Isuzu mu-X 2020 Philippines Review: A very competent and very robust SUV

Updated Feb 24, 2022

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2020 Izusu mu-X is a simple yet very competent SUV that can handle a wide array of terrain thanks to its robust suspension and powerful engine. What's else? Keep reading this Isuzu mu-X 2020 Philippines review for more!

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  3. Interior
  4. Engine
  5. Ride and Handling
  6. Safety
  7. Specs
  8. Variants & Price List
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  10. Conclusion

1. Isuzu mu-X 2020 Philippines Review: Introduction

The Isuzu mu-X is a seven-seater SUV built on the D-Max Platform, first released here in the Philippines in September 2014. It placed the then aging MU-7 which is more famously known here as the Alterra. The mu-X name is actually an acronym, and the full name of the SUV in question actually means “mystery utility-eXtreme.”

Isuzu mu-X: Perfect for the Family

Like the Isuzu D-Max, the mu-X was developed together by Isuzu and General Motors. This explains why some technical aspects of the mu-X are quite similar to that of the Chevrolet Trailblazer. By virtue of Isuzu’s brand reputation, however, it is quite evident that the mu-X is the more popular vehicle in countries like Thailand where it was released in 2013 and, of course, here in the Philippines.

Currently, the Isuzu mu-X is also sold in a number of other countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, and India. And when coming to the Philippines,'s car experts will help you guys to have a better look around the SUV in this Isuzu mu-X 2020 Philippines review, so stay tuned and scroll down!

2. Isuzu mu-X 2020 Philippines: Exterior Review

Out of all the SUVs competing here in the Philippines right now, the Isuzu mu-X can be said to be the beefiest-looking of the lot. It also has some of that reassuring, utilitarian appeal which does not take any aesthetic points away. Some people, in fact, like vehicle’s solid, tough persona.

Upfront, the 2020 version of the mu-X gets really cool-looking bi-LED projector headlights. While that part is the piece de resistance for the front fascia, the blacked-out grille on the base model LS does look gorgeous in itself. However, note that the 2020 Isuzu mu-X has seven variants you can choose from, the LS and the LS-A. Each of them will have little variations like chrome details, differently colored fender flares, different ground clearance, and wheel size, a rear window wiper, etc.

Isuzu mu-X 2020 whole look

Among the highlights of the Isuzu mu-X’s front fascia are eye-catching bi-LED projector headlights

Viewed from the side, one will definitely appreciate the 220mm ground clearance and the tough, utilitarian-looking 16-inch alloy wheels on the LS variants. The LS-A variants get higher ground clearance of 230mm and a set of stylish 18-inch wheels. The second detail you can see very significant in 2020 Isuzu mu-X exterior is the roof rails. While they’re not that huge, they do have a maximum capacity of 60kgs.

2020 Isuzu MU-X

Note the vehicle's generous ground clearance which can be clearly gleaned from the side

The base model 2020 mu-X LS’s rear is quite simple yet the features you get are useful, and the individual parts are sturdy. The LS though doesn’t have a rear windshield wiper or the remote trunk opener of the LS-A.


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3. Isuzu mu-X 2020 Philippines: Interior Review

In general, it might be said that the Isuzu mu-X 2020 is quite roomy, in other words, it is best for family uses. It can comfortably seat seven people, with excellent legroom and headroom. The LS variants, however, might come off as too bare for some, with its fabric-covered seats, hard plastic dashboard, and no steering wheel tilt. The lower LS variant somehow still gets a navigation-ready touchscreen infotainment system paired up with a decent set of speakers.

2020 mu-X's dashboard and center console

The dashboard on the mu-X has easy-to-view gauges, and the controls on the center console are easy to reach

For the range-topping LS-A, you get additional features like additional cup holders, automatic climate control, an electric folding rearview mirror, cruise control, and a folding table for the rear. Both variants’ rear row of seats can both be folded for additional cargo room.

Isuzu mu-X 2020's open trunk

Check out the rear cargo space on the MU-X

Regardless of variant, the Isuzu mu-X interior is undoubtedly a great boon for a family -- whether as a day-to-day grocery-getter, a home-to-school mobile, or even as a long-distance running vehicle, the interior will keep its occupants reasonably comfortable.

2020 Isuzu mu-X passenger seats

The Isuzu mu-X interior is undoubtedly a great boon for a family

For the LS variants, the seats are covered in fabric. While they're easy to stain, they do not absorb as much heat as leather ones.

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4. Isuzu mu-X 2020 Philippines: Engine Review

As you might already know, Isuzu builds top-notch diesel engines, and this is the part of the mu-X which makes it shine. The RZ4E in the LS variants is capable of making 150hp and 350 Nm. Now what’s good to know is that you can realize that torque figure at only 1,800rpm.

This allows for a ton of possible applications for the Isuzu mu-X like towing and, of course, who wouldn’t want that extra oomph on the road? For the LS, power is sent to the rear wheels through a six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic.

2020 Isuzu MU-X's engine

The engine of the 2020 mu-X not only gives excellent performance but is also more environment-friendly

The LS-A version gets a more powerful 3.0 liter which makes up to 175hp and 380Nm. It even gets a variant with a 4x4. This further extends the versatility of the Isuzu mu-X 2020 and will make it capable of functioning as a full-on off-road vehicle with slight modifications. The LS-A variants, however, only get the six-speed automatic transmission.

