Car maintenance & repair: How to have it done in Banawe Street

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When it comes to cheap car repair and maintenance, going to Banawe Steet is the best place to have it done but read this primer first!

If in-dealership maintenance is getting too steep for the budget, then go to Banawe St. in Quezon City. There are many auto supply shops cheaper parts and mechanicals to install it at an agreed price!

1. Costly in-dealership maintenance and repair getting too steep?

Car maintenance is important and bringing it to the right place to have it done! Fortunately, there is an alternative option, and it will cost less, but labor and parts will cost less. One disclaimer though is that if the car is under warranty for parts and labor, better think about having it done outside the dealership though.

Only the savviest of car owners who have experience in out-of-dealership car maintenance and repair should go this route.

This involves long hours in the sun and putting aside a few hours or almost a day, just for finding parts and having the necessary work done! Was it mentioned that it doesn’t even include going around looking for mechanics at shops and certain spots in Banaue St., as well too?

Banawe street, Philippines

All kinds of spare parts are found for all brands and any model year which is an advantage for restoration specialists

A far cry from the ease and comfort of having it done at the dealership. But, there is also more to it than just that, which is only for the most budget-conscious motorist trying to get good parts and labor at a lesser cost too.

Cost savings are guaranteed and with mechanics of varying skill, which is the most important factor! If the extra effort is not welcome, just gloss over it but if savings is worth the extra effort then read on.

2. Where is Banawe St. anyway and what kind of parts can be bought there?

It’s found in between Quezon Avenue and Espana Avenue. All kinds of spare parts are found for all brands and any model year which is an advantage for restoration specialists. Anything under the sun that is related to autos can be found and are parts that dealerships don’t inventory anymore.

banawe philippines

It’s an auto parts Mecca that has dozens of shops, specializing on all or a few car brands

Going there, it can be confusing with the availability of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), third party parts and original surplus car parts that are the same as in-dealership spare parts. There’s a lot choose from with different budgets involved, but parts that aren’t replacement are still the best option.

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3. How to get the right spare parts

One of the most crucial steps is acquiring the right part needed! Or, several trips will be needed and time is wasted instead of getting the repairs done. Although there are other things to do, let’s deal with this step first. Here are some pointers to consider, which can lessen the effort spent on car maintenance and repair.

Have the car checked and find out what’s the problem.

  • There are two options which are bringing the car to Banawe St. or having it done at home.
  • Have the part removed for a sample and it’s either go to Banaue St. yourself or sends the mechanic there!
  • The mechanic might recommend a shop or go there yourself.
  • Showing the sample for fitting is the best way to get the correct spare part.

Banawe atuo part store

One of the most crucial steps is acquiring the right part needed

Check the car for potential repairs that can be done with the present repair job

  • Having more jobs done will be cheaper, and it’s killing two birds with one stone too.
  • Multiple trips to Banaue can be time-consuming and expensive, especially if a residence is far from that area.
  • Mechanics would prefer more jobs done because of the faster repair time, the better!
  • Fewer visits to Banawe St. is better, sometimes some parts need to be ordered by some shops.

This outlines the general flow of what’s done in this step, which should be done right!

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4. What spare parts are best for the job?

If the sample is available, then bringing it to the auto shops would be up next because the fitting is important. Usually, car maintenance and repair at Banawe St. is sweat fest, but should ill-fitting parts be used that means delays and extra expense.

Knowing what spare parts are available is important to gauge how much it really is, especially if the mechanic is buying the part for you!

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEMs) are also available there and could cost less than at any in-house dealership. Some parts will be available and some won’t, but mostly they will be most of the time. But, that depends on the particular year and model.

Despite the lesser cost, it will still be more expensive depending on what car brand it is. These parts are made in Japan most of the time, but that’s not always the case. OEMs bought directly from the dealership or factory will cost more because it comes from the official source!

banawe street

Auto parts at Banawe St. is sweat fest, but should ill-fitting parts be used that means delays and extra expense

Third-party or aftermarket spare parts can be cheaper or expensive, contingent on the auto shop it was bought from. These parts are recommended as well but some quality issues, whether it’ as good as OEMs or original surplus parts. Some third-party parts or aftermarket are made in Japan as well but may cost more than OEMs.

The original surplus is the excess production of OEMs which for from old models or current models. It’s no different than those sold at car dealerships or made by official manufacturers. Most mechanics will go for the original surplus because it’s much cheaper than the original equipment manufacturer (OEMs).

Every one of these options will be less expensive than in-house dealerships, but some will find going to Banawe St. much preferable.

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5. Important tips to know when going to Banawe Street

Now, all is understood how to get the right spare parts when doing car maintenance and repair. It’s not complete without these final pointers before going out there.

auto repair stores in Banaue street

First-timers will find it difficult, but it does cut down costs on car maintenance and repair in Banawe St.

Tip #1. Finding a good mechanic is imperative, or the car repair might get botched up

  • When buying parts ask for recommendations about a good mechanic in the area. Most shop owners will have a go-to mechanic for the job and are do repairs in front of the shop or nearby corner.
  • If the mechanic is busy with another job, wait or just schedule it the next day!
  • Never get a random mechanic without recommendations or be sorry.

Tip #2. Try to haggle for a good price, when choosing a mechanic because some would charge more. Multiple repairs are an opportunity to get the labor done, but not too low, or the repair job might get compromised!

Tip #3. Never leave the mechanic along with the car while working on the repair job! Just wait inside the car or be standing close by.

Tip #4. Never have only enough money; but extra for other parts and labor, because some other parts might be found defective. Even the smallest repair shan’t be neglected when a major repair is being done. 

Tip #5. When all is done, just test drive and pay if all is okay!

welcome to banaue

Some will find going to Banawe St. for much preferable car repair and maintenance

That’s everything to do at Banawe St. and other pointers to get it done cheaper and better!

First-timers will find it difficult, but it does cut down costs on car maintenance and repair in Banawe St. compared to the other option. Just follow everything and all the pointers in this primer for the best results!

This primer about going to Banawe St. for car repairs; will be helpful but there are other tips at