Perfect Car for Your Significant: Personality Types and Color Choices

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This is a handy guide in picking the best car type for your significant other depending on their personality.

The Yuletide season has been long gone but the time for gift-giving is always present in the air you breathe. In this article, we'll talk about the best auto options for your significant other concerning his personality and how will it match to a color preference referring to his attitude and behavior.

They say that whatever you chose in life reflects your personality and perception of your surroundings. After all, each decision a person makes mirror his status, lifestyle and many aspects of his life that may unconsciously be present in his life.

This is the reason why a car that matches your SO's personality will probably be the most unexpected gift he/she will get from you.

1. Personality Types and Car Styles

Before picking out a color, one must first evaluate what type of car to choose that will definitely display the receiver’s personality.

The tree hugger

Is your SO a big advocate in making the world greener once again? Does he/she insist on your regular participation for the "no-plastic" movement? If that person is, he’s a definite environmentalist. There’s nothing wrong with dating one as he displays great love and affection for Mother Earth through his actions.

For these people, small cars are an ideal model to take home with. Some of the choices that you can select from this category are, Toyota Prius, Nissan Leaf, and Toyota Corolla Hybrid.

Toyota Prius

For environmentalist-type of people, small cars are an ideal model to take home with

The workaholic

If you SO seem to have a lot of stuff in his mind, a lot of tasks to accomplish for the day and a lot of calls to answer, then he's the perfect example of a workaholic. These people seem to juggle a lot of bottles in their hands; thus, not having the time to shop for a decent car, to begin with.

All they seem to care about is that their vehicle functions perfectly (without a hitch ‘cause they can't afford another squeeze into their already tight schedule), nothing more, nothing less.

At the same time, these people can be compared to a person of high authority in an organization and have a hefty amount of savings already. Some of the best sedans out there are Honda Civic Si, Honda Accord, and Mazda 6.

Honda Civic Si

Workaholic people only want their vehicle to function perfectly, nothing more, nothing less

The business mogul

Talk about someone who’s got the cash for everything! If you are dating the business mogul, chances are you already have it all! The luxury cars, the dream vacations and the multi-million dollar mansion to match. The business mogul is known to be a perfectionist, highly-independent, overachievers and very intelligent.

Although you may possess luxury cars at your disposal, giving him one as a gift can add to his collection of shiny and shimmering toys. For the best luxury cars you can choose from, you have Mercedes Benz S-class, Rolls Royce Dawn, and Porsche 911.


A luxury car like Mercedes Benz S-class can be a great option

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The self-starter

These people are just the younger version of the business mogul. In comparison to the business mogul, they are not yet financially established, continually seeking to thrive in adventures and risks, and are fun-loving people. They haven't had their big break yet, but they are working towards it.

The self-starter loves to live life in the fast lane. If you're hanging out with a self-starter, you may want to stick around with sports cars such as Subaru BRZ, Volkswagen GTI, and Chevrolet Camaro. Just be careful when driving. Observe regulatory speeds at highways and other heavily-congested areas.

Subaru BRZ

If you're hanging out with a self-starter, you may want to stick around with sports cars such as Subaru BRZ

The family guy or gal

Nothing matters more than having your beloved family at your side through good times and bad times. These people are loyal, compassionate and breathe a smooth side to them that eases your pain.

Some of them can be a pre-starter family kit already (single dads who have a child with an ex-wife) or a wife that lost her husband in a tragic incident while some can be pretty passionate with their 5 cats and 3 dogs.

Since they thrive in the company of their closes friends and family, nothing more would suit them than a mini-van to tag along with some people on the ride. You can buy Kia Sedona, Toyota Sienna, or Chrysler Pacifica to purchase one.

kia sedona

Nothing more would suit a family guy or gal than a mini-van like Kia Sedona to tag along with some people on the ride

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The couch potato

Nothing more satisfies this person through a lazy day on the couch while cuddling with you and binge-eating on chips. For them, cars are just needed for day to day basis of driving to work or going to a drive-thru to purchase some midnight craving of a burger and fries.

They like to take things slow and steady. They are calm and would want to take one step at a time. An SUV would fit them just fine. Thus, here are some models you can choose from, Honda CR-V, Ford Escape, or Kia Sorento.

2. Color comes next

Some would say that there is underlying psychology with choosing colors. To match the car to the receiver, you have to pick out the best color that would fit them perfectly as well.


The color red screams out fierce vibes and a bold attitude. Perfect for risk-takers and adventure-loving people such as the self-starter and the business mogul.


People who gravitate towards this color like to do everything in a low-key manner. They like to blend in and be accepted for who they are. This color is ideal for the couch potato, the workaholic, and the family guy or gal.

car colors

To match the car to the receiver, you have to pick out the best color that would fit them perfectly as well


In a modern way, this color depicts functionality and practicality. These traits can be seen in the workaholic, the family guy or gal and the business mogul.


Any shades of blue ranging from pastel baby blue to the flashy neon blue create a serene feeling. Lighter shades of blue will match the couch potato, the family guy or gal and the tree hugger (for the earthly vibe).

On the other hand, darker shades of blue states air of elegance and professionalism a trait usually seen in the business mogul, the workaholic, and the self-starter.

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This classic color is preferred for its low-maintenance an exquisite glow. All of the personality types mentioned above can benefit from choosing this hue.

Gift-giving is fun and exciting when you are prepared, well-informed and have the financial resources to purchase a specific gift for your significant other.

You can always ask them for their car favorites and see if what you read above matches their choice and use this article from as a guide to picking the best gift ever!

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