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5. Isuzu mu-X 2020 Philippines: Ride and Handling

While the multi-link/double-wishbone combo does work just fine on paved roads, you do feel a bit of body roll. That shouldn’t be much of a bother though. The Isuzu mu-X can take corners just fine -- albeit the steering, as the previous Isuzu models, is still quite hefty.

Despite that, a stock mu-X, even a 4x2 variant, does quite well on unpaved roads, especially on sand and gravel. That suspension setup can actually take a beating. Thanks also to the considerable ground clearance and the powerful engine, the D-Max-based SUV can take on otherwise sketchy terrain with ease.

Isuzu mu-X 2020 outdoor

The Isuzu mu-X can take corners just fine

In addition to that, the windows offer a good view of the outside world. This makes it easier to park even without even using a rear camera. The LS-A version does have a camera, but the LS doesn’t.

6. Isuzu mu-X 2020 Philippines: Safety Review

The 2020 Isuzu mu-X comes with a lot of modern safety features. It has dual airbags on the front, child safety locks, brake assist, EBD, and anti-lock braking system (ABS).

Take note also that the higher trim LS-A gets four-wheel disc brakes while the LS only gets the usual front disc and rear drum brakes. Stopping power, however, is decent all around.

7. Isuzu mu-X 2020 Philippines: Specs

Isuzu mu-X 2020
Body Type
Mid-size SUV
1840mm for the LS-A and 1825mm for the LS
Ground clearance
230mm for the LS-A and 220mm for the LS
Number of seats
Engine & Performance
2.0-liter turbodiesel inline-4 (LS), 3.0-liter turbodiesel inline-4 (LS-A)
Number of valves
Fuel capacity
65 liters
Transmission category
Six-speed automatic and six-speed manual
Max output

148hp (LS), 178hp (LS-A)

Max torque
350Nm (LS), 380Nm (LS-A)
Safety features
  • Driver and front passenger airbags
  • Child safety locks
  • Anti-lock braking system
  • Crash sensors
  • EBD
  • Child safety locks
  • Traction control
  • Tire pressure monitors
  • Brake assist (LS-A)
Other features
Front Suspension
Double Wishbone
Rear Suspension
Multi-Link with Coil Spring
Front Brake
Rear Brakes
Disc (LS-A), Drum (LS)
Tire Size
R18 (LS-A) R16 (LS)

8. Isuzu mu-X 2020 Philippines: Variants & Price List

Model Price
Isuzu mu-X 2.5 LS 4X2 MT ₱1,268,000
Isuzu mu-X 2.5 LS 4X2 MT (Silky Pearl White) ₱1,278,000
Isuzu mu-X 2.5 LS-A 4x2 MT ₱1,378,000
Isuzu mu-X 2.5 LS-A 4x2 MT (Silky Pearl White) ₱1,388,000
Isuzu mu-X 3.0 LS-A 4x2 AT Blue Power ₱1,795,000
Isuzu mu-X 3.0 LS-A 4x2 AT BluePower ₱1,805,000
Isuzu mu-X 3.0 LS-A 4x2 AT Luxe Blue Power ₱1,845,000
Isuzu mu-X 3.0 LS-A 4x4 AT Blue Power ₱2,145,000
Isuzu mu-X 3.0 LS-A 4x4 AT Blue Power (Silky Pearl White) ₱2,155,000
Isuzu mu-X RZ4E LS 4x2 AT Blue Power ₱1,300,000
Isuzu mu-X RZ4E LS 4x2 MT Blue Power ₱1,300,000
Isuzu mu-X RZ4E LS-A 4x2 AT Blue Power (Silky Pearl White) ₱1,605,000
Isuzu mu-X RZ4E LS-A 4x2 MT Blue Power ₱1,570,000
Isuzu mu-X RZ4E LS-A 4x2 MT Blue Power (Silky Pearl White) ₱1,580,000

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9. Isuzu Mu-X 2020 Philippines: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the 2020 Isuzu MU-X spacious?

Yes it is. The Isuzu mu-X is quite roomy, in other words, it is best for family uses. It can comfortably seat seven people, with excellent legroom and headroom.

Q: Does the 2020 Isuzu MU-X have roof rails?

Yes it does. Though they’re not that huge, they do have a maximum capacity of 60kgs.

Q: What does 2020 MU-X mean?

Mu-X is short for Mysterious Utility – extreme.

Q: How many colors does the 2020 Isuzu MU-X come with?

The MU-X is available with Titanium Silver, Cosmic Black, Silky Pearl White, Obsidian Grey and Red Spinel.

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10. Isuzu mu-X 2020 Philippines Review: Conclusion

In this Izusu mu-X Philippines review, the mu-X seems to be a very competent SUV, regardless of variant. But if you need a durable, no-nonsense, affordable vehicle capable of handling rough terrain on a regular basis, it would be better to get the lower-spec LS. While it does not have 4x4, it’s durable yet simple nature will also mean that there are fewer things that will also potentially break.

2020 Isuzu mu-X front view

The mu-X is a very competent SUV, regardless of variant

This is not to say that the LS-A isn’t durable, but the LS’s very affordable yet capable performance will be quite useful out there in regions with rough terrain and dirt roads.

If you prefer more comfort and the added benefit of features like automatic climate control and many others, you would want to consider the LS-A. Plus it’s, significantly more powerful than the LS and has a 4x4 option.

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