Top 5 compact SUVs with roomiest cargo space

Updated May 27, 2021

Wondering which compact SUVs offer the largest cargo room? Come with us to see 5 of the best compact SUVs with the most cargo capacity in the Philippines.
SUVs are perfect combination of practicality, toughness, and elegance that are not always found in other types of vehicles. And if you add spaciousness to the mix, then you will own a car that has all of the features you expect. It’s no wonder why SUV has always been one of the most popular vehicles of choice in the Philippines today.
No one can deny the versatility of an SUV as it is so excellent for both on-road and off-road driving. And now, imagine how great it could be if you can choose an SUV with a sufficient cargo space which is able to house up all of your things inside.
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In order to make your car search less stressful, we bring you a list of top 5 of the best compact SUVs that have the biggest cargo space.

1. Honda CR-V

  • Folded seats: 75.8 cubic feet
  • Unfolded seats: 39.2 cubic feet
Honda CR-V (Comfortable Runabout Vehicle) is regarded as the pioneering model in the SUV segment. The CR-V manages to win the Filipinos’ hearts in mixing form and function. As its full name implies, the CR-V has proven itself to be a great choice for many Filipino families with the silhouette of an urban jungle.

The CR-V is known well for its large space that no compact SUV can be compared. This vehicle has a nearly-40-cubic-feet space that can house up 10 luggage with the folded seats. And it can be up to 25 luggage when you fold the rear seats. If you have no problem with a used car, a Honda CR-V 2010 is perfectly fine for a comfortable family ride. 
Two Honda Cr-V on the road
Honda CR-V is considered as the pioneering model in the SUV segment

For its seats, the vehicle uses a convenient one-touch mechanism that is the same as the Subaru’s. You can easily raise or lower your seat with a “one-motion dive down” feature. The car is equipped with a programmable power tailgate height that helps to load cargo easily. With an alterable height, it can provide more room serving for holding stuff of the car owner.

2. Subaru Forester 2017

  • Folded seats: 74.7 cubic feet
  • Unfolded seats: 34.4 cubic feet
If you are finding a car that has more space to house up all kinds of your luggage, you shouldn’t skip the Subaru Forester 2017. This car is not only spacious but also convenient with a better rear seat system that makes it easy to fold with just one press.

When Subaru starts turning to a new target market of compact SUVs and focusing on space, it shows a positive movement of this car. With a boxy body, the Subaru Forester owns almost standards of a car and bins that can be found in any recent cars. Surprisingly, you can widen its luggage room up to nearly thrice its size.

Rear seats fold at a standard 60:40, and can be done by using the one-touch mechanism. This is such a great improvement and convenience, especially for the elderly and the disabled.
A family and their Subaru Forester

If you are finding a car that has more space, you shouldn’t skip the Subaru Forester 2017 

3. Toyota RAV4 2017

  • Seats folded: 73.4 cubic feet
  • Unfolded seats: 38.4 cubic feet
The Toyota RAV4 is considered as the pioneer for practical car segment. Therefore, the vehicle will not disappoint you with a large storage space in both front and rear areas. Thanks to the 60/40 split rear seats that can be folded flat, it is easier to put your stuff inside. The low height of the cargo floor makes it easy to queue up your items. Although you cannot expand the cargo area, you are still able to use the small tie-down hooks to support your load.  

RAV4 is equipped with a power lift gate which is height-adjustable in order to help people on the smaller side adapt its opening height.

Toyota Rav4 on road

The Toyota RAV4 is considered as the pioneer for practical car segment

4. Nissan X-Trail 2017

  • Folded seats: 70.0 cubic feet
  • Unfolded seats: 32.0 cubic feet
“Compact on the outside, colossal on the inside.” This is such an accurate description of Nissan when they talk about the X-Trail 2017.

That is enough for us to imagine how large its space is. In fact, what makes the X-Trail proud most is its “luggage board" system. With this standard feature, the car can provide up to 18 interior arrangements to address your needs.

The X-Trail also impresses us with its two-section lift-out panels for extra space under the floor. This is also regarded as one of the most dominant features of the car. The underfloor storage is divided into trays, helping entry things much easier.
angular front of a brown Nissan-Xtrail

The X-Trail can provide up to 18 interior arrangements to address your needs

5. Ford Escape 2017

  • Folded seats: 68.0 cubic feet
  • Unfolded seats: 34.0 cubic feet
The 2017 version shows a significant improvement, especially in its overall storage capacity. The new design - Ford Escape 2017 adds 25% more to storage in the front row and it is more convenient with a new media bin that can help you organize efficiently some of your things such as cup holders, glove box, power ports and other nifty gadgets.

Ford also increased the overall storage to 15%. You can also expand the cargo space to about 23 luggage handbags if you fold the second row seats. The rear cargo also has a large under-floor compartment that makes it more convenient to put a lot of your items discreetly.
A red Ford Escape 2017 on the road

The 2017 version shows a significant improvement, especially in its overall storage capacity

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