Admire the all-new Nissan LEAF 2018 [Walk around videos]

Updated Oct 01, 2020 | Same topic: Most Updated Car Concept

Let’s obtain a broader view of the Nissan LEAF 2018 in a closer distance.

Known as one of the pioneers of all-electric vehicles, the Nissan LEAF is increasingly asserting itself in green car lineup with a newly-launched model.

The Nissan LEAF 2018 has just made its global debut in North America. Generally, the new EV is better-looking and more functional. Even, it goes further than its predecessor but carries a cheaper price.

angular front of the Nissan LEAF 2018

The Nissan LEAF 2018 has just made its global debut in North America

Now, let’s take a close look at this excellent EV from Nissan via some walk around videos below. All features on both exterior and interior will be introduced thoroughly.

2018 Nissan LEAF Base Trim walk around

2018 Nissan LEAF Luxury Pack walk around

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According to car news from the manufacturer, the Nissan LEAF 2018 is available in three variants and comes with a vivid color palette. In particular, bi-tone color versions are also present in some selected countries.

a bi-tone Nissan LEAF 2018

Bi-tone Nissan LEAF 2018 models are also present in some selected countries

At the present, the Nissan LEAF 2018 is equipped with a 40 kWh battery, which is good for around 241 km. More than that, the automaker is also developing a more powerful battery of 60 kWh with an expected driving range of 362 km.

With a price tag ranging from $29,990 (P1,530,567) in the United States, the Nissan LEAF 2018 is truly an attractive pure electric car to buy.

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Know more about Nissan LEAF 2021

Nissan LEAF

<p>The Nissan LEAF is an electric-powered five-door hatchback fitted with a wide array of advanced features for modern-day driving. It is one of the best-selling electric vehicles globally, featuring a 311 km maximum range. It features a sporty exterior detailed with the latest innovations. Inside, it is equipped with a wide array of comfort and convenience features. Nissan Philippines is offering the LEAF at Php 2,798,000. Available colors for the 2021 Nissan LEAF with the two-tone blacked-out roof include Pearl White, Vivid Blue, Gun Metallic, and Magnetic Red.</p>

From ₱2,798,000