OEM vs Aftermarket car parts: All you should know about its Pros & Cons

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Which is the best to choose: OEM car parts or aftermarket car parts?

Nowadays, everyone wants to save even a little money from their pocket. As the number of cars in the country increases, many of the people find themselves struggling in choosing what parts to be used when it comes to repairing their cars. If you bring your car to the original manufacturer, you will be receiving the OEM car parts.

However, if you bring it to your local shop, you will probably receive an aftermarket car parts. Which is the best to choose from these two parts? If you want to save money, you will probably choose using aftermarket parts.

In this article, Philkotse.com will discuss the different advantages and disadvantages of OEM parts and aftermarket parts. This will help you to decide on which one to choose when repairing your car.

I. OEM vs aftermarket car parts: Definition?

1. What is the aftermarket car part?

Aftermarket parts are also known as generic parts and Non-OEM parts. It is a part of a motor vehicle which is not produced by the car’s original manufacturer. It is made by other car makers which can be cheaper than the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts especially when it comes from local repair shops. These parts can be used for the following:

  • Vehicle’s appearance customization
  • Vehicle’s performance customization
  • Replacement of damaged car parts caused by collision and other incidents

aftermarket car parts

Aftermarket parts are also known as generic parts and non-OEM parts

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2. What is the meaning of OEM parts?

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts are produced by the car’s original manufacturer. Simply put, they are the exact parts of your vehicle. These parts are the ideal replacement for your car parts when damaged.

OEM car parts

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) car parts are produced by the car’s original manufacturer

II. What are the advantages and disadvantages of aftermarket car parts?

1. Advantages

Low cost

This is probably the main advantage of aftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts are less expensive than the original car parts. However, just like other materials, the price still depends on the brand of the car parts.

Thus, it is advisable to look around for the best price for you when buying aftermarket parts. Moreover, this is also the reason why some insurance companies use aftermarket parts to repair a damaged car due to an accident.

aftermarket car parts cheap

Cheap aftermarket car parts are easily found so that you can save maintenance cost

Good quality

The quality of aftermarket parts can be as good as the original car parts. There are also some instances that it can exceed the quality of OEM parts. Aftermarket companies can improve and work out the weaknesses of OEM parts.

Many options

There are so many companies that produce aftermarket parts and each company have their own specialty. Thus, there are many options to choose when considering to buy aftermarket parts.

Man in ccverall

There are many options to choose when considering to buy aftermarket parts

Easily accessible

Aftermarket parts can be easily found to the nearest auto shops, local mechanic, and even to gas stations. This makes it ideal to be used especially in case of an emergency. Repairing your car will be faster due to availability of parts.

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2. Disadvantages

Poor quality

Some aftermarket parts are made from low-quality materials especially when the price is so low. Sometimes, it is good to consider the price of the product to determine its quality. It is also better to choose the brand that you are familiar with to avoid buying poor quality parts.

Not warrantied

Most of the aftermarket parts don’t have any warranty to keep the costs cheaper.

Difficult selection

Due to the wide variety of aftermarket companies, it is hard to choose what brand is the best for your car particularly if you don’t have any knowledge of maintenance and repair.

III. What are the advantages and disadvantages of OEM car parts?

1. Advantages

Good quality assurance

OEM parts are 100% original because it was created by the original manufacturer. Being the original car parts, it should work perfectly like the parts you are replacing.

It is made by the car’s manufacturer which guarantees good quality and performance. If you choose OEM parts, you can be assured that it is the best parts for your car.

Man repairing the car

Work perfectly like the parts you are replacing.

Easier selection

OEM parts can be only found in the specific brand of your car. This will eliminate the need for assessing and selecting what brand to choose based on their quality and prices. You don’t need also to worry about receiving the proper car parts because you will be given only one type.

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It has a warranty

Comparing to the aftermarket parts, OEM parts come with a warranty but only limited. Having a warranty in a product helps the buyer to trust its quality.

OEM part warranty

OEM parts come with a warranty but only limited

2. Disadvantages

High cost

This is the main disadvantage of original equipment manufacturer parts. Due to single availability, OEM parts are more expensive than the aftermarket parts.

Limited availability

The OEM parts are not available in your local auto shop or nearest store. You need to proceed to the OEM shop itself or order online from the manufacturer. However, this will take a few days before delivered to you. This disadvantage makes OEM parts not a choice when it comes to an emergency repair.

Same quality as Aftermarket Parts

Some OEM parts are equal with aftermarket parts in terms of quality.

OEM VS Aftermarket Car Parts-Which Should You Get

IV. OEM vs Aftermarket car parts: Which to choose? 

Determining what to choose between aftermarket and OEM parts is indeed difficult. It can be a gamble to use aftermarket parts but it can also be a gamble using OEM parts.

It is true that some aftermarket parts are low quality but if you are going to repair your car because of a worn out OEM parts, there is a chance that problem was with the quality and it can happen again.

Then, how do you know what parts are you going to choose? If you have the knowledge and you are familiar with some brands of cars, then aftermarket parts can be a good choice for you. You can do some research online about customer’s feedback on a certain brand and also the reputation of the manufacturer.

You can also seek advice from your trusted mechanic. Using aftermarket parts can save you a lot of money too. But, if you are not familiar with any car brands, then it is best to choose using OEM parts. It is better to pay a higher cost in repairing your car parts once than replacing it over and over again.

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