9 tips to become an eco-friendly driver

Updated Oct 07, 2020

Following these things will not only maintain your car in good condition but also decrease the carbon emission into the atmosphere.

We now celebrate the Earth Day on April 21 each year to remind ourselves to protect the environment. However, you don’t need to wait until that day to show your respect to our Mother Earth. Being an eco-friendly driver is a better way to do that. So, let’s check out these pointers below.

1. Regular vehicle maintenance

young man checking car engine outdoor

Your car should be checked regularly

Your car is like a human body that should be checked regularly to make sure that everything is going well. Moreover, keeping your whole car, especially the engine, in good condition is a good way to save the fuel and protect the environment. Yes, save fuel - save Earth.

2. Check tire pressure

A well-inflated tire not only makes your ride safer but also helps you save the costs on fuel and tire replacement because recommended tire pressure makes the best contact with the road.

check tire pressure

Just 1-psi under-inflated tire can decrease the fuel economy by 3%

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3. Use high quality oil

high quality oil

Use high quality oil

Providing correct viscosity will ensure your car to run smoothly, safely and last longer. Cheap oil might save your money at first but eventually, cost you more.

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4. Drive at comfortable speeds

Respecting speed limit is also great way to be an eco-friendly driver and keep your car fuel-efficient.

speed limit on the road

Your car fuel efficiency can drop 23% each 8 km/h over speed limit

5. Plan your trips

Finding the fastest way to go to a place that you don’t know is necessary but don’t forget to prepare some alternative routes in case of traffic jam and locate the gasoline station for you to take a break and refill your car.

6. Check carbon emissions

a green car

Check carbon emissions at least once a year

Checking the amount of carbon emissions can help you recognize your car problem. Thus, remember to check it once a year.

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7. Clean air filters

dirty air filters

Clogged air filters might be the cause of engine damage

Cleaning air filters can definitely help improve fuel consumption.

8. Make your car lighter

Fuel consumption is counted in relation with the vehicle weight. Therefore, remove all unnecessary items for your travel to keep your car neat and fuel efficient.

9. Go carpooling

people going carpooling

Consider carpooling whenever possible

Sharing your car with others like your friends, colleagues or neighbors is one of the best way to save gas money and be nice to the atmosphere. The less your car on the road, the less air pollution is caused.

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