Nissan Leaf Nismo hatchback concept debuts at 2017 Tokyo Motor Show

Updated Oct 01, 2020 | Same topic: 2017 Tokyo Motor Show

A new “Leaf” with Nismo treatment.

Nissan has gradually made fans feel its intense longing for developing high-performance electric cars with a large fleet of new cars and concepts on display at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, including the Nissan Leaf Nismo concept. Thanks to the great help from Nismo, the pure-electric Nissan Leaf now becomes more energetic and easier to handle too.

Accordingly, the Leaf Nismo concept allegedly provides sharper responses when it comes to acceleration. This is predominantly due to a renewed electronic control unit. The new hot hatch concept, besides, remains an e-Pedal found in the standard Leaf, allowing the driver to easily start, stop, ac- and decelerate the vehicle by using nothing but the accelerator pedal.

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Nissan Leaf Nismo hatchback concept angular front

The pure-electric Nissan Leaf now becomes more energetic and easier to handle

In addition, the Leaf Nismo concept is also better-looking with distinct front and rear bumpers, integrated diffusers and a protracted rear wing. Not only do these adjustments bring the hatchback a sportier and more rigid appearance, they’re likewise practical indeed, notably for aerodynamics. Further, black and red accents on the bumpers and sills work very harmoniously with the sleek black wheels, giving the outside a touch of stylishness and appeal.

Up to now, Nissan has made no promises of the production Nissan Leaf Nismo. However, we have the right to hope for the vehicle to enter the pipeline, of course.

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Nissan LEAF

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