Let's answer why you should look out for this Gemballa Hypercar

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Everything you need to know about Gembella Hypercar and why you should look forward to it!

Just when you may have seen everything when it comes to automobiles, Gemballa plans to introduce its own “hypercar.” If you know Gembala, they’re the company behind tuning some of the coolest cars around. Gembala has been tuning vehicles for Porsche for about four years.

During this time, the company would usually work on Porsche 911 units. But aside from that, Gemballa also worked on other vehicles like the Panamera sedans and Cayenne SUVs. They even had contributions to the mighty GT that we all know. They are also known to have worked on other vehicles like the Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren, McLaren 12C, and the Ferrari Enzo.

porsche 911 units

During this time, the company would usually work on Porsche 911 units

After years of providing service to built these supercars, the company finally thought of introducing one of their own. The vehicle doesn’t have a name yet, but it’s already being looked forward to. There have already been images that are hinting at the vehicle’s design.

The Gemballa Hypercar design

As soon as the official exterior design for the Gemballa hypercar went public, experts were quick to make notes on which part is which. For example, the long deck at the rear suggests that the engine will most likely be built right behind the seats. The narrow hood is hinting at the fact that there could not be enough room for the combustion engine. Experts deduce that this may be a trunk.

According to Gemballa, the hypercar will have huge side air intakes and a giant rear wing. This will also be initially offered to the public with a combustion engine. But the company also said that there is a hybrid version that people should look forward to in the future. While we know that manual transmission is usually out when it comes to expensive and fast cars like these, this hypercar will have a three-pedal system.

Gemballa Hypercar

The hypercar will have huge side air intakes and a giant rear wing

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The Gemballa Hypercar performance

The expected performance from the Gemballa hypercar has also been thrown out to the public. In general, one can expect performance comparable to that of Bugatti Chiron. Gemballa says that their car can go from 0-100 kilometers in just 2.5 seconds. While for a speed of 200 kilometers per hour, the hypercar would only need about 6.5 seconds.

The Gemballa Hypercar and what else we can expect

We all know about the claims that they stated in the first half of 2019. The company said they would be releasing a unit that could juice out 800 horsepower. That was one of the very bold claims that caught a lot of enthusiast’s attention. Gemballa, however, wasn’t just ready yet to tell us how they planned to do this.

gemballa hypercar

The company said they would be releasing a unit that could juice out 800 horsepower

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The engine type is still kept secret but the only thing we know is that it is bound to deliver a lot of hp. Judging from that claim, the company will most likely cut back on the heavy materials and invest in carbon fiber to lose unnecessary weight.

The company also promised another thing to look forward to. They want us to look forward to a “state-of-the-art” aero tech and powertrain. The only problem as of now is that the company needs help from investors who are willing to support the development of the vehicle. As of now, the concept is at its technical planning phase. If all goes smoothly, the production process will begin in 2022.

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