The latest and newest BMW Z4 2019 is now in the Philippines!

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The new sixth-generation BMW Z4 has reached the Philippines and apart from looking good, it's looking like it will handle better than the previous version!

Recently, the official distributor of BMW here in the Philippines, SMC Asia Car Distributors Corp announced that the latest iteration of the BMW Z4 is now available here in the country.

With this new, updated version of the Z4, BMW Philippines continues to provide the Filipino driving enthusiasts another option with their premium, sports convertible designed to thrill and excite.

1. BMW Z4 2019 exterior: The new, yet still sleek look

What one immediately notices, especially for those familiar with the BMW Z4 is that the new, sixth-generation Z4 got rid of the lightweight aluminum shell it had for the previous fifth E89 generation and instead now sports a retractable soft top.

Now a soft-top isn’t actually a new thing for the Z4 as the 2002-2008, E85 Fourth generation also had a soft-top before.

6th gen BMW Z4 2019

Sleeker and faster than ever before, the Z4 has a better power to weight ration than its predecessors!

Now in consideration to performance, the lighter soft top can be assumed to make overall weight even lighter thus giving a more favorable power to weight ratio.

There are however consequences to having a soft top in driving in real-world situations but as of now, we’ll just have to wait and see as to how the Z4’s soft top will perform in day to day drives and in different kinds of weather.

The new BMW Z4 now has a more prominent rear end which looks wider and more aggressive than the previous generation. The new Z4 has a ducktail spoiler also enhances this along with two interesting parallelogram-shaped exhaust tips.

Towards the sides, one may notice that this new sixth gen Z4’s bodyline in now straighter than the curvier fifth gen further enhancing its aggressively sporty persona. In addition, there are now several stylishly angular air vents just behind the Z4’s wheel wells and on the front, all of which are fully functional.

A picture of the BMW Z4 2019 rear end

The rear of the all-new BMW Z4 is a marvel of modern styling

The front of the new Z4 is also redesigned and is currently look very different. The grille still retains that distinctive BMW shape but now has this honeycomb pattern to it. A far departure from the simpler horizontally aligned slats most BMWs have.

The LED headlights now have a different shape and are much more vertically aligned than the fifth gen’s more sideways pair.

BMW Z4 2019 side view

The LED headlights of the new BMW Z4 now have a different shape

2. BMW Z4 2019: Interior 

Inside, the new Z4’s overall interior is a sleek and comfortable space filled with angular lines. What prominently stands out is the brightly colored, Vernasca clad bucket seats which the M Sport package and the BMW M Performance model of the Z4 come with.

There’s also the huge center console which is surrounded by an interesting pattern. The aforementioned center console also gives the driver a snug, the cockpit feels thus further pushing the driver-focused design of the new Z4’s interior.

A picture of the new BMW Z4 2019 interior

Ride in luxury while tearing up mountain roads!

3. BMW Z4: Engine and Performance

In comparison to the previous generations of BMW Z4, the new Z4 is much more compact, has a lower overall weight, and has an even lower center of gravity.

Couple that with its 50:50 weight distribution and a very strong and stable chassis with excellent aerodynamics, the new Z4 indeed has the potential to superb handling.

BMW Z4 2019 engine

BMW Z4 2019 gets two engine options

The new Z4 gets two engine options: a 3.0-liter twin turbo inline-six which makes up to 335 horsepower and 500 Nm of torque and a smaller 2.0 inline-4 twin turbo which dishes out 194 horsepower and 320 Nm of torque.

Power is then sent to the rear wheels by an 8-speed automatic transmission with Steptronic. Unfortunately, a manual version is not available with the new Z4.

4. BMW Z4 2019 Philippines price list

According to sources, the BMW Z4 will come in two variants, with the pricing as below:

Variant Price
BMW Z4 sDrive 20i Php 3,990,000
BMW Z4 M40i Php 5,790,000

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5. BMW Z4: Will the new Supra follow suit?

In knowing that the Z4 shares a lot of its DNA with the new Toyota Supra, it can be assumed that the latest version of the Toyota sports coupe will also make its debut here in the Philippines yeah?

Know more about BMW Z4


Currently on its fourth generation, the BMW Z4 takes the traditional long hood of the previous models altered into a more modern and aggressive design. Marking the German brand’s next-generation roadster offering, it keeps the conventional layout with a front-engine, rear-wheel drive. The equally balanced weight distribution provides better handling and the signature performance BMW is known for. The Z4 boasts of a straightforward styling that extends to the cabin. Sports seats clad in leather upholstery with premium trims and a fabric folding electric soft-top welcome the two passengers for a luxurious ride. A driver-oriented cockpit is decked with a fully digital gauge cluster and heads up display for a comfortable and convenient experience behind the wheel. In the Philippines, two variants are offered which are the Z4 sDrive20i and the Z4 M40i. Powering the base variant is a 2.0-liter Twin Power Turbo inline-four while the top-spec variant gets a 3.0-liter in-line six with M Performance TwinPower Turbo.

From ₱3,990,000

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