7 common parts need to be checked when your car is seldom used

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Here are some tips from Philkotse.com to take care of a car more often in the garage than on the road. Click on this article link for more information.

If you own a car, there are responsibilities you need to face. The same holds true even if you seldom use it. A car not driven for a long time might appear to require no upkeep compared to one you use daily, but that’s not the case.

Properly stowing a vehicle that you rarely use can assure you that it will be in good condition once you put it back on the road. If you will be putting away your vehicle for a month or more, here are some tips that will help you keep your car in good shape. Check out with Philkotse.com if you are in this condition.

1. Get the car cleaned

Before storing your car, make sure that you clean it inside and out. If you accidentally leave food inside, insects will most likely be attracted to your car. Remove all of your personal belongings and dispose of trash as this can cause a foul smell.

You can put your favorite odor-repelling or air freshener product inside instead, so once you open your car, the smell will not be stale or make you feel the feeling of oldness.

cleaning car

Clean your car before putting it in storage so it would be in pristine condition when you use it

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You need to preserve the car whose all windows closed to reduce the chance of contaminants and dust from getting in, and to keep bugs and insects away from your car. Consider spraying the unpainted metal with undercoating to help protect against rust.

2. Start the engine occasionally

If possible, you should get the car engine started every day and keep it in rows, even if you are not going anywhere. If you do this,  oil and other fluids running through your car’s system, everything will be lubricated. It will also help to prevent the liquids from gathering in some areas and simultaneously ensuring the battery remain fresh.

It is super important for elders who rarely have a drive, or if yes, so seldom, because it will support the car to be ready anytime.

3. See to the battery condition

If you have plans not to use the car in a significant period, to avoid corrosion, you need to disconnect the battery. Car batteries can last for years in storage if you make sure that they have a full level of charge and if they are adequately maintained.

If you’re not planning to use your car for a very long time, it is recommended to remove the fully charged battery and place it in a cool and dry place.

disconnecting battery terminals

Disconnect the terminal if you do not have plans on using your vehicle for a significant amount of time

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Another option is to get a low-voltage charger that automatically maintains the battery in a constant state of readiness. Another alternative is to disconnect the terminal switch. When using your vehicle again, reconnect the switch to the same position. All of these options will keep your battery from draining.

Almost all cars today have at least one computer. If the battery goes dead, the network will lose its data. At that point, you'll need to drive it for a couple of days to create new data. Not to mention, you'll need to restore your radio presets.

4. Protect your car

Cleaning the car's exterior, after it dried, you need to add a layer of paint for better preservation. Keep your car in the garage or carport away from direct sunlight and dust. Invest in a good car cover that doesn’t scratch, and securely fasten it onto your car.

5. Get the tires inflated

If your car has been parked for an extended epoch of time, bear in mind that its tires can slowly lose its primary pressure. For this reason, it is a good idea to have your tires inflated to the suggested air pressure. You may need to do this again when you take the vehicle out of for the usage. Tires slowly lose air under any condition.

Storing also exerts pressing on a specific contact patch,  which will cause flat spots. Driving the vehicle and adding air if possible will usually make the tires round again. But if you let your car sit for an extended time, under-inflated tires can cause permanent flat spots that you can quickly feel and hear when you drive.

tire maintenance

Maintain tire pressure to avoid flat spots

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6. Change the oil

If you are storing your car, it is a good idea to have an oil change. The new engine oil is rich in additives that help protect against corrosion and wear. To achieve the benefit of these additives, see if you can arrange to have a family member crank the engine up to circulate the lubricant (see Tip #2).

This way, it will help keep the internal seals and gaskets from dry-rotting and deteriorating.

Oil change

Have an oil change and turn on your engine at least twice a month to keep everything lubricated and other fluids running

7. Get a full tank

As soon as you have your car sparkling clean, it’s essential to get a full tank of gas if you want to store the vehicle for some time. This might prevent the moisture to get into the car.

It is also recommended to have the tank added some fuel stabilizer when it’s almost full, conventional fuels have the shelf life only about three months. If your car is unused for a few months, the stabilizer may protect your fuel lines and engine from corrosion.

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fuel for the car

Add fuel stabilizer to prevent the engines and fuel lines from corroding

A vehicle is designed to be driven. You don't purchase a car just to have it on display. They are intended to be driven or else they will create issues in the near future. So, if you decide to park it for a while, give it the TLC it deserves.

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