Believe it or not, a Nissan GT-R off-roader called Godzilla 2.0 exists

Jul 13, 2020 | Same topic: Tuning & Mods
It’s got a ground clearance of 120mm, and it has all-terrain tires.

Most of us are familiar with the Nissan GT-R. We’ve already talked about it several times, and it’s already established as one of the best sports cars developed by a Japanese marque, and is probably one of the best track cars you can buy today.

However, Classic Youngtimers Consultancy, a Holland based car dealership, has some different ideas when it comes to the Nissan GT-R because it has turned one into something akin to the Safari-Spec Porsche 911 that we’ve featured before. That’s right, this particular GT-R is a lifted, Baja type monster but it's definitely more brusque and more aggressive than the aforementioned Porsche.

A picture of the GR-T Godzilla 2.0

It's ironic because the camo actually makes this thing stand out more

Called the Godzilla 2.0, this beefy looking beast of a Nissan GT-R comes with 120mm of ground clearance, a bespoke off-road spec suspension system, blacked out fender flares and adjusted wheel wells for its set of Toyota Proxes ST III all-terrain tires, mudguards, a full-sized spare mounted on a roof rack, and a really striking camo wrap.

Curiously enough, the builders kept the stock GT-R wheels, which surprise surprise, can actually take a beating off road. Other things that Classic Youngtimers Consultancy kept stock is of course the ATTESA E-TS all-wheel drive system, which we’re guessing can actually work really well on sand and gravel, with minor adjustments of course.

Nissan GTR Offroad "Godzilla 2.0" Video: Noël van Bilsen

With regards to the engine on the Godzilla 2.0 however, the VR38DETT 3.8 liter twin-turbo V6, specifically from a 2010 GT-R was tuned to make around 600 horsepower. That’s an additional 35 horsepower over the stock output of the currently available non-Nismo GTR, and it also makes about the same as the GT-R Nismo.  

A picture of the rear of the off-road GT-R

Note the custom roof rock carrying the full-sized spare

To build the Godzilla 2.0, the said company has tapped into its experience in building a customized Bentley Continental GT, as well as a custom Lamborghini Gallardo. Currently, they’re also selling the Godzilla 2.0 at a cool $107,000, or Php 5,291,203. That’s cheaper than a brand new GT-R here in the Philippines. Note though that only one Godzilla 2.0 was built, and importing it from Holland is no cheap matter.

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A picture of the side of the Godzilla 2.0

From this angle, you can clearly see added ground clearance

Does the Godzilla 2.0 rustle your jimmies as a purist, or do you actually like the idea of modifying a GT-R like this? 

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