2020 Geely Coolray vs Ford EcoSport Comparison: Spec Sheet Battle

Updated Sep 15, 2022

Between these cars with three cylinders, which has better specs on paper?

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  1. 1. 2020 Geely Coolray vs Ford EcoSport: Battle of the crossovers
  2. 2. Geely Coolray vs Ford EcoSport: Dimensions
  3. 3. 2020 Geely Coolray vs Ford EcoSport: Interior
  4. 4. Geely Coolray vs Ford EcoSport: Engine and Performance
  5. 5. 2020 Geely Coolray vs Ford EcoSport: Safety
  6. 6. 2020 Geely Coolray vs Ford EcoSport: Variants and Price
  7. 7. 2020 Geely Coolray vs Ford EcoSport: Conclusion

1. 2020 Geely Coolray vs Ford EcoSport: Battle of the crossovers

If you’re an avid follower of Philippine automotive trends, then you’ll know that one of the more popular classes of vehicle here in the country right now are subcompact crossovers.

The fire-starter of that class is, of course, the Ford EcoSport. It came early into the crossover game and therefore has made a huge mark in its market segment.

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In 2019, the Geely Coolray arrived. We’ve talked about it before and we have concluded that it is a legitimate threat to other subcompact crossover models in the country.

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So yes, it’s finally time to compare the specifications of the Geely Coolray and the Ford EcoSport. One is new, one has been around for a long time, but both are also alike in many ways. So which is better spec-wise? Let’s find out.

A picture of the Ecosport and the Coolray head to head

For this comparo, we'll be focusing on the Coolray Sport Turbo and the 1.0 L Ecosport Titanium

2. Geely Coolray vs Ford EcoSport: Dimensions

When comparing the Coolray’s and the EcoSport’s size, the main thing that you’ll quickly notice is that the latter is markedly taller than the former at 1,656mm.

In contrast to that, Geely Coolray is actually wider at 1,796mm, which is 30mm more than the EcoSport’s 1,765mm width. The Coolray is also longer at 4,330mm compared to the EcoSport’s 4,325mm.

A picture of a Coolray travelling on a bridge

The Geely Coolray is very contemporary and very Euro inspired

Being longer and wider might mean better lateral space inside for the Coolray, but do note that the Ford EcoSport has a 209mm ground clearance, while the Coolray only has 196mm. This means that the Ford crossover might be better at dealing with terrain and obstacles on the road.

A picture of a blue Ecosport near a cliff

When it initially came out, many called the Ecosport quirky. Now, we're very much used to it

In terms of exterior design, each has its own strengths. The Coolray is really futuristic, and aggressive looking, while the EcoSport is more subdued and low key.

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3. 2020 Geely Coolray vs Ford EcoSport: Interior

In terms of interior design, the Geely Coolray is evidently the more radical of the two. It features a hyper futuristic look, with its thruster shaped side aircon vents as well as a very thick center console. Also, a lot of its surfaces are clad in polished, aluminum-like material and soft-touch leather, giving it a lot in terms of luxury.

The 2020 Ford EcoSport, particularly the top of the line 1.0 EcoBoost Titanium, also features leather seats and soft-touch surfaces but the shapes inside are more traditional, more business-like.

A picture of the interior of the Ecosport

It's well arranged but it's mostly black colored inside the Ecosport

Both, however, are just as comfortable and convenient because both of these crossover models are equipped with automatic climate control, a tilt and telescopic adjustable steering wheel, a rear retractable armrest, smart keyless entry with a push to start button, and a power sunroof.

In terms of onboard tech, Geely Coolray 2020 comes with a 10-inch touchscreen which is larger than the 8-inch on board the EcoSport. These two head units come with their own proprietary phone connectivity software: QD Link for the Geely, and SYNC 3 for the Ford. Both do have USB ports, Bluetooth connectivity, and a 12V accessory outlet for the front and rear.

