Erroll Dueñas is the new president of Chery, Foton

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Dueñas’ experience in vehicle commerce to help continue Chery’s and Foton’s momentum. 

United Asia Automotive Group Inc. (UAAGI) announced that it has appointed Mr. Erroll E. Dueñas as its new president effective on September 23, 2021. He has taken the role of spearheading the operations for both Chery Auto Philippines and Foton Motor Philippines, Inc. (FMPI).

UAAGI President Mr. Erroll E. Dueñas

New UAAGI President Mr. Erroll E. Dueñas

One of the challenges the new UAAGI President has to overcome is to battle the threats of the global health crisis. But UAAGI is confident with Dueñas as he comes in with a handful of experiences in the automotive industry. Previously, he was the Vice President for Customer Service Division (CSD) of the company.

“I can say that my humble beginnings have tested me enough to take on a new leadership role. I give credit to the people whom I’ve worked closely with, from the bottom ranks to top management. Learning the ins and outs of vehicle commerce all through these years made me value three key points: innovation, efficiency, and leadership,” said new UAAGI President Mr. Erroll E. Dueñas.

New UAAGI President Mr. Erroll Dueñas

He has been around in UAAGI for quite some time

Another challenge Dueñas has to face is to continue the work of outgoing president Rommel L. Sytin. The previous UAAGI president has taken a seat at the company’s chair of the board. This means that Sytin is still part of UAAGI and Dueñas will report to him from time to time.

“With his new role as UAAGI President, complemented by his extensive expertise in after-sales, service, and customer relations, I am confident that his leadership, together with strong support from dealer partners, will help us improve both the sales and customer experience to further grow the Foton and Chery brands in the market,” said Sytin.

Erroll Dueñas with UAAGI and J&T Express representatives picture taking

Erroll Dueñas alongside representatives from UAAGI and J&T Express

One notable accomplishment Chery Auto Philippines displayed under the leadership of Sytin is the 280-percent sales growth from January to August 2021 as compared to last year. The Chery Tiggo 7 Pro has been a top sales contributor for the Chinese automaker since its Philippine debut earlier this year.

Meanwhile, Sytin led the FMPI in maintaining the third spot in the overall truck sales for 2021 so far. FMPI’s partnership with J&T also grew significantly under Sytin’s management as it turned over a total of 500 truck units to the express delivery courier company partner.

“Notwithstanding the unprecedented pandemic, one of my missions is to ensure that our partners and dealerships expand as aggressively as possible. Moreover, I am looking into executing programs and business game plans to further expand the corporation’s growth into becoming one of the most diversified organizations in the country,” concluded Dueñas.

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Know more about Chery Tiggo 7 Pro 2023

Chery Tiggo 7 Pro

The Cherry Tiggo 7 Pro is the Chinese marque's entry to the compact crossover segment in the country. Chery Tiggo 7 Pro Price in the Philippines starts at ₱1,250,000. There's also a two-tone trim which has a price tag of ₱1,280,000. Powering this vehicle is a 1.5-liter turbocharged gasoline engine capable of generating 145 horsepower and 210 Nm of torque. As standard, the engine is connected to a continuously variable transmission (CVT).

Dimensions-wise, the Tiggo 7 Pro spans 4,500 mm in length, 1,824 mm in width, and 1,746 mm in height. Moreover, it gets a wheelbase and ground clearance rated at 2,670 mm and 163 mm, respectively. In the local market, the Chinese compact crossover competes against the likes of the Ford Territory, Toyota Corolla Cross, and Geely Azkarra

₱ 1,250,000 - ₱ 1,280,000

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