The "Waku-Waku" Suzuki Concept cars are unveiled, let's check them out!

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On this year's 2019 TMS, Suzuki unveiled a number of their concept vehicles under the "Waku-Waku" theme. Let's take a closer look at these cars.

At the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, both electric cars and kei cars are sharing the spotlight. This includes two concept vehicles that Suzuki has unveiled: the Waku Spo and the Hanare. Because of their compact dimensions, they both fall under this year’s theme: “Waku Waku Switch For Everyone: Excitement for you, excitement for everyone.”

Included in the Waku Waku concept is the Every Go-Everywhere Baby Room as well as the Suzuki Hustler, a tough-looking kei car that looks like the Jimny. While we’ve already talked about the Hustler in another article, we’ll take a closer look at the two PHEV concepts and the Every van.

1. The Suzuki Waku Spo

Billed as either a family car or as a compact personal car, the Waku Spo is a retro modern-looking sedan that’s about the same size as the Suzuki Celerio. What’s unique about this car is that you can change its exterior look, specifically the front fascia and the rear roof.

The information displayed on the dashboard is also very customizable. This means that the Waku Spo can definitely transform to meet everyone’s needs, tastes and aesthetic preferences.

Suzuki Waku Spo

Check out the Waku Spo's hood-mounted side mirror/cameras

Suzuki Waku Spo's interior

The entire dashboard is one large display screen

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2. The Suzuki Hanare

Named after the  Japanese word for “detached cottage”, this van-cum-cable car without the cables is a literal lounge on wheels. It comes with autonomous driving and the interior is insanely spacious. No more stressing out due to traffic jams; let the car handle it for you while you sit back, relax, and watch your favorite shows on its massive screen.

Suzuki Hanare

Colored in earthy colors, the Hanare presents a log cabin vibe on the exterior. 

Just like the smaller Waku Spo, the Hanare is very retro-modern in design. It somewhat resembles the Volkswagen Type 2 minibus, a huge plus for nostalgic customers. The front end, however, is strangely small compared to the rest of the vehicle. There are also practically no overhangs, with the wheels pushed out to the far corners of the body to maximize cabin space.

Hanare's interior highlighting the huge display

Check out the huge display inside the Hanare

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3. The Every Go-Everywhere Baby Room

This vehicle might have a long-winded name, but its purpose is pretty straightforward. Based on the Suzuki Every, the Suzuki Every Go-Everywhere Baby Room was built in partnership with Combi Corporation, a company which specializes in baby products.

Suzuki Every Go-Everywhere Baby room

Suzuki is making life a little easier for nursing mothers and their babies with the Go-Everywhere Baby Room

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The van is designed to provide mothers privacy when they’re breastfeeding. As juvenile as it sounds, this Suzuki Every derivative is literally a lactation station, equipped with privacy shades that can be stretched out from the rear, a diaper changing table, and a box for storing baby wipes.

So, what do you think of Suzuki’s Kei-car concepts? For more news about new cars making their debut at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, keep yourself updated here on

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