A picture of the Coolray's premium interior

The Coolray on the other hand stretches up the luxury level for a car of its price

Note that the Coolray’s interior does have things that the 2020 Ford EcoSport doesn’t have like an electronically adjustable driver’s seat and other safety features discussed below.

4. Geely Coolray vs Ford EcoSport: Engine and Performance

In terms of engines, both the Coolray and the top-of-the-line EcoSport are propelled by three-cylinder turbocharged engines. The one aboard the Coolray, however, is larger at 1.5 liters compared to the EcoSport’s 1.0-liter mill.

A picture of the rear of the Coolray

On a straight line drag race, the Geely Coolray will surely beat the Ecosport

The Geely-made crossover’s bigger engine makes 177 horsepower @ 5,500rpm, and 255 Nm of torque @ 1,500 rpm. The EcoSport 1.0 Titanium, on the other hand, produces 123 horsepower at 6,000rpm, and 170 Nm @ 1,500rpm.

A picture of the rear of the Ecosport

The Ecosport is slower but it does provide great fuel economy

Both the Coolray and the EcoSport 1.0 Titanium are front-wheel-drive crossovers. The Coolray has a seven-speed wet dual-clutch, while the EcoSport has a six-speed traditional torque converter automatic.

Geely Coolray
Ford Ecosport Titanium 1.0
G-Power 1.5-liter Inline-3 Turbocharged Gasoline w/ VVT
1.0 Liter Ecoboost Gasoline Inline-3
1,477 CC
998 cc
Transmission Type
7-speed Wet Dual Clutch Transmission
6-speed automatic
Max Output
177 horsepower
120 horsepower
Max Torque
255 Nm
170 Nm
Fuel Capacity
45 Liters
52 Liters

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5. 2020 Geely Coolray vs Ford EcoSport: Safety

When talking about safety equipment, both the Coolray and the EcoSport are both equipped with stuff that you’d expect from a modern car.

Both have dual front airbags, side airbags, curtain airbags, anti-lock braking with electronic brake distribution, stability control, speed-sensing door locks, hill start assist, rear parking camera with parking assist, and ISOFIX.

The Coolray, however, does have more in the way of active safety like a blind-spot detection system, the 360-degree view camera, a tire pressure monitoring system, and of course, the automatic parking assist which allows the Coolray to park itself without input from a driver.

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6. 2020 Geely Coolray vs Ford EcoSport: Variants and Price

Geely Coolray Variants
Coolray 1.5 Sport Turbo
Php 1,198,000
Coolray 1.5 Premium Turbo
Php 1,088,000
Coolray 1.5 Comfort Turbo
Php 978,000

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Ford EcoSport Variants
EcoSport 1.5 Ambiente MT
Php 920,000
EcoSport 1.5 Trend
Php 970,000
EcoSport 1.5 Trend AT
Php 1,030,000
EcoSport 1.5 Titanium AT
Php 1,100,000
EcoSport 1.0 EcoBoost Titanium AT
Php 1,190,000

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7. 2020 Geely Coolray vs Ford EcoSport: Conclusion

If you look at the table of prices above, the Coolray and the EcoSport inhabit just about the same price points. Do note that as we’ve already proven, the Coolray has a lot more onboard tech, especially when the top-of-the-line variants are concerned.

A picture of the Ecosport travelling on a city street

The Ecosport doesn't have the gadgets and speed of the Coolray, but it's an established model 

So yes, this boils down to what you, as a car buyer will prioritize more; a very high-tech vehicle that’s also very agile? Or a tried-and-true crossover that’s been around for a much longer period of time in the market?

And remember also that Ford already has a wide dealership network and the company is already in works to improve the delivery of aftermarket sales.

A picture of a Coolray on a bridge

Sure the Coolray is fast and has a lot of features, but it's dealership network is a bit small. It's growing though

Geely, on the other hand, is relatively new here in the Philippines, and it's still working on expanding its dealership network.

For more comparison articles like this, keep reading here on Philkotse.com.

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