10 things you should never do when your car is not clean

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These are ten things you should never do to a dusty and dirty car. Why? Keep reading to know the important reasons why you need to maintain the cleanliness of your vehicle.

Part of owning a car, of course, is the maintenance. It includes cleaning or washing it and trying to reduce the likelihood of scratching, rust, and worn off paint. Tip, you can save some time and money if you choose a car color that is good at hiding dust and scratches. Try considering and choosing a low maintenance color.

car clean

Car maintenance includes cleaning or washing it and avoiding harms to cars

We understand that at some point in our life our schedule would not allow us to treat our car with a good wash or even run through a car wash as often as we should, but not cleaning it for several months or a year is a different thing. This doesn't seem major but it might cause you a lot of trouble and you might spend a few bucks. 

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1. 10 things you should never do when your car is not clean

Never write on dusty or dirty car panels and windows

I know this seems like a trip down memory lane to 90's babies but we were doing it all wrong.  Now that we own a car, I must say it is no fun at all.  Not that it is insulting but it can scratch your car.

So I am sorry to all the car owners of the cars that I unleashed my art by my stick figure doodles on your windows. But really, why not? Not just it is dirty and who knows what that dirt is and where it came from but it scratches your car. The friction from your finger when rubbing the car paint can cause some serious car scratches.

Dusty car window

The friction from your finger when rubbing the car paint can cause scratches

Never use your fingernails or any sharp objects

As tempting as it is when you see a bird poop, get a hold of yourself and do not remove it with your fingernails or any sharp object as you might scratch your car and worst peel off the car paint. Don't make such trouble because of bird poop. You remove it by washing them as soon as possible. I mean "as soon".

Man scratching the car window

Do not remove hard and sticky dirt with your fingernails or any sharp object

Never wait for layers of dirt to accumulate

This is the first thing you should do. As acids, bird poop and dead bags when not removed for a long time can peel off the wax that covers your paint and soon attack your paints.

Dusty car

Dirt, when not removed for a long time can peel off the wax that covers your paint and soon attack your paints

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Never wash your car when the exterior is still hot or if it is under the blazing sun

After parking it for a long time under the sun and you decided to wash it is not a good idea. Heat can make it difficult for you to wash your car and will leave you with spots and mineral deposits on your car paint as it dries fast the soap and water.

Never move the sponge in circles

This will give you noticeable swirl marks. Do back-and-forth motion than rubbing in a circle.

Never reuse wheel and tire cleaning tools

Use a new set of microfiber towels or soft and clean cloth on the body. The dirt you accumulated from that tire might transfer on the body and dirt granules can scratch the exterior paint.

Never use household cleaning liquids

The chemicals or ingredients used in household cleaning liquids are not suited and could be harmful to car paint. This could remove the protected wax of your pain. Only use car wash products that won't harm your paint.

car care products

The chemicals or ingredients used in household cleaning products are could be harmful to car paint

Never let your car air-dry

Car washing is tiring but make it a habit to finish it by drying it with microfiber towels or chamois. You would not like the marks that it will leave your car especially if your car is black.

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Never forget to wash the hidden areas, corners and crevices too

Your car is mostly made of metals, therefore, rust is possible. Washing your car is not only to make it look good but also prevent rust and worn out build up.

Never do it yourself

Of course, you can if you have are equipped with correct tools, products, and run through articles and video tutorials on how to properly wash your car. You always have a choice to go to a car wash shop but choose a car wash that uses cloth brushes.

2. Friendly remind: Why is it important to clean your car?


The most obvious reason of all is, of course, to make it look better. Not just because it is good in the eyes but often it reflects in the personality of the owner. Does a dirty car mean an unhygienic owner?

Not necessarily true but yes people can think of that. No offense to those who are always on the run for errands and use their car to put dirty kinds of stuff on it.

car cleaning

The most obvious reason of all is, of course, to make it look better

If you are using your car to make a profit and it has to be dirty, then who cares about what they are going to say as long as you are gaining profit from it. Still, not that you shouldn't at all. You should take care of more likely if you are using it for your business.

Overall maintenance

Why is it also good to clean your car all by yourself? It also allows you to run through everything. To check for scratches, loose screws, frames, plate number, your signal lights, antenna, etc. that you might not notice because of your busy schedule.

It is also a chance for you to look under the hood for things that you might not notice with just driving it.

Man cleaning the car

Cleaning your car allows you to run through everything

The exterior

Like what I've said a while ago that your car is mostly built of mental and paint help cover it and protect it from elements that can cause rusting. If not maintained properly the clear coat of your car's paint will be worn off and will look like a primer coat is what is left.

car wash

It is important to note that a well-maintained car has greater resale value

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Washing your car is essential, many car experts recommend washing your car once a week to prevent your paint from getting damaged. Maintaining your car and avoiding the don'ts mentioned above will protect it from etching, discoloration, fading, and rusting. It is important to note that a well-maintained car has greater resale value.

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