Which car colors are easiest to clean and maintain?

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If you’re undecided about which color to choose for your next car, you might want to read this.

When buying a new car, some people are having a hard time as to what color should they pick for their brand new car considering there is a wide range of options.

Some may choose a particular shade to satisfy their own preferences, some for the overall aesthetics, and some for maintenance purposes.

Most stock cars are painted in greyscale or achromatic colors – this includes white, black, and gray. In fact, 70% of cars worldwide are painted in greyscale colors.

White alone makes up 23 percent of car colors all over the world, next to black with 21 percent painted, and 18 percent for silver-colored cars. 

Why Car Colors Are Boring Now

One factor why many cars are painted a light color is because they reflect the sun more efficiently. This is the reason why commercial planes are also painted white.

But does car color really affect the difficulty when we clean our car? If so, which car colors are easiest to clean and maintain? Let's find out the answer with Philkotse.com

Easiest car color to clean and maintain

Light colors are the shades that are easy to clean. White, silver, and gray are some of the honorable mentions. However, colors do not play a role in resisting your car from any dust or dirt. But rather, it only hides it on your paint.

With that being said, brown, gray, and silver would be the ideal color to “hide” all the dirty accumulations. For obvious reasons, these colors can match the color of any dirt or dust that may accumulate on your car.

Silver paint may not hide dirt the same way as a brown paint do, but it is still a light color that doesn’t show much dirt much like the white paint.

White is the ideal car color for many. Many people prefer this car paint not mainly because of maintenance purposes, but to reflect sunlight that may cause high temperatures inside their car.

BMW i8 on the road

White is considered the safest car color

Lastly, light blue is also a car color that easy to clean and maintain. The only downside of having this paint is that many people perceive light blue as a boring color. It doesn’t give off much aesthetical impact, unlike the others.

But at least you don’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning this color paint job.

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Hardest car color to clean and maintain

As many of you would probably expect, black is the hardest color to clean and maintain. The short reason is that most debris or grime your car may accumulate have a different color other than black.

Dust and dirt have a brown-goldish color that makes it too obvious when put to black color paint.

Cadillac Escalade on city drive

Black is beautiful paint color, but it is also a high-maintenance choice

Black and other dark-colored vehicles tend to show watermarks, swirl marks, and scratches – which makes your car look more ragged. Plus, bird waste on black paint can really be a struggle to deal with considering how their colors would blend.

Another reason is that the black color absorbs visible light which reflects all the dust and dirt. Black paint also makes all the swirl marks and light scratches on your car look very visible.

For all the reasons stated, we guess once you go black, you would still prefer to go back. But, if you want style and elegancy to embody your car, then black is the way to go. Just be extra careful in dealing with all the conditions present while driving.

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Ferrari 488 Pista in a tunnel

Based on the stats, red cars get pulled over more often

Unfortunately, red paint also belongs to the hardest car color to clean and maintain. If you want to bring a sporty vibe to your car, then you would have to pay the price of having to clean it on a regular basis.

Red paint can visibly show unwanted marks and scratches in your car just like black paint.

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