Top 5 best sports cars in the Philippines

Updated Oct 29, 2022

Which are the best sports cars in the Philippines? Let's find out.

Sports cars are the top of the line of performance and built for speed. Everything about them is performance that can’t be rivaled by other vehicles.

1. Sports cars in the Philippines: Satisfy the need for speed!

Speed is the last frontier; and if there was a USS Enterprise, then a sports car will be it that. Moving at snail’s pace is not good for some drivers and driving a precision speed machine is the answer to quicken the blood. Or at least sitting inside a sports car is akin to feeling excitement in the least, even if caught in traffic.

sports cars

Speed is the last frontier; and if there was a USS Enterprise, then a sports car will be it that

All the options in the list of best sports cars in the Philippines can be chosen for a daily ride or a Sunday ride. They are:

  1. Toyota 86
  2. Subazu BRZ
  3. Mazda MX-5
  4. Hyundai Genesis Coupe
  5. Nissan 370Z

These cars don’t come cheap and cost money to maintain these mean machines but they're the cheapest sports cars in Philippines and they're worth their price. Owning them is privilege that most can even imagine having in their garages.

But the few, who can own them and drive them will be one up in driving experience. All mean machines are not only fast but have specs that make them standout. Put other cars next to them, it’s like comparing a thoroughbred to a mongrel. This difference speaks volumes why they are very distinct, compared to other cars.

  • Sports cars are low slung and have excellent aerodynamics for that faster and sleeker look.
  • Under the hood is generous horsepower and torque with an engine made for speed.
  • Cars like these have excellent comfort features and are made to pamper their drivers in luxury and style.
  • These cars are the few which is equipped with Limited Slip Differential which makes them special machines.
  • Many of these cars are iconic like the Mazda Miata and other well-known car brands.

Just a few reasons why sports cars command such admiration from the motoring public.

If more info is needed about the 86 and the BRZ, then check out this auto brawl 101: Toyota 86 vs Subaru BRZ! Take note that five features are used to pit them against each other and see which is better!

2. Can sports cars fit tall people or just average sized ones?

Sports cars should be sleek and fast, also be able to fit tall or short people inside. Based on the data which shows that the Subaru BRZ is the tallest, and the MX-5 is the shortest among the options. Taller people can sit comfortably in the Subaru, but the Miata MX-5 is a tighter fit for them.

hyundai genesis on the track

One of the longest sports cars is the Genesis Coupe

One of the longest cars is the Genesis Coupe when compared to the Mazda MX-5, which is the shortest one. Having a wide frame means more elbow room and the Genesis Coupe has it, but the Miata MX-5 has the least width.

Overall, the Hyundai Genesis Coupe is the biggest option, with the Miata MX-5 as the smallest in the list. Check out the prices of these two models in our lists of:

Best sports cars in the Philippines: Dimensions
 Model  Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
Toyota 86 4,240 1,775 1,320
Subaru BRZ 4,240 1,775 1,425
Mazda MX-5 3,915 1,735 1,230
Hyundai Genesis Coupe 4,630.42 1,864.36 1,384.3
Nissan 370Z 4,254.5 1,844.04 1,315.72

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3. Packed under the hood!

A sports car is packed with performance goodness that is hard to beat! Any of the 5 best sports cars in the Philippines can smoke other cars on the road in mere seconds. Just leaving them in the dust and hitting about two hundred kilometers an hour with such ease. Try that with a standard car and it’s a difficult proposition.

Among the 2.0L engines, the Toyota 86 has the best performance specs with the Subaru BRZ running a close second. Find out how much the Toyota 86 costs here.

Between the Genesis Coupe and the Nissan 370Z, the Genesis overpowers the Nissan but it isn’t that far behind.

toyota 86 on the road

The Toyota 86 has the best performance specs with the Subaru BRZ running a close second

Best sports cars in the Philippines: Performance
 Model Displacement Torque Horsepower Top speed Turbo
Toyota 86 1,998 cc 200 205 233 km/h -
Subaru BRZ 1,998 cc 205 197 215 km/h -
Mazda MX-5 1,998 cc 160 200 214 km/h -
Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8L 348 295 260 km/h Yes
Nissan 370Z 3.7L 332 270 249 km/h -

III. My differentials better than yours?

This is really important for sports cars because these three features tie in with torque and horsepower, excellent mobility too. To propel any of the options on the road, having rear wheel drive is better than front wheel drive too. Non-sports car option have front wheel drive because it is cheaper to produce. Then add a six-speed manual transmission to have more gears to maximize the power generated by the engine!

nissan z370 on the road

The Nissan 370Z don't come with LSD

Most sports cars will have limited slip differential that controls wheel traction much better. For these cars, it means more control and less spin-outs whether front or back. Specs like these will allow sports cars to go faster and be more efficient. All the options are balanced except the Miata and Nissan which don’t have LSD.

Best sports cars in the Philippines: Driver train & Transmission
 Model Driver train Transmission Limited slip differential
Toyota 86 RWD 6-Speed MT Yes
Subaru BRZ RWD 6-Speed MT Yes
Mazda MX-5 RWD 6-Speed AT -
Hyundai Genesis Coupe RWD 6-Speed MT Yes
Nissan 370Z RWD 6-Speed MT -

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4. Just right for a couple on date night?

Nothing is more sophisticated than a sports car when compared to other cars which aren’t as exciting to drive. Use any of these option as a chick mobile and one of the best sports cars and the nights set and done! These cars when detailed and primed for date night to make it more special too. Usually, just the driver and passenger makes its cozy and nice! Serve up great songs to get her in the mood with the premium sound system to get the mood set!

mazda mx5 on the road

The Mazda Miata MX-5 has the least width

Best sports cars price in the Philippines
 Model Passengers Body type Price
Toyota 86 4 Coupe P1,930,000 - P2,045,000
Subaru BRZ 2 Coupe P2,058,000
Mazda MX-5 2 Coupe P1,850,000 - P2,280,000
Hyundai Genesis Coupe 4 Coupe P1,958,000
Nissan 370Z 2 Coupe By order

If you want more ideas about the sports car from Nissan, refer to our list of Nissan 370Z available for sale on Philkotse.

5. Looks and safety are brothers in arms!

If a sports car is the flashiest eye candy on four-wheel but it wouldn’t be complete without safety features! With all the expense to buy an expensive sports car like options in our list, it should have excellent safety as well. Running at speed anything can happen, because driving fast means to do it safely!

These safety features keep the car stable and under control, despite testing the safety envelope though. By far, the Subaru BRZ, which is priced at a steep price, has the most critical features that keeps the occupant’s safe. The Hyundai Genesis has least safety features when compared to the rest of them. Including safety performance in its list of specs, a sports car is fun and safe to drive as well!

subaru brz on the road

The Subaru BRZ, which is priced at a steep price, has the most critical features that keeps the occupant’s safe

Best sports cars price in the Philippines: Safety Features
 Model VSC TC ABS EBD BA Rear cam Airbags
Toyota 86 Yes Yes Yes - - - Yes
Subaru BRZ Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mazda MX-5 Yes Coupe Yes Yes - Yes Yes
Hyundai Genesis Coupe Yes Coupe Yes - - Yes Yes
Nissan 370Z Yes Yes Yes - Yes Yes Yes

6. Which is the best sports car in the Philippines?

All the options in “Top 5 Auto shootout: Best Sports Cars” are excellent choices and are all-high performance! They can outrun most production cars, except super cars of course. Get any of these option experience what true seat of your pants diving is all about. Time to hit the road vroom!

At last, has a lot more about sports cars and other things that will interest any car buff. So, remember to visit our site regularly!

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