This is not your typical Nissan LEAF EV

Updated Oct 01, 2020 | Same topic: Automotive Industry Updates
An all-electric emergency response vehicle.

The country is currently waiting for any further announcement regarding as to whether Nissan Philippines will be bringing in the LEAF EV in the local market or not.

While waiting for the announcement, Nissan recently unveiled a 100 percent electric emergency response vehicle concept called the RE-LEAF. The concept car is designed to provide a mobile power supply in emergency situations. The RE-LEAF working prototype is based on the Nissan LEAF electric vehicle (EV) passenger car.

The Nissan concept upfront

The Nissan RE-LEAF Concept

Nissan Europe said that natural disasters are the primary reason for power outages all around the world. When a disaster hits, electric supply is usually restored after 24 to 48 hours.

Nissan RE-LEAF: 100% electric emergency response vehicle concept

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For this reason, Nissan Europe said that the RE-LEAF concept vehicle can be used during these situations. The EV concept can be driven into the center of a disaster zone and provide a fully mobile power supply.

The Nissan RE-LEAF comes with disaster-ready features such as weatherproof plug sockets that enable 110 to 230 devices to be powered. It also comes with all-terrain wheels, high ground clearance, underfloor protection, and wider tracks.

Interior view of the Nissan RE-LEAF

It comes with the most essential equipment for disaster responses

In addition, the Nissan RE-LEAF is installed with a pull-out desk and monitor mounted at the cargo space of the vehicle. The cargo area of the RE-LEAF is also mounted with other essential equipment for emergency situations.

“Electric vehicles are emerging as one of the technologies that can improve resilience in the power sector,” said Helen Perry, head of electric passenger cars and infrastructure for Nissan Europe.

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Rear view of the Nissan RE-LEAF

We're getting one step closer to the EV era

“By having thousands of EVs available on standby, either as disaster support vehicles or plugged into the network through Vehicle-to-Grid, they’re uniquely capable of creating a virtual power plant to maintain a supply of energy,” she concluded.

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