Top reasons to buy a new car in the Philippines

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To buy a new car or not to buy one? Keep reading to find your own answer.

Having a car will require maintenance as the unit gets older and some problems are bound to crop up! If your car is ten years-old and has serial problems then it’s time to get a new car.

Owning a car is very convenient, but it will need constant upkeep for the car's road-worthiness. Although owners of the older models that aren’t equipped with modern doodads are easy to fix than newer models. The best-maintained vehicles whatever the year will need repair at some point, and that's definite.

For those who can afford to change cars when needed it won’t be too hard. Compare those who have five years to pay off their bank financed cars will not have that luxury at all! So, there must be compelling top reasons to buy a new car. In the Philippines where changing cars, every bank to get a new car. It all boils down to whether anyone can really afford a new car or just sell the unit when fully paid too.

think of buying a new car

 On one hand, a new car would be good, but some circumstances may dictate otherwise

To buy or not to buy that is the question; on one hand, a new car would be good, but some circumstances may dictate otherwise. Bad decisions will lead to a bonafide money pit.

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1. Factors to go over when considering a new car

There’s no such thing as problem free automobile, and problems will arise especially for some autos. Many changes come about as the car ages, and it will be felt by owner-driven cars. Chauffeur driven cars have owners who know nothing of how cars behave. A short rundown of what wear and tear can do to any car whether new or ageing.

Another bit of info is that with more mileage will have more wear and tear on it, than one with less. For example, a car that is three years old with only five-thousand miles on it is still good to go! Although, if one unit has about ten-thousand miles on it will mean a significant use. But, even with ten-thousand miles on it with regular maintenance than the five-thousand miles, this is much better.

check a car

A short rundown of what wear and tear can do to any car whether new or ageing

Comparing and checking the running condition of the car versus the mileage, regular car maintenance, and age should give an idea whether they are top reasons to get a new car. Recognizing the parts and significant components that affect overall performance will be helpful to know if it’s time to let go!

But don’t forget these little pointers that must be kept in mind.

Checklist of points to look for when considering a new car
   Good Bad If good If bad
Running condition     Still serviceable Have it checked
Mileage     Low mileage High Mileage
Regular maintenance     On schedule Not on schedule
Age of unit     3 - 5 year 5 year or more

Notice: Have the car checked and decide from there. If all are bad then consider a new car.

2. Get a new car if these other indicators are present

Now, will give you one of the top reasons to get a new car and no buts about it, unless it can be afforded.

Let’s go over the different signs that make maintaining an old car tedious and problematic. If that’s the case, then consider a shiny new car to replace the old one, but go over this first!

2.1. Maintenance is getting expensive!

Against reason and practicality, some would insist on having it repaired and to keep it running despite its worsening condition. Older model cars have different spare parts and components, which is hard to find and can cost a bit more! Is this practical to do? Of course not, even if maintenance of older cars is easier, then think of rising cost to repair it.

2.2. Safety features are not reliable!

When the brake mechanism is starting to become unreliable; the brake vacuum pump and component parts need checking often. When the safety sensors are flashing red and needing replacement despite having it repaired, it could mean a very serious problem is involved.

2.3. Filling up is more expensive!

If you’re driving an older model car; chances are that it is run via computer chip and these chips will need replacement in time. A faulty computer chip will cause the fuel sensors to run inefficiently. The result is more fuel burned and wasted; like older models that use carburetors that are gas guzzlers. An older model of ten-years back is not as fuel efficient like computer box equipped cars of today. Older cars will not save miles per litre but add to it!

fuel guzzlers

Older cars will not save miles per litre but add to it

2.4. Insuring an old vehicle is not practical!

It makes no sense to insure an old vehicle that is half-way past its prime or way past it! There might be some change in rates and be paying more for insuring it. A new car has fewer issues and will have several years of good running life.

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2.5. An older car is not environment-friendly!

Not to make it sound a big deal but cars emit carbon dioxide gases that cause greenhouse and pollutes our air. Owning a car is about environmental responsibility and keeping emissions down is important. An older car may fail an emission test because of an aged exhaust system. The only solution is to overhaul the combustion and exhaust system which will cost a bit!

2.6. Breakdown is imminent!

When cars get older and have too much mileage, wear and tear of the suspension, engine valves, crankshafts, or chains need much maintenance then breakdown happens and can’t be avoided. The result is a massive cost to keep it running and constant headaches if it is still retained. Problematic cars are one of the reasons to buy a new car or face the ghastly situation ahead which is not pretty.

car breakdown

Problematic cars are one of the reasons to buy a new car

These indicators shout out that it’s time for a new car now. Should sentiment keep it or because it can’t be afforded, it will be very inconvenient that much is sure!

3. To buy a new car or not to buy one? Or it will be a money-pit!

All these inputs are the top reasons to get a new car; all aspects of the issue should be cleared out, so an objective decision can be made! Are these insights good enough to get a new car or just stick with the old faithful. The choice is yours and a new car is better by far. After reading our article, if you decide to upgrade your vehicle, find out these useful tips to buy a new car at the lowest possible price.

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