Isuzu PH warns of unofficial dealers

Oct 20, 2019 | Same topic: Auto Industry: Latest Updates
In lieu of discovering unauthorized entities selling brand new Isuzu products, IPC itself has issued a legal statement.

On October 14, 2019, the Ortega Bacorro Odulio Calma and Carbonell law firm released a legal statement on major news outlets regarding unauthorized individuals who are distributing, marketing and selling Isuzu products outside of the Isuzu Corporation Philippines network (IPC).

This is after it was found out that some groups were selling brand-new Isuzu made vehicles here in the country without IPC’s knowledge or organization.

1. IPC fights back…

In a statement, IPC themselves said that using their trademark, any similar mark, or using any of the brands related to Isuzu is highly illegal and any violator currently doing so must cease and desist such activities. These acts include importation, advertising, selling, and “other preparatory steps necessary to carry out the sale of goods or services.”

Also included in the official statement is that these products like brand new vehicles strictly follows the specifications set by Isuzu Motors Ltd. (IML). These vehicles use genuine Isuzu parts which are in turn maintained by IPC’s aftersales services.

The same of course won’t be the case if a person will acquire an Isuzu branded vehicle from unauthorized channels. And yes, a vehicle acquired from these un-authorized sources will also miss out on the high-quality services of IPC’s certified and qualified mechanics.

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2019 Isuzu Mu-X

You wouldn't want to buy a brand new Isuzu vehicle only to end up not having access to their after-sales services right?

2. IPC and their excellent vehicles

Isuzu Corporation Philippines is currently one of the largest vehicle companies here in the Philippines. Their model line-up of passenger vehicles includes the Isuzu Mu-X SUV and the Isuzu D-Max pick-up truck. They are also known for their diesel-powered commercial purpose vehicles like trucks, most notably, the F-Series, the N-Series, their numerous bus models, their PUV’s and of course the C&E series of tractor heads.

IPC is concerned about unauthorized dealers and for good reason. Their vehicles are reputably reliable and tough. Qualities that everyone expects from their hard-earned vehicles.  As such, vehicles sold officially by IPC have a generally good impression on Pinoys.

So these products sold by unauthorized entities will only serve to mar the good name of Isuzu and of their vehicles.

Isuzu D-Max and several IPC executives.

The D-Max, and by extension the Isuzu name is loved by many. As such they would do well to protect their brand

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Source: C.G.B. Miguel