8 Essential Safety Measures to Keep in Mind While Driving in the Philippines

Updated Oct 07, 2020

Well, here are important keys in safe driving in the Philippines that all drivers should know.

The Philippine National Police-Highway patrol Group (PNP-HPG) claims that road accidents is the fourth leading cause of death in the country. In 2015 alone, there were 10,012 Filipinos who died due to road accidents and every year, fatalities rise by 14.6%.

Although it may be attributed to different causes, it is important to note that drivers play a vital role to avoid it. Hence, the following safety measures should be kept in mind all the time.

1. Follow traffic rules

Traffic violations seemed a part of our day to day routine. It is not uncommon to see MMDA officers apprehending or ticketing drivers violating traffic rules. Even in social media, video clips of drivers arguing with traffic enforcers proliferated. Disregarding traffic signs is one of the 10 most common traffic violations in the Philippines.

Following simple traffic rules would have saved thousands of pennies and avoided numerous road mishaps.

traffic rules to follow for safety driving

Simple traffic rules would have saved thousands of pennies and avoided numerous road mishaps

Thus, a good driver knows how to respect traffic rules whether he is in the rural or urban areas. He will never invoke that he is not aware of the existence of a specific traffic rule because driving presupposes you are familiar with our traffic rules and regulations.

As stipulated under our Civil Code, ignorance of the law excuses no one from compliance therewith!

2. Always wear your seatbelt

Wearing seatbelt should be the least thing that drivers and passengers can do to as soon as they are seated.

Failure to abide by this simple obligation may not only lead to the payment of fine but also suspension of our driver’s license as provided under our special penal statute.

Wearing seatbelt saves our life especially during collision because the force brought by the impact will spread throughout our body, thus we feel lesser pain and stress. So, next time you board, always buckle up!

wearing seat belts

Always remember to wear your seat belts

3. Drive conveniently

Driving conveniently means driving under good condition – free from the influence of alcohol or dangerous drugs or even sleepiness. Driving under the influence of alcohol or dangerous drugs may not only endanger your life and your passengers but also may lead to criminal prosecution and revocation of your driver’s license

Driving under the influence of alcohol

Driving under the influence of alcohol or dangerous drugs may endanger your life and your passengers

Thus, if you do not want to find yourself behind the bars, avoid these dangerous substances. Also, whether you are travelling in short or long distance, you have to make sure that you resist sleepiness. Sipping a cup of coffee or drinking energy drink before taking the road might be a good help to avoid this.

Otherwise, you can pull off your car properly and recharge your body by getting a quick nap.

4. Check your car’s condition regularly

An old adage says that prevention is better than cure. This means that, sometimes, we can prevent bad things to happen only if we use our foresight or anticipate a possible wrong scenario and address it immediately. For example, if we observe anything unusual going on with the sound of our car or its tires, do not hesitate to have them check.

Just like a human body, your car needs a regular check-up. Its break may not be tight, the side mirrors are not well-angled, or the air filter is dirty. A minor sickness of your car may lead to a major problem on the road. Hence, it is only imperative to have your car checked every now and then with your mechanic.

a man checking a car engine

Regularly check the entire condition of your car

5. Focus on the road

There are instances when you want to check online the score of your favorite NBA team or your hands are itching to reply to your crush’s text message but you are currently driving. Therefore, you decide to multitask and reach your smartphone to attend to your needs.

This is a common problem especially among millennials who treat their phones and gadgets indispensable, without thinking that this is a dangerous practice as it tends to lose focus on the road. So, if you value your life over these gadgets, fix your eyes on the road all the time.

Eye on the road sign

Always drive with utmost focus and avoid being disctracted

6. Be courteous to your fellow drivers

Your kindness should be taken anywhere, even you are on the road. Being courteous encompasses a lot of gestures, such as but not limited to keeping a distance between your car and the vehicle in front you, avoiding the habit of changing lanes from time to time or giving signals to approaching cars when turning.

These are all acts of courteousness that people tend to forget out of their desire to drive conveniently. Being courteous avoids the propensity to commit traffic violations. Japanese drives' good manner behind the wheel give us a lot of examples to follow.

a man driving a car

Always be courteous to your fellow drivers

7. Always be conscious of your speed limit

Reckless driving is undeniably dangerous as it is proven to cause accidents, which include death or damage to property. To avoid reckless driving, it is incumbent upon every driver to observe the required speed limit while driving.

In the Philippines, the driver is allowed to drive at 100 km/hr in tollways, 80 km/hr in national highways, and 60 km/hr in the city.

Speed linit sign

Always be cauitios of your speed limit to avoid road accidents

Although these speed limits are allowed, the driver should always take into consideration some factors. For example, if the slippery is wet or if he swerves into a blind side spot, it is just prudent to slow down to avoid possible collision with other traversing motor vehicles.

8. Use your mirrors

Mirrors are designated in our cars for a purpose. Using mirrors also allows the driver to anticipate possible traffic situations. For example, checking rear mirrors from time to time allows the driver to observe motor vehicles who are trying to overtake and whether such vehicle gives proper signal to other drivers.

a car side mirror

Utilize your side and rear-view mirrors for added safety

This list of safe driving measures is not exclusive. As you go on driving, you will tend to adopt other means depending on the circumstance you face, just to avoid road accidents. It is worth to note that these measures are not difficult to heed. It does not require you to shell out money or ask other people to fulfill it.

As a matter of fact, following these measures do not require special skill but self-discipline. When we implement these measures on the road, we can avoid numerous accidents and save thousands of lives.

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