6 useful tips to buy a new car at the lowest possible price

Updated Mar 29, 2018 | Same topic: Best Advice for Car Buyers

How to minimize the cost of buying a new car?

You are looking for a new car for sale at the most affordable price due to your tight budget? Don’t worry if you find yourself in this situation because Philkotse.com will give you 6 simple tips to buy a car at the lowest possible price point.

1. Make some online price comparison

Instead of meeting car dealers directly to ask for the price, you can stay home and surf the internet for such information. This will help you have an overview of prices and qualities without visiting dealers one by one. It not only helps you save your time but also makes your searching more efficient.

browsing online car selling websites

Instead of meeting car dealers directly to ask for the price, you can stay home and surf the internet looking for information

If you already have your eye on a specific car, don’t forget to visit online websites to buy and sell cars or official sites of different companies that offer it. Through these sites, you can see the price range of the car you want to purchase. This small research helps you know whether the car dealer you work with offers you a reasonable price or not because you already know its average price.

2. Canvass online

Not only the price, you can find other necessary information through the internet. Instead of going around and talking to different dealers, you can contact them from home to do a thorough and detailed research into your preference.

Here are some things that you should mention in your message:

  • The specific vehicle of your choice;
  • The date you want to make the purchase;
  • How many options they can offer you as your request;
  • Sale policy, promotions, discounts or any other programs that they are offering;
  • The payment method you prefer.

Sometimes, you need to be careful with promotions or discounts from dealers. They might not be as really attractive as what dealers advertise.

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Promotions and discounts are one of the most popular ways that dealers use to attract you to their products. You can see many interesting advertisements with cost reduced by a large amount. There are many justifiable promotions and discounts but some kinds of these advertisements are just clever tricks of dealers. Appealing reductions sometimes would not help you save your money. If you don’t research them carefully, they can even cost you more. There might be many things that salesmen don’t want you to know.

3. Ask for warranties and other services

The person who knows the car you have an eye for and the way you can buy it at the lowest cost is your car dealer. But there is something you should know: not all of them wants to share those with you. Don’t worry, you can figure out hidden essential information from them by using some small tips.

What other services can they offer you if you buy their cars? There are many added services that can be given to you and you wouldn’t want to miss them. For example, the car that you are interested in can be offered with services like road hazard warranty, theft-recovery system, free maintenance, or paint protection, etc. 

One thing that you must consider carefully is warranties of your new car. They are agreements in which the car company promises to repair or replace it if there is a problem within a particular period of time. Extended warranties can cover most of the situations that you get into trouble with your car. In spite of frequent changes in the price of labor and car parts, the repair cost will be fixed for you during the warranty period.

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4. Choose the payment method that benefits you most

4.1. Buy with cash

If you have enough money to afford a new car, you should purchase it in cash. There are many advantages that this method can give you.

Buying in cash can give you chances of getting a special discount. Besides, this doesn’t make you on the payment scheme like buying a car now and paying for it later.

Another benefit for you relates to interest rates. If you choose to buy with credit, you might have to pay more money to make your purchase, since the car’s depreciation over the entire years it will be financed will be included.

This payment method also gives you more control of your favorite kinds of insurance.

Buying car with cash

Buying car with cash gives you more control of your favorite kinds of insurance

4.2. Buy with credit

Paying in cash gives you many benefits but sometimes you can’t choose this method due to your financial situation. If you want to make a car purchase as soon as possible despite your lack of money, buying with credit will be the best option for you. There are some problems that you would have to face in this case. You will get into debt for a period of time and need to work very hard to get out of it.

In spite of these problems, this payment method helps you get a brand new car even if it isn’t an affordable one. This is the greatest benefit of buying with credit.

5. Timing is everything

You should ask your dealers if they have any reduction for being a student, or a graduate, or owning another car with the same brand. These little things can be greater advantages than you imagine.

Do you know the best time to make your purchase? It’s the last two days of each month. Buying your car at this time can save your money with a good price because most salesmen are under sales pressure. They are ready to offer you a price cut to make you accept the deal.

Time for buying cars

Do you know the best time to make your purchase? It’s the last two days of each month

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6. Avoid the added trims if not necessary

Purchasing the car itself is one of the best ways to help you save money. Don’t upgrade your car if it isn’t necessary. There are many opportunities that you can get an upgraded one when your financial ability is better.

In case you are still confusing between buying a new or a used car, this article on Philkotse can be some help: Used or new cars, which is better for you?Hopefully, our tips have given you with useful knowledge for choosing your next car.