List of popular car aircon repair shops in the Philippines

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Here's our list of recommended car aircon repair shops located in Cebu, Quezon City, Makati, Pasig & other cities in Metro Manila.

1. Car aircon repair shops in the Philippines: Introduction

Regular car aircon maintenance will keep your car’s AC system healthy and its components up and running, sure. There comes a time however that there are some issues that will arise. In some cases, that may be an easy fix, say replacing a torn cabin filter or simply refilling on Freon.

There are some cases that most non-mechanically inclined people will surely struggle with like replacing car AC compressor parts. Even finding a refrigerant leak or looking for the evaporator can be a tricky job that will sometimes need you to take apart a portion of your dashboard. A lot of people simply do not have the time, the resources and the knowhow to do that.

As such, if we think the part that needs work done to it is complicated, we approach specialists, guys who have experience in fixing certain parts of our vehicles. Half of the battle though is knowing where to go.

So as a part of our continued efforts to arm you with knowledge, here’s a guide on different car aircon specialists located in Quezon City, Makati, Pasig, Banawe, Mandaluyong, Cavite province and from the Cebu province.

Note though that there are a lot of car aircon repair shops in the Philippines you can choose from, we might not be covering all of them and we will be choosing a few highly recommended ones. Let's get started with

2. Car aircon repair services in Cebu

Nas Air Auto Shop

  • Address: 3972 RR Rallos St., N. Bacalso Ave., Sambag 1, (Cebu City Medical Center / City Hospital), Cebu City 6000
  • Contact Numbers: 0923 891 3837

Located near the Cebu Medical Center, Nas Air Auto Shop is a pretty up and coming established who specializes in dealing with your car AC problems. They are well equipped and their staff are experienced in handling tasks involving a wide array of vehicles from an equally wide selection of brands

A picture inside Nas Air Auto Shop in cebu

The shop itself is inside a building so you won't have to worry about your beloved car being exposed

Jojo Car Aircon Repair Shop

  • Address: Sto. Nino St, Cebu City, Cebu
  • Contact Numbers: (032) 261 2921

Highly rated and highly recommended, Jojo Car Aircon Repair shop can deal with anything wrong with your car’s AC. Their car aircon specialists are also known to be able to repair individual components of the AC Compressor instead of just replacing a part outright. This keeps the costs low for the customer.

According to a lot of reviews, Jojo Car Aircon Repair’s staff will explain the repairs to you thoroughly which is, of course, a plus. Note though that this business is very popular so call them ahead of time.

Cars 101

  • Address: 518 Quijano Compound V. Rama, Cebu City 6000
  • Contact Numbers: 0922 691 3228

Cars 101 is another highly recommended shop whenever you have car air conditioning troubles. Aside from that though, they are really well known for making scratches and dents, no matter how large, disappear. They also do car repaints.

According to their Facebook page, walk-ins will be entertained but those customers who have called ahead of time and have an appointment already set-up will be given priority.

The company logo of cars 101 cebu

The company logo of Cars 101 Cebu

3. Car Aircon Repair services in Quezon City

MaxiAir car Aircon

  • Address: #53 Kitanlad Street, Barangay Doña Josefa, Quezon City, Metro Manila, 1113
  • Contact Numbers: (02) 757 0879

Maxair Car Aircon’s mechanics can fix up your car’s AC systems. Adding to your convenience though is that their establishment is also a parts dealer that sells OEM parts including car aircon parts. Another service that Maxair Car Aircon can provide is BactaKleen which is basically disinfecting your car’s interior using a fumigation device.

A picture of the Max Air Car Aircon shop.

The Maxi Air Car Aircon shop working on some BMWs

Frigid Zone Auto Aircon Specialist

Frigid Zone Auto Aircon Specialist is a very established business. They’ve been around since 1993 and they already have 10 branches spread around Quezon City, one in Marikina and one in Caloocan. Apart from being able to fix your car aircon issues, they also sell auto aircon parts.

The Frigid Zone car Aircon Specialist Quezon city

A Frigid Zone Auto Aircon Specialist in Quezon

Branch Name
Contact Numbers
Caloocan Branch
643 Quirino Highway, Bankers Village II, North Caloocan City
Congressional Branch
Congressional Ave., cor. Mindanao Ave., Quezon City
Don Antonio Main Branch
#52 Holy Spirit Dr., Don Antonio Heights, Quezon City
Kalayaan Branch
#106 B Kalayaan Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City
Kamias Branch
#162 Kamias Extension cor. Langka St., Kamias, Quezon City
Kamuning Branch
#38 Kamuning Road, Quezon City
Marikina Branch
902 J.P. Rizal St., Nangka, Marikina City
Quirino Branch
Lot 7C Quirino Highway, Pasong Putik 2, Quezon City
Regalado Branch
Blk. 83 Lot 34 Regalado Ave., Fairview, Quezon City
Visayas Branch
#19 Congressional Extension cor. Visayas Ave. Pasong Tamo, Quezon City

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Sprint Car Aircon and Repairs

  • Address: 35 A Kaliraya St., Quezon City, 1100 Metro Manila
  • Contact Numbers: (02) 852 10087

Sprint Car Aircon and Repairs is a one-stop-shop for anything related to car AC and car AC parts. They sell OEM parts as well as being able to provide car AC check-up, cleaning, and repair.

A picture of the Springcar Aircon Parts and Repair shop

The front of Sprintcar Aircon Parts and Repair

4. Car Aircon Repair services in Banawe

While we already covered the recommended car aircon repair centers in Quezon City, Banawe deserves a special mention in this article.


Well as you might already know, this small street located in the western side of Quezon City is a host to numerous car repair shops including car aircon specialists. While some of these might not be as established and as fancy as the others in this list, there are a few that stand out like 215 Luxury Car Aircon Services.

