Accident Insurance Only)
 VAT Inclusive
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