Two Honda CR-V facelifts are out. Which one should the PH get?  

Updated Sep 29, 2020 | Same topic: Automotive Industry Updates
One is more subtle, while the other is a bit more overt.    

The Honda CR-V has been a strong contender in the compact crossover SUV field since it was launched here. Although it eventually grew in physical dimensions, there was a corresponding increase in passenger capacity, along with a sleeker look.

It's almost time for the PH-spec Honda CR-V to get a refresh 

Now, there are two facelift options that Honda has given the Honda CR-V, with one for the US and another for its home market of Japan.

The US version came out in 2019, and features the addition of a more angular front bumper. A silver outline spans the wider lower grille and side bezels, which house round foglamps on lower trims and bar-type ones for the higher-spec variants.

Tinted tail lamps and a subdued chrome garnish are featured at the rear, accompanied by a restyled apron and trapezoidal exhaust finishers. The interior remains the same, with the addition of Qi wireless charging.   

CR-V US-spec

The US-spec CR-V gets a more angular front bumper    

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Meanwhile, describing the Japanese version as subtle is an understatement. There are practically no major differences to the current iteration. Citing feedback from its Japanese customer base, Honda has added sequential turn signal lights, while retaining the existing CR-V fascia. That’s it for the exterior.   

CR-V Japan-spec

Japanese CR-V units retain the look while adding sequential turn signal lamps 

Even the interior changes are hardly dramatic, with only modified upholstery and the addition of a steering wheel heater. Trust the Japanese to keep things simple.  

However, Honda does add a new top-spec CR-V trim, dubbed the ‘Black Edition’. The latest variant converts the exterior chrome bits on the grille, fog light garnish, lower door garnish, and tail lamp garnish to black chrome.

It also adopts the tinted tail lamps on the US-spec model, with 18-inch alloy wheels. A black headliner and more piano-black accents can be found on the interior.

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The Black Edition is the new top-spec CR-V trim in Japan  

With Philippine CR-V units due for a refresh soon, we wonder which restyled exterior our market is getting. Better yet, a blending of the two would be nice, giving a fancier look to Honda’s already elegant crossover.     

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