Car repainting: 11 things you need to know

Updated Aug 04, 2020 | Same topic: Handy Maintenance Tips

Here are some things to bear in mind if you want to repaint your car.

Color and paint quality of a car shows a part of its owner’s personality. Once the “clothes” are worn out, scratchy and old, you should repaint the car. Regarding car repainting, learning from experts’ experience and skills is essential.

However, the deciding factor for the coat’s shininess and accuracy depends on preparation. In this post, is bringing you some things to bear in mind if you want to repaint your car.

repaint a car

If the paint coat is scratched deeply, color fades or becomes patchy, you should repaint your car.

1. When should the bodywork be completely repainted?

A destroyed paint coat will lead to metal oxidation, scratches will erode and expand. Therefore, you should repaint the whole car once the surface becomes too scratchy and patchy or has its color faded.

2. Original color or new color?

This is a matter of preference. If car users only want to fix the scratches and patches, they should definitely pick the original color. Otherwise, they may choose the original color (if they still like it) or select a totally different one (if prefer changes).

car color

If you prefer changes, choose a totally different color for your car

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3. How to identify the original color?

To mix the colors with the almost perfect ratio, you have to consider color codes of the paint supplier. Some car manufacturers install an information board under the hood and/or under the windscreen. On this metal board, apart from car details, you may also find information of the paint color codes. In case there are no color codes, before repainting, you should test by spraying the mixture onto a panel and comparing it with the original color of the car. 

4. How to mix the paint?

The ones in charge of repainting your car will base on the information board to find the suitable color codes by the paint suppliers. Consequently, they will find out the ratio of the original colors for the mixture. The paint will be mixed up using an electronic scale – guarantee the accuracy to one single paint drop.

5. Necessary equipment for a pro auto painting center

All professional auto painting centers must be equipped with paint drying ovens and paint booths in order to prevent dust and maintain the suitable humidity for adhesion in any weather, besides paint mixing tools, paint sprayers, and polishing tools.

car painting center

Professional auto painting centers have necessary equipment for car-painting

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6. How many paint coats are needed?

A car’s bodywork must have 4 to 5 layers of paint. The innermost coat is oxide primer, which followed by primer, colored paint, and gloss paint. High-end vehicles or industrial models often have more paint coats to bring out depth, special effects or decoration in their bodywork.

7. Steps to repaint the whole car

Once the car is completely repainted, auto painting centers will carry out the following steps:

Step #1: Check the color codes and mix the paint with the correct ratio.

Step #2: Prepare the surface to be repainted – rub off the whole bodywork, repair all crushed, distorted, curved spots and clean up.

Step #3: Spray the paint in order, dry up, then polish all paint coats (oxide primer, primer, and colored paint).

Step #4: Spray gloss paint, let it dry, and start polishing.

If the user wants different colors on the bodywork, technicians must cover previously painted spots before using a new color.

8. Stamps, logos, stickers, and metallic letters

Once the car is repainted, if requested by the car owner, authorized service centers will provide and reseal all stamps, logos, stickers and/or metallic letters. Besides, car users should also ask service centers to check and fix all gaskets, wipers and exterior details so that the car will look brand new.

car stamps, logos

If requested, authorized service centers will provide stamps, logos, and metallic letters.

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9. Time spent on repainting the whole car

Depending on the car’s condition, car repainting may be time-consuming or not. Normally, it takes about 72 hours from preparation till the very end.

10. Procedure to use the repainted car

If the car is repainted with its original colors, car owners do not have to carry out any procedure. Otherwise, they must register the changes to competent authorities before using the car.

11. Tips to maintain the paint colors

  • If you have to park your car outdoors, keep it under the roof or use anything to cover the car.

car park

If you have to park your car outdoors, keep it under the roof or use anything to cover the car

  • While washing the car, make sure the water is clean and clear of impurities. Do not use spray guns with high pressure and close to the coat, since the paint will be more likely to fall out. Use specialized detergents, never select strong stain removers or soap since they will make the color quickly fade away. 
  • Do not park under trees without roof or covers, since excretory waste from birds or insects may cause harm to the painted surface.