New Ford Fiesta ST 2018 promises to offer fun-to-drive experience

Mar 16, 2018 | Same topic: Most Updated Car Concept
The small Ford Fiesta ST 2018 is expected to offer big things.

Confirmed to hit dealerships some time this year, the sporty Ford Fiesta ST 2018 has just been teased with more details in terms of its technology features, promising to offer interesting experiences to stay behind the wheel.

All-new Ford Fiesta ST 2018

First of all, the Ford’s performance hatchback is the first in the world to come equipped with patented force vectoring springs. Thanks to this fancy addition, the vehicle will be able to deliver better responsiveness and greater turn-in. The springs will also make sure the front directing properly and more importantly, help maintain the rear in check. Another noticeable refreshment is the newly-added Quaife mechanical limited-slip differential which is available as an option and allows improved cornering grip.

Ford Fiesta ST 2018 overall look

Patented force vectoring springs are significant addition to the new Fiesta ST

Interestingly, the Ford Fiesta ST 2018 is also said to be loaded with launch control function which is normally offered for top-spec, 4WD models, for instance, the Ford Focus RS.

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Other goodies include a fresh 3-cylinder, 1.5L EcoBoost engine capable of delivering 200 hp. A fresh exhaust featuring active valve technology will also be equipped for the Fiesta ST.

Ford Fiesta ST 2018 rear view

The newly-added Quaife mechanical limited-slip differential is also a highlighted feature

Besides, the Fiesta ST is armed with first-for-Fiesta ST and first-for-3-cylinder engine features namely selectable driving modes and cylinder deactivation, respectively. Speaking of accessories and driver assist features, the vehicle will be given with:

  • Bang & Olufsen Play high-end audio system;
  • Sync 3 connectivity;
  • Traffic sign recognition;
  • Lane keep assist.

Ford Fiesta ST 2018 interior

The all-new Fiests ST promises to become one of the most engaging hot hatches to drive

Stay tuned to keep updated with latest announcement from the Blue Oval for this performance hatchback!

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