2023 Ford Everest Old vs New: Spot the differences

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It mirrors the style of the new Ranger.

The all-new 2023 Ford Everest has just been revealed for the Philippine market. This is now the third-generation model, and it mirrors the looks of the all-new Ranger that made its debut back in 2021. 

Ford Everest Old vs New

Ford Everest Old vs New

So, just how different is the new Everest from the old one? Let’s answer that by closely comparing the old Ford Everest against the new model from the exterior, down to its engines. 

2023 Ford Everest Old vs New: Exterior 

Starting at the front, the new Ford Everest gains a wider grille, and a larger intake on the lower bumper. And while the daytime running lamps on the old model only wrap around the lower portion and side of the headlamps, the new one gets C-shaped daytime running lamps that fully enclose the headlamps. 

old Everestnew Everest

Compare the front of the old Everest (left) against the new Everest (right) using the slider function

Speaking of headlamps, the new Everest also gets a squarish pair that each contains a vertically oriented cluster of LED lights. The old one in comparison uses a pair that was more horizontal. 

Furthermore, the new Everest also gets more prominent bulges on its hood. The old model does have a muscular-looking hood, but to a lesser degree compared to the new one. 

A picture of the rear of the Ford Everest

The old Everest from the rear

Towards the sides, one can see that like the old model, the new one still comes with large fender flares. The new model then gets a much larger third window and a slightly thicker D-Pillar. The indent on the doors also looks more visible compared to the old model. 

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The rear of the next-gen 2023 Ford Everest also looks more contemporary with its new taillight design. It seemingly wraps the width of the rear, and its corners are angular. In comparison, the old model uses a more conventional pair of arrow-shaped taillights.  

A picture of the rear of the all-new Ford Everest

The all-new Everest from the rear

It also appears that like the 2022 Ford Ranger Raptor, the new Ford Everest’s rear also looks more tapered compared to the old model. This might mean that it gets a more generous departure angle compared to the outgoing Everest. 

2023 Ford Everest Old vs New: Interior 

Inside, the new Everest gets a sleeker dashboard that hosts a much larger touchscreen. The top of the dash itself is now much flatter. In comparison, the old Everest’s dash had a prominent bulge over its gauge cluster. 

A picture of the old Ford Everest's interior

Inside the ooutgoing Everest

The center stack was also revamped and it now gets a small cubby hole just below its touchscreen for additional storage. The cupholders are now positioned beside the gear shift lever. The old model in turn also had cupholders on the same spot, but they were behind the gear shift lever. 

The gear shift lever itself on the new model is much stubbier and shorter. Its handle also gets this angular tear-drop shape. Contrast that to the old Everest, which came with a longer, more traditional-looking gear shift lever. 

It also appears that the new Everest has a new steering wheel that looks less chunky than the one on the outgoing Everest. 

A picture of the interior of the all-new 2022 Ford Everest

A view of the new Ford Everest's interior

The trunk on the new model has also changed, in that its lip now comes with more prominent bulge. The cargo space itself however, is as flat as the old Everest’s. The lip can also stop cargo from sliding off the trunk whenever the tailgate is open. 

As for the seats, Ford also claims that the second-row slider has been relocated further forward. That said, access and space for the third row have been improved. 

2023 Ford Everest Old vs New: Tech & Safety 

Depending on the trim, the new Everest now has an eight-inch or 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster. These replace the analog instrument panel that came standard on the old model.  

Also, the new Everest’s occupants are entertained by either a 10-inch or 12-inch touchscreen headunit. These are much larger than the old model’s eight-inch touchscreen, and they are more advanced too. This is because the larger headunit now has Ford’s latest SYNC 4A system, featuring support for wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. However, the new Everest's eight-speaker setup is two speakers short of the outgoing model's premium 10-speaker system with subwoofer.  

To assist the driver, the new Everest also comes with a 360-degree camera and a split-view display. These features are not present on the old Everest.  

old Everestnew Everest

Compare the rear of the old Everest (left) against the new Everest (right)

Like the old Everest, the new one also gets a whole host of driver-assist features. These include a new version of the Active Park Assist, adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, blind-spot detection with rear cross-traffic alert, automatic emergency braking, among others. 

These features are new versions that have been tweaked for improvements. For instance, lane-keeping assist now has road-edge detection. Meanwhile, blind-spot detection now offers support for trailers up to 10 meters long.  

Totally new on the 2023 Ford Everest is the evasive steer assist. As the name suggests, this can help drivers avoid obstacles in order to prevent a collision. Then there’s the addition of a reverse brake assist, which also wasn’t available on the outgoing Everest.

2023 Ford Everest Old vs New: Engine 

The next-generation PH-spec Everest retains the outgoing version's engine options, albeit slightly detuned. These comprise a 2.0-liter turbodiesel rated at 168 horsepower and 420 Nm of torque, and a 2.0-liter Bi-turbo rated at 207 horsepower and 500 Nm of torque. 

A picture of the Ford Everest's 10-speed automatic transmission

The 10-speed automatic transmission is also available on the new Everest

A six-speed automatic transmission is standard on variants with the base engine. Meanwhile, the range-topping Titanium+ 4x4's engine gets the Ford 10-speed SelectShift automatic. The flagship trim level also gets an electronic locking rear differential. 

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Know more about Ford Everest 2023

Ford Everest

The Ford Everest 2023 is a ladder-frame, rear-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive, midsize, seven-seater SUV. In the Philippine market, this model has five different variants. The Trend 4x2 AT, Limited 4x2 AT, Sport 4x2 AT, Titanium+ 4x2 AT, and the Titanium+ 4x4 AT. Locally, its price ranges from Php 1,799,000 to Php 2,495,000.

Size-wise, the 2023 Everest is 4,904mm long, 2,201mmwide, and 1,884mm in height. It also has a wheelbase length of 2,900mm, and a ground clearance of 223mm.
Powering the all-new Everest are two engines. For the Titanium+ 4x4, it uses a 2.0-liter bi-turbo diesel engine four-banger capable of outputting 210 horsepower and 500 Nm of torque. The rest meanwhile uses a 2.0-liter turbodiesel that can dish out 170 horsepower and 405 Nm of torque. Only the top-spec trim gets a 10-speed automatic gearbox paired with a 4x4 drivetrain. The rest then gets a 4x2 drivetrain and a six-speed automatic transmission.

Locally, the 2023 Ford Everest Philippines competes against the likes of the Toyota Fortuner, Nissan Terra, Isuzu mu-X, Mitsubishi Montero Sport, among others.

₱ 1,799,000 - ₱ 2,525,000

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