What will Suzuki bring to the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show?

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At the upcoming 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, Suzuki will be presenting two new concept cars. Here's a preview.

Suzuki will be introducing two exciting new concept vehicles in this year’s Tokyo Motor Show under the theme “Waku Waku Switch for Everyone: Excitement for you, excitement for everyone.”

Now for us, this comes as a pleasant surprise and when we look at these vehicles, we can’t help but be impressed by Suzuki’s out of the box design decisions.

Because who would’ve thought that this company would be putting out designs with a retro-modern theme. Even their motorcycle lineup is dominated by edgy, hyper-modern models. And to some degree, their vehicle models currently available here in the country today are sensibly designed like the 2019 Suzuki Celerio and the 2019 Suzuki APV.

1. The Suzuki Waku Spo: The Ultra-compact plug-in hybrid

Upon taking you a glance at this first vehicle, you will definitely see the retro-inspired theme. Specifically, the Waku Spo might be an outright call back to the old 1960 Suzuki Fronte.

Suzuki Waku Spo concept

Ladies and gents, here's the Suzuki Waku Spo concept. Cute name, cute car


This new concept vehicle is called the Waku Spo and it’s pretty obvious what Suzuki’s going for. That’s a vehicle that has personality, hence the really heavily retro-modern theme, and of course, it's designed for mobility. Not just any kind of mobility mind you but a compact, eco-friendly kind of mobility that can carry your family comfortably in the city. It is, after all, a plug-in hybrid.

Now the concept vehicle’s shell itself is no slouch as it is designed to enable a user to swap out parts to make it more in-tune with what you want. In other words, it's a shape-shifting car.

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2. The Suzuki Hanare: A lounge on wheels

The second concept vehicle to be displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show is called the Hanare which in Japanese means “detached cottage.” Appropriately, the exterior of the vehicle reminds us of those cozy country log cottages we see in postcards. Boxy and clad in earthy colors. At least on these pictures.

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Suzuki Hanare concept

Here's the fashionably retro-modern but larger Suzuki Hanare concept. It can drive itself and is a literal lounge on wheels

As Suzuki themselves have said, the Hanare has loads of space thanks to its wheels being pushed to the corners of the vehicle.

It also has autonomous driving, which of course, further supports what Suzuki intends the Hanare to be; a vehicle that can present a new way for owners to enjoy their vehicles. And yes, it reminds us very much of the Volkswagen Bus, only...cuter.

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