If you just want parts though and want to have your car be serviced at other locations, Banawe also has a number reputable car parts shops like Richcar Auto Parts, HBK Motor Parts, Ginza, VGT Korean Auto Parts, New Banaue Auto Supply, Team Car Banawe, Christone Auto Parts Trading, Goldrich Car Accessories Inc. and the Banawe Car Accessories Center.

Be warned though because, in Banawe, you can also find a lot of counterfeit and definitely sub-standard parts. So be vigilant and do your research beforehand. Also, bringing along a knowledgable person with you, like your trusted mechanic, will definitely help.

Second, try not to look like a million pesos. We mean dress simply. This will aid in bargaining and will also deter the petty thieves and shady dudes that prey on unsuspecting car parts buyers/car owners.

A picture of several car parts stores in Banawe, Quezon City

Also, looking for parking spaces around this area can be a nightmare

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5. Car Aircon Repair services in Makati

Maroon Auto Electrical and Aircon Shop

  • Address: 4414 Dallas Street, Bangkal, Makati City, Metro Manila
  • Contact Numbers: (02) 508-7119, 09202473433, 09237402120

Maroon Auto Electric and Aircon Shop’s services include auto air-con repair, cleaning, and electrical troubleshooting and repair. They also have a home service if you need it and they also sell car AC and electrical parts like alternators and starters.

Maroon also provides a free check-up, free installation with three months warranty.  You can also call their numbers to ask their technicians for guidance on any car electric or AC problems, that is if you’re able to fix it up yourself.

Note that Maroon Auto Electric and Aircon Shop is quite established and they see a lot of customers daily. So calling them ahead of time before your visit is a must.

Maroon Autoelectric and Aircon Shop

The mechanics of Maroon Autoelectric and Aircon Shop doing their work

Kristal Aire Car Aircon Services

  • Address: 2042 Edison St., San Isidro, Makati, Metro Manila 1234
  • Contact Numbers: (02) 729 8386

Kristal Aire Car Aircon Services sells OEM car AC parts and can provide repairs for a wide selection of brands and models. Their check-up and diagnosis is also free and the technicians can explain your car AC’s problems to you plainly. Their services are also known to be very affordable and based on their reviews, very reliable.

Kristal Aire Car Aircon Services 

Kristal Aire Car Aircon Services 

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6. Car Aircon Repair services in Pasig

Meg Car Aircon Services

  • Address: Pioneer Street, 600 Shaw Boulevard, Pasig City
  • Contact Numbers: (02) 8632 9637

Since 2007, Meg Car Aircon has been providing their customers' car AC repair services. So they’re veritable veterans in the industry. They’re also highly rated on their social media pages so expect this place to be busy. Call them ahead of time if you want to avail of their services.

Meg Car Aircon Repair in pasig

Meg Car Aircon Repair Shop

Alberto’s Car Aircon Specialist

  • Address: 25 W Capitol Dr, Kapitolyo, Pasig City, Metro Manila
  • Contact Numbers: (02) 8631 6391

Just like the establishment listed above, Alberto’s Car Aircon Specialist is also highly rated and is given high praise for their quality of service and reasonable rates.  They also sell car AC parts and their staff will provide a thorough explanation of what they’re doing.

DanKnee Car Aircon Services

  • Address: 32 Pasig Blvd, Pasig, 1600 Metro Manila (Near the Seaoil branch across the BPI Pasig Blvd. Branch)
  • Contact Numbers: 0912 964 6034

Owned by the talented and very professional Mr. Danny (who also works on car AC repairs and parts replacement himself), this particular shop has gained the attention of many car owners for his really excellent quality of service and very reasonable prices. He’s also pretty up-front about costs and what needs to be done with a particular car AC issue and that’s always a plus.

Now Mr. Danny has become legendary among car enthusiasts here in Metro Manila, so do give him a ring as he sees a lot of car owners on the daily.

A picture of Mang Danny aka Danknee working on a Ford Explorer Sport Trac

Mang Danny, working on a Ford Explorer Sport Trac

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7. Car Aircon Repair services in Cavite

JPAT Car Aircon Repair Shop

  • Address: Blk 11, Lot 17, Manga Ville, Salitran IV, DAmariñas City, Cavite
  • Contact Numbers: 09081083780

JPAT Car Aircon Repair shop is a full-service auto repair center that can cater to any ailing part of your car including its AC system. They can also work on electrical problems and AC system cleaning.

A picture of JPAT Car Aircon specialist Cavite

Aside from air AC repair, JPAT can also do car bodywork

3MT Buenafe Car Aircon Service

  • Address: E. Aguinaldo Highway Tanzang Luma IV Imus, City, Cavite 4103
  • Contact Numbers: 0942 873 0722

Located in front of South Supermarket near Patindig Araw, this automotive repair shop specializes in dealing with all sorts of car AC problems especially the very complicated ones like issues with car AC compressors. They also have Freon charging, car AC cleaning, etc.

A picture of the 3MT Buenafe Car Aircon Service shop

3MT Buenafe's shop on a rainy day

8. Car Aircon Repair services in Mandaluyong

Danny’s Car Aircon Specialist

  • Address: 14 Domingo M. Guevarra Street, Mandaluyong, 1550 Metro Manila
  • Contact Numbers: (02) 8532 6686

Danny’s Car Aircon Specialist is a car air conditioning service center located in Mandaluyong City. They can handle check-ups, car AC cleaning, and they can provide car AC repairs in a timely manner.

A picture of Danny's Car Aircon Specialists shop

Danny's Car Aircon Specialists' shop is an actual garage

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