10 reasons why you shouldn't buy a used hybrid car

Updated Mar 20, 2019 | Same topic: Best Advice for Car Buyers

If you’re considering getting a second-hand hybrid car, read this first!

Green tech and zero emissions vehicles seem to be a good auto trend for Filipino car buyers. The hybrid car is a move into the next wave and drivers are so exciting to drive one thanks to its better fuel economy and fewer carbon emissions.

However, this might come across counter-trending in favor of fossil fuel based cars. There are several arguments that should point out the big negatives of driving an eco-friendly hybrid car.

Got your attention now? Is buying a second-hand hybrid a good choice? Or should it be a gas car instead? Here are some disadvantages of driving a hybrid vehicle that Pinoy drivers should take into account before deciding to buy one for your own.

Toyota prius

Toyota Prius - a pioneer hybrid car in the market 

1. Second-hand hybrid cars are still expensive and come with a set of problems

Even as pre-owned cars; these hybrids aren’t as familiar as traditional cars. Many car buyers will opt for a gas-powered car as a second-hand option because it is used more. Hybrids are new for Filipino drivers which is something to consider. Most hybrid cars won’t be a good option for heavy traffic. Hybrids need constant speed to regenerate electricity and move at a better pace than stop and go traffic.

In addition, cars that run with petrol are cheaper by far. The cost to operate a petrol-powered car is predictable with second-hand hybrid cars have a lot of question marks! The modern petrol engine will emit lower greenhouse gases than ever.

Filipino drivers are more used to gas or diesel engine cars than driving a hybrid. Hybrid cars have different parts specs that cost more to repair it. But compare it to a second petrol car; then it will be less of a problem than a hybrid car.

2. Is the battery working well?

The biggest problem for hybrids are the batteries that wear out. Driving conditions in the metro are different, because of horrendous traffic. Batteries used for hybrids are specialized and will not be easy to replace. Unlike gas-powered cars with standard batteries that can be replaced asap.

Theirs is more expensive with some issues that are not fixed easily. Also, it takes a technician to install it; with an extra cost!

hybrid car battery

It is not easy to fix or replace the battery of a hybrid car

3. Battery replacement will be difficult in the Philippines

Not all suppliers will have a hybrid car battery that will be available. Supplying hybrid car batteries aren’t a priority yet. Calling a dealership for replacement will take time, and will cost a bundle. Acquiring a battery when needed will be hard with only a limited number of suppliers.

Person with a dead car battery

Any driver's worst nightmare

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4. It is difficult to operate it

A hybrid has different parts from a gas-powered car that drives differently from a petrol car. There is an electric motor that adds to the output of power when it runs. These cars are more silent and don’t have gear shock when shifting up or down. Electric motors drive the wheels which are very different from traditional cars.

hybrid vehicles operational principle

Does every driver know how to operate a hybrid car?

6. Part replacement and car maintenance is a headache

Getting spare parts and experienced technicians who will fix and maintain it should be a big question mark. It is doubtful dealerships will stock a good supply of spares, because they are oddities and novelties in the Philippines. Much like a big electric toy go-cart that isn’t practical at all!

Why not to buy a used hybrid car

7. Weaker power train

Gas or diesel engines have more torque and horsepower which is better than hybrid cars. For drivers used to faster acceleration and better towing power, this is not a good thing. Cars need the power to overtake and to climb steep angles with more than enough power. That’s why the weak output of hybrids cars make them undesirable for second-hand cars!

8. These cars aren’t updated as gas powered vehicles

FYI, there are only a few SUVs using hybrid engines; because gas and diesel engines are updated every year while hybrid engines are in a lower and different league. Even though the hybrid engine has been around. They’ve yet to introduce more revolutionary changes when compared to PHEVs or EVs.

9. The development of electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs)

The hybrid car is out of date, the introduction of PHEVs and EVs that use electrical charging ports and updated green tech is making it obsolete. Hybrid engines have few changes in between; when compared to gas or diesel engines that are still more efficient.

Electric vehicles

EVs come as a good solution for eco-friendly drivers

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10. The development of better public transportation systems 

Why should these second-hand hybrids be bought at all? Development of better electric public transport and more carpools whether electric or fossil fuel is much cheaper to do!

Hybrid-tech is getting better but Philkotse.com has enclosed all the disadvantages of this new technology car. Look everything over and decide for yourself.