Ran out of modified Suzuki Jimny ideas? How about turning it into a boat

Updated May 20, 2020 | Same topic: Tuning & Mods
Meet, The Surf. It’s a Jimny and it’s also a boat. How cool is that?

Ladies and gents, have you ever run out of ideas for modifying a car? Well, for car enthusiasts, the resounding answer might be “it depends on the specific car, the parts available, and how you’re willing to take things to the extreme or the weird side.”

Now for the Suzuki Jimny, it’s a relatively new vehicle, but regardless, there have been dozens of aftermarket modifications already available.

These range from exterior looks, practicality, performance, etc. But guess what, these mods, especially the exterior mods can still be exhausted.

A picture of the Suzuki Jimny current generation

The Jimny as it is is cool and all but what if you wanted more?

They’re also a bit, derivative for a lack of a better word. So, what do we suggest you do if you run out of ideas on modifying your Jimny? Well, have you considered turning it into a boat?

The Carfection video about the Dutton Surf

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Thanks to Dutton, a kit car company based in Sussex, England, there’s now a way to transform a Suzuki Jimny into an amphibious vehicle. The kit is called the Dutton Surf and it requires the use of the previous generation JB23 to JB53 Jimny plus a bit of tinkering around.

The setup uses a water jet propulsion system similar to what you’d find on jetskis because this kit actually still allows for road travel. And no, you do not want to drag a propeller under the vehicle while driving on the highway, right?

Also, the steering wheel on the Surf pretty much still controls as it does on the road.

A picture of a white Dutton Surf parked

Yes it looks kind weird but wait till you see the next picture

Apart from using most of the mechanical parts of the Suzuki Jimny, the Surf uses a plastic body and stainless steel components.

Now that sounds sketchy but the Dutton kit car company founder, Tim Dutton himself, has already completed two trips across the English Channel using the Dutton Surf. That’s more than the distance from Cebu to Cagayan de Oro City by sea.

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A picture of the Dutton Surf on the water

Want to become the coolest Jimny owner? This is the way to go

To switch from land mode to boat moat, the driver only needs to switch where power is heading from the wheels to the jet. The throttle still functions the same on the boat mode, and one still needs to use the clutch. It’s not much different than operating the Jimny on the road. And yes, the Surf can still seat four people.

The Surf costs around £10,000 or P618,079 and that doesn’t include the Suzuki Jimny base vehicle. That doesn’t include taxes and the cost of shipping, too. Sounds kind of stiff, but if you’re a Jimny fanatic and an avid aquatic sports enthusiast, this can be loads of fun.

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A picture of the previous-gen Suzuki Jimny

A previous generation Suzuki Jimny costs around Php 300k to Php 600k on the used market

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