Honda Civic sales increase in North America due to sedan model shortage

Oct 05, 2019 | Same topic: Auto industry: Latest updates
It appears that despite the majority of people turning to buy larger vehicles, Honda of American passengers' cars, that is their sedans and hatchbacks are doing quite well!

As we all know already, Americans and even to some degree, some Filipinos, have been ditching their sedans for something larger. Be it a van, a crossover SUV, an MPV, or SUVs, many people have expressed that they feel safer inside these behemoths and also, they like the space. Many of our countrymen, after all, have growing families that need transport so why not ride together inside the comfort of a large vehicle right?

Honda of America though, after a lot of months of slugging through some difficult times, is now seeing a surge of their car sales. Cars being sedans and hatchbacks. And seeing that this is Honda, what we’re talking about here in the Honda Civic and the Honda Accord all of their constituent variants.

2020 Honda Civic US edition

The 2020 Honda Civic US-Spec is one of Honda America's top sellers

In fact, almost half of the sales that were made by Honda of America indeed hails from the Civic Family. They’re now outselling the ever-popular Toyota Corolla and from last month alone, they increased the model’s total sales up to 34,808 units. In comparison, the CR-V lags behind the Toyota Rav4.

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2020 Honda Accord

The 2020 Honda Accord is also getting a lot of attention

Also note that last month, Honda of America’s Accord, the Honda Fit, and the Insight Hybrid sales rose by 20 percent.

Honda Insight 2020

The 2020 Honda Insight Hybrid is such a beauty. We just wished we have it here too!

Now, this begs the question; do people still want passenger cars, i.e. sedans, hatchbacks, and wagons? Steven Center, the vice president of auto sales division for Honda of America says yes indeed in an interview!

“Forty-seven percent of our sales are passenger cars, and we’re picking up share in the passenger car segment-almost two points compared to the other mainstream brands,”

Now, this is phenomenal news indeed especially for Honda guys, both American and even here in the Philippines. This means that the sedan, hatchback, wagon trifecta isn’t dead yet and it might be here to stay for a long time coming.

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Source: Cesar Guiderone Miguel