Nissan launches Nismo Restored Car program for the Skyline GT-R

Updated Jun 07, 2021 | Same topic: Tuning & Mods

Now you can give your performance car a new lease on life.

If you have an old Nissan Skyline GT-R stashed away somewhere, chances are you’re wondering how to get it back to pristine condition. There’s nothing quite more sorry-looking like a performance car that has seen better days, after all.

Nissan Skyline GT-R

Let your Skyline GT-R roar back to life with Nissan's Nismo Restored Car service

The latest announcement from Nissan might be cause for celebration. The Japanese carmaker recently launched its Nismo Restored Car program, which offers a full refurbishing of your aging steed, making it as fresh as the day it first galloped off the assembly line.

Nissan’s in-house motorsports and performance division will breathe new life into three generations of the iconic model, from the R32 to the R34. The service is a more extensive follow-up to the Nismo Heritage Parts program launched in 2017, which focused mainly on exterior bits.

This time around, the Nismo Restored Car program aims to make the car both look and feel fast (what Nissan calls “the visualization of performance”).    

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GT-R Skyline frame

The process involves stripping the car down to the frame for evaluation and repairs

For instance, the car’s body is stripped down to the frame and evaluated for torsional rigidity and dimensions according to Nismo standards. Repairs will be carried out on deteriorated areas, such as applying sealant, after which the car will be repainted. Owners has the option to retain the original color or choose a new one.

Skyline GT-R engine

Even the 2.6L RB26DETT is taken apart and overhauled

The powertrain receives special attention, with the engine disassembled for overhaul and balancing. While a restoration to factory specifications is the default, an upgrade to period-correct limited edition Nismo tuning levels is an available option. The same attention to detail will be paid to the driveline components, suspension system, and brakes.

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Skyline GT-R seats

The seats will be decked out in standard R35 material for fire resistance

Even the car’s interior will be taken care of, with damaged trim pieces replaced with the appropriate parts. Should the upholstery need to be replaced, Nissan will automatically use the seat material on the R35, as the original fabric no longer conforms to current fire-retardant standards. The electrical system will also be overhauled, using Nismo Heritage Parts.  

Skyline GT-R testing

Protective tape preserves the new paint job during testing prior to delivery

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Once the car is put back together, it will be subjected to static dyno testing as well as timed laps around the Nismo test facility in the hands of a trained driver. Assessments will be conducted for road performance and ride comfort, as well as noise levels on the suspension and power steering.

After the details of the repair and replacements have been recorded, the car is delivered back to the owner, with a one-year/20,000-km warranty.   

As you can see, the restoration work is thorough. It can also be equally exhaustive on your wallet, starting at 45 million yen (around Php 20.7 million in today’s valuation).

But if the joy of seeing your GT-R come alive again easily outweighs the temporary financial setback, this might be an option to consider.